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Thursday, May 14, 2015

How to Transform Shadow Boxes into Sonny Angel Houses {Kmart Hacks}

So you've started collecting Sonny Angels and now you need somewhere super cute to display them, but don't know where to start. Don't worry those of us who are thoroughly obsessed with Sonny's have worked it out for you. Kmart currently stock a heap of different shadow boxes which all provide the perfect storage solution for Sonny Angels. They're a bit plain to start with, but below are a number of ways to jazz them up to provide a cute and stylish storage option to fit any decor.

how to hack kmart shadow boxes into sonny angel houses


The house display shelf is the original shadow box that was available at Kmart and the one that really started the whole shadow box craze. It comes in a light wood with a fabric covered backing. It's not ideal for hacking as the fabric makes it harder to paint, but being the first one released it was the only choice at one stage. I've spray painted two of them gloss white. They do take a whole can of spray paint because the fabric soaks up a lot of the paint. The newer house shelf is easier to hack, but I prefer the shape of the original one as it has higher top shelves which are better for the taller sonny angels {rabbit, fawn, reindeer etc}.

Ruby Two Shoes {@RUBYTWOSHOES_} painted her shadow box white and added some extra flair with different coloured paper in each box. Its perfect for storing Sonny Angels and LaLaLoopsy dolls.


This is the newer version of the house shadow box and comes with different printed backing paper. You can keep this house as is, however the sonny angels show up better with plain backgrounds. Most of the hacks of these ones are simply spray painting the create a plain background, although some people have also removed the top t-bar to allow for more room at the top. 
TIP: If you're spray painting the backing board knock it off and spray the white back instead of spraying over the paper.

Jules {@tas_and_ellie} has transformed her shadow box with a coat of gold on the backing board. It looks super cute styled with the felt garland.

Mandy {My Lovely Little Nest} painted her entire shadow box yellow.

Junessa painted the back of her shadow box pale pink and also cut out the top t-bar section to make more room.


One of the newer shadow boxes is the hexagon shadow box which is white with a neon pink background. The space between the shelves is a lot higher than in the house shadow boxes so it allows for taller sonny angels or can be used for other bigger toys. I have a hexagon shadow box but at the moment I've kept it as is and am storing other toys in it {mind you if my collection keeps growing I may have to convert it to a Sonny house too}.

Krystle has changed the backing to a lighter pink and styled her Sonny's with cute little ice creams and cakes.

Mandy {My Lovely Little Nest} has painted the inside edges of her hexagon shelf yellow and retouched the backing board to make it a lighter pale pink then finished it off with polka dot pink washi tape. As a washi tape addict myself I'm loving the edging.

Laura has gone all out with her shadow box hack transforming it into a vertical garden for her Sonny Angels. She's spray painted the whole box gold and added fake grass and gorgeous little heart pins. She took inspiration from all the vertical gardens being featured on The Block lately and it looks AMAZING.


The newest addition to the Kmart shadow box range is the kids house storage boxes which come in a set of two with one large house box in aqua and a smaller house box with a shelf in bright yellow. I've just bought this set which I'm going to spray paint gold to store Sonny Angels in one and Schleich animals in the other. Of course I haven't finished mine in time for this post so here's some inspiration from others.

Amy {The Wild Collective} spray painted her smaller house shadow box copper and removed the backing board.


The original 2 pack of house storage boxes aren't as ideal as Sonny Angel houses because they're so tall, but they can still be used for them. They also make good storage for bigger toys and can be altered to match any decor.

Fee_loves_  painted her shadow boxes white on the inside and teal and lavender to match her daughters room. There's a few pictures of them on her Instagram feed styled in different ways.

Megan {@indieandsloan} has kept the shadow boxes as is and styled one in her sons room and one in her daughters room with their respective Sonny Angels.

That's a wrap for all the Kmart shadow boxes, however if you still want some more Sonny Angel house inspiration these are two examples of a shadow box from New Zealand store The Warehouse for you to lust over. I would love to get my hands on one of these!

Anna {@shoeless_kiwi} is the lucky owner of this gorgeous shadow box and Sonny Angel collection.

Nicky {@mamma_loves_2babes} also owns one of these gorgeous shadow boxes and I love how she's used the wooden block to display her Sonny Angels.

Shadow boxes can be transformed into all sorts of houses, not just for Sonny Angels. Find out the step by step processed I used to transform a shadow box into a fairy house here.

Toni x

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  1. Your shadow boxes are cute. Thank you for sharing - stopping by from Every Day in May

  2. Oh cute. I don't collect Sonny Angels but these are great ideas for my girls to keep their special bits and pieces. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You all have been very busy creating lovely shadow boxes! What a fun craft! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. I haven't even heard of Sonny Angels?! But the shadow boxes are super cute, love the painted ones!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  5. I'm loving Kmart right now. They're hitting the mark and there are so many hack ideas about too which is even better. These are perfect for your Sonny Angels collection. I fancy them all, but I do love pom poms so I'd pick that one with the pom poms draped over the top :-)

    1. I really want to buy a pom pom garland, I just need to find a place to put it.

  6. You make me want to do this!!! They are beautiful.

    1. Haha, they're so cute aren't they?! I now have 4 shadow boxes for display just in my lounge lol.

  7. OMG! So many ways to display an ever growing Sonny Angel collection.

    1. I know, its so addictive though. My walls will be taken over with shadow boxes soon.

  8. So very very cute! I found your blog while searching for display cases for my new obsession - my daughter's (err, my) growing Sonny Angel collection. Your Kmart has some awesome stuff!

  9. Oh wow!!! These are SO cool! I wish I was crafty!!

    1. Haha I've had some shadow boxes waiting to be painted for months {clearly I'm not that crafty either}.