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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Sonny Angels - What are they & where to buy them

I have to admit up until a few months ago I had no idea what Sonny Angels even were. Having a baby certainly opens you up to a whole new world that seems to exist in a parallel universe. Sonny Angels have been alive and well for years, only I was oblivious to their existence. Well not now! I've developed a pretty healthy obsession with them and it appears I'm not the only one. 

What are Sonny Angels?

If you're reading this and wondering what the hell Sonny Angels are, don't worry here's the short answer. Sonny Angels originate in Japan and are essentially a smaller version of the popular kewpie dolls. They're a miniature cupid style boy who's naked with angel wings on his back {I know it sounds weird}. 

What makes Sonny Angels unique is that they all have different head gear. There's a huge range of Sonny Angels including four different animal series, a marine series, fruit series and vegetable series. There's also a patisserie series as well as special edition series released to celebrate occasions like Easter and Christmas.

Sonny Angels are sold in blind boxes so you never know what you're going to get. At first I didn't like that idea, but now I think it adds to the suspense and surprise of collecting them. You can of course buy an entire box of all 12 for each series to ensure you get each one, but I actually prefer the fun of getting one or two at a time and discovering which one we'll get as we unwrap them.

My favourite ones are the animal series and the fruit series so at the moment I've only been collecting from those ones and only one or two at a time. My collection only started with two and has somehow expanded to twelve so far, but I'm far from done. I'm seriously hooked on these cute little guys! I really, really, really want to get the fawn, rabbit, mouse, elephant, strawberry and pineapple - none of which I've been lucky enough to get yet. But believe me I'm going to keep trying.

Animal Series 2 {my favourite series}

Robbys and Secret Sonny Angels

In addition to the 12 Sonny Angels in each series there's also a Secret Angel and a Robby Angel. Secrets are an additional Sonny Angel {a total different animal} that isn't listed on the pack. Each series has its own secret, but not every box of 12 is guaranteed to have a secret in it, so even if you buy an entire box you might not get one. 

There's only one secret in every 12 boxes giving a 1/144 chance of getting one making them very rare and collectable. They also replace one of the 12 Sonny Angels in the box instead of coming as an extra one. I haven't been lucky enough to get a secret angel yet, but I'm not surprised given I only have 12 of them.

I have however been super lucky and got a Robby Angel. Robby Angel is smaller than normal Sonny Angels and looks like a cross between a dog and a bear. He comes hidden with another Sonny Angel and again is a 1/144 chance so super collectable. Each series has a different coloured Robby. I'm so excited I got one! You can see him hiding at the top of the house in the photo below.

Slowly filling up the #sonnyangel house ♡ #kmartaus #kmartstyle #kmarthack #sonnyangels
Posted by Finding Myself Young on Saturday, May 2, 2015

Special Edition Sonny Angel Collections

In addition to the 8 regular Sonny Angel series, there's also special edition and limited edition sets available each year. Limited Edition sets usually sell out quite quickly so if you want a whole set I'd suggest buying them soon after they're released. Some of the more recent limited edition Sonny Angel sets include Japanese Good Luck, Cherry Blossom Night Version, Birthday Gift Bear, Space Adventures, Wonderland, Sky Colour and Cactus.

japanese good luck sonny angels limited edition

Sonny Angel Clothes

The only thing cuter than Sonny Angels themselves is probably Sonny Angels in little outfits! I mean seriously take a look at all these gorgeous Sonny Angel clothes on Etsy.

sonny angel with crocheted clothes
There's just something so endearing about these little guys. Honestly I started collecting them for bub {that's my excuse anyway}, although she only gets to play with them while supervised to ensure she doesn't rip their heads off or draw on them. The rest of the time they live in their little shadow box house.

You may have noticed over the last two weeks I've been sharing photos featuring the Sonny Angels for the #fmsphotoaday prompts. I always find that the Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day challenges help me to get more creative with my photography so I decided to do them again. 

I decided to challenge myself to use my Sonny Angels for the prompts to make it that little bit harder, and lots more fun! Its also a way that I can actually use the Sonny Angels {and justify my addiction} instead of just looking at them sitting in their house all the time.

sonny angel with leaves
Season {Autumn}

sonny angel with m&ms
Snack {m&m's}

sonny angel next to love sign
Need {love}

Seriously, how cute are they?! How could you not fall in love with them? Writing this post has actually made me desperate for more so I think I might have to buy some more this afternoon.

7 Signs you're addicted to Sonny Angels

  • You know the size and price of every shadow box for sale in Kmart and Typo
  • You've painted shadow boxes to make houses for your Sonny Angels
  • You know the name of every Sonny Angel available
  • You know the secrets for every series
  • You know the colours of all the Robby's
  • You're in Facebook groups dedicated to collecting Sonny Angels
  • You can't stop at just one more.

sonny angels: why does everyone love them?

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  1. Lol, Toni. You really are addicted. I had no idea they even existed until you told me about them a few weeks ago. They're tempting, but I'm going to resist their cuteness :)

    1. I resisted for so long Renee and then gave in and got 2. It was a slippery slope from there lol!

  2. Have never heard of them, but they are cute!

  3. I hadn't heard of them! They are cute but I would prefer them to have pants on. I'm a prude like that.

    1. There are people who make clothes for them. I didn't even realise they had bits until I got my first 2 in the mail, I couldn't even see its thing in the small photos online, I thought they just had no bits lol got a surprise when they arrived!

  4. I have never heard of them and much like Jess I am a bit of a prude and would feel much more comfortable if they had some pants on!

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

    1. Yea I'm not really sure why they have no clothes on. I know some people make them for their dolls, but I don't have the skills or the patience to do it myself.

  5. LOL. I've never heard of these and I'm kind of glad because I imagine it would cost me a bit. How cute are they!?

    1. Yep it would, I don't even want to add up how much they've cost me. Although they hold their value and some are worth more so I figure its an ok investment lol.

  6. They are very cute. It's nice to have a passion for collecting something!

    1. Yea I haven't really collected anything since I was a teenager so its nice to find something to focus on again. And it helps that they're cute!

  7. I may be a little slow, but i am now totally on board with this Sonny Angel craze!

    1. Haha I was a bit slow too don't worry. Now I have over 30 of them O.o

  8. so cute toni, where do you get them from?

    1. Hi Jonty, I get the from a heap of different online stores, I've bought from Childish Things, Cheeky Junior, Growing Footprints and Minimacko :)

  9. I LOVE Sonny Angels!! Can't stop collecting them lol. I need to get a little house like you have, but can't seem to find one anywhere :/

    Also, are you still looking for a rabbit? I have an extra one and I'd be happy to trade or sell!

    1. My houses are older shadow houses from Kmart so aren't available anymore, but they add new shadow boxes all the time which are usually good for Sonny Angels. I got a rabbit a little while after I wrote this post, but thanks for the offer :)

  10. Hello, do you know anywhere people post sonny angels for sale/exchange? There is barely info in the Facebook group.

  11. Hi! i'm Tami from Indonesia... i love read ur blog!
    i just have 6 Sonny Angel :( i want more & more!!! btw how lucky ur! so many sonny angel:3 i'm smiling when everytime see sonny angel & i give all name of my sonny angel...