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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

E is for Elmer Elephant: Letter E Craft

Children will love learning about the letter E with our adorable Elmer letter E craft. This fun and engaging craft brings Elmer and his vibrant patchwork colours to life in the shape of a capital letter E. While adding Elmer's bright colours to the template children will be working on their fine motor skills and learning about the formation and sound of letter E

I've created a free printable Elmer letter E template you can use to make this craft even easier for young children. This is a great craft to incorporate into your letter of the week learning for letter E either at home or in the classroom.
Elmer letter E craft.


Who is Elmer the elephant and why is he loved by children worldwide? Elmer isn't an ordinary elephant, in fact he isn't elephant colour at all. He's a patchwork of yellow and orange, and red, and pink and purple, and blue and green, and black and white. Elmer doesn't like standing out, he just wants to be like all the other elephants.

Elmer is a classic children's book that teaches kids it's ok to be your true self and celebrate your unique differences. Elmer the elephant is the perfect character to transform into a letter E craft as both Elmer and elephant start with the short (ĕ) sound.

Elmer picture book cover.

The beloved classic has now grown into a series of 49 Elmer books including Elmer and the lost teddy, Elmer and Wilbur, Elmer on stilts, Elmer and the stranger, Elmer and the rainbow, Elmer's special day,  Elmer's birthday and so many more. You can get Elmer books from Amazon, Amazon AU and Catch {AU}, or watch Elmer read aloud here.


Supplies Needed:

  • Free printable template
  • Paper trimmer {optional}
  • Blue cardstock {optional}
  • White cardstock
  • Yellow paper
  • Orange paper
  • Red paper
  • Pink paper
  • Purple paper
  • Blue paper
  • Green paper
  • Black paper
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Supplies to make Elmer craft.

Although this craft requires lots of different colours of paper, thanks to Elmer's colourful patchwork design, you only need a small strip of each piece to make 1 Elmer, so if you're doing this craft with a group of children or in the classroom you can get approximately 10 crafts completed from each piece of coloured paper.


If you're doing this craft with young children like toddlers, who don't have well developed scissor skills, it will be easier to cut out all the template pieces and squares of paper before setting up the craft. That way they can still make their own craft, but won't get frustrated trying to cut out the pieces correctly. Older children will be able to do all steps themselves.

1. Print out the Elmer letter E template onto white cardstock. You'll need one template per child. I recommend using cardstock as it will be sturdier and easier for children to cut out.

2. Cut each piece of coloured paper {yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, green, blue, black and white} onto 3 cm strips. It's much quicker if you have a paper trimmer. You'll only need one strip of each colour per Elmer so each page of coloured paper can be used for multiple children.

Strips of coloured paper.

3. Cut the coloured strips into squares so each square is approximately 3cm x 3cm. You can measure these with a ruler if you like, but they don't need to be perfect.

Squares of coloured paper.

4. Cut out the letter E section of the template {including the trunk}.

Cutting out letter E template.

5. Stick coloured squares of paper over the letter E using alternating colours. It doesn't matter what order the colours go in as it will still create a patchwork effect as long as there are no colours repeated next to each other. Don't worry if the paper goes over the edge of the template as this will be trimmed later. Set aside to dry once the entire E {including trunk} is covered.

Elmer template covered in coloured squares.

6. Cut out the ear section of the template.

7. Glue squares of coloured paper onto the ear template. Again alternating colours to make a patchwork effect. Set aside to dry.

8. Once the coloured paper is completely dry, trim any excess that is overhanging the template pieces. Younger children may need adult assistance with this step.

Elmer patchwork templates trimmed.

9. Glue the ear onto the letter E as shown below.

Elmer patchwork E with ear attached.

10. Cut out the eye template and glue onto the top of the letter E. Alternatively you could add a googly eye instead of using the printed eye.

Elmer patchwork letter E finished.

11. Glue the finished Elmer letter E onto blue cardstock {optional}. This will make the patchwork Elmer really stand out. You could also use any of the other colours that appear in Elmer as a background sheet if your child doesn't want to use blue.

Elmer letter E craft finished.


Click the download template button below to download the Letter E Elmer printable template to your device. The file is a single A4 PDF. You will need to print one page per child.

Please note this Elmer template is for personal and classroom use only and cannot be electronically uploaded, shared or sold on any platform. If you would like to share this craft please link back directly to this blog post.

Elmer letter E template.

Download Elmer letter E template here.

Elmer patchwork elephant letter E craft for kids.

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