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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

15 Leprechaun crafts to make this St Patrick's Day

Leprechauns are mythical fairies from Ireland who've been around since the 18th century. While they were originally well known for being tiny tricksters who mended shoes by night, they're more popularly known now for their pots of gold hidden at the end of a rainbow. There's also a widely popular legend that if you catch a leprechaun they'll grant three wishes in return for their freedom. And of course they're one of the most popular characters when it comes to St Patrick's Day.

I've found 15 of the best leprechaun craft ideas to try with the kids. Whether you're looking for fun classroom craft activities or cute projects to display for St Patrick's Day, there's something for everyone.

leprechaun crafts to make for st patricks day


The following crafts are all simple and easy for school aged kids to make with minimal adult assistance. They'd make great classroom activities and use paper-craft items readily available in the classroom, or which can easily be found at dollar stores, stationary stores or online at Amazon, Etsy or Catch {AU}. 

This adorable leprechaun corner bookmark can be made with a few pieces of scrap paper in less than 10 minutes. To make follow the instructions at Red Ted Art.

Make these cute leprechaun handprints each year and watch how your kids hands grow over the years. Seriously though, how cute are they? These would make a great classroom activity at school and are so easy to make with the free template from Simple Everyday Mom.

This craft stick leprechaun has so much character, he really gives off old soul vibes. To make him you'll need popsicle sticks, green acrylic paint, orange craft fur, googly eyes and a few other embellishments. Find the step by step tutorial at Fireflies and Mud Pies.

This photo leprechaun craft is a great keepsake to make and display in the classroom at school or daycare. The template from Simple Everyday Mom includes a classroom version or single version for parents to use at home. 

Oh my gosh how cute and sparkly is this little paper roll leprechaun! I just love his glittery body and hat and his big bushy pom pom beard. To make him follow the instructions over at The Best Ideas for Kids.

leprechaun painted rock

For a different type of leprechaun try some leprechaun rock painting. I always thought painting rocks would be so hard, but these posca paint pens make it so easy. Follow the instructions over at The Inspiration Edit for this guy and some shamrock rocks.


Puppets are a great craft activity and then can be used for hours of imaginary play. Put on a classroom show with these leprechaun puppets or add them to a St Patrick's themed diorama.

This cute popsicle leprechaun puppet is another cute craft option for the classroom. Make this one with some popsicle sticks, coloured craft foam, pipecleaners and small googly eyes. Full instructions can be found at Crayons and Cravings.

paper bag leprechaun

This cute little guy started out as a brown paper bag. To make this paper bag leprechaun puppet you'll need a brown paper bag, some googly eyes, green buttons, orange yarn and some cardstock. Find the step by step instructions at About a Mom.

If you want a leprechaun puppet that's next level awesome, try this articulated leprechaun paper puppet. The template for this guy is available for $3 from Red Ted Art. Add some split pins and twine and watch him do an Irish jig.


Every leprechaun needs a hat! These cute leprechaun hat crafts are easy to put together with free templates and easy to follow instructions.

This adorable leprechaun top hat certainly makes a statement and is so easy to put together using the free template from Party with Unicorns. I can just image it glued to a headband to make a quirky St Patrick's Day fascinator.

Another leprechaun hat that's perfect to add to a headband is this one from Creative Green Living. You can make this one using glitter craft foam, or for a more sustainable option use green cardstock + biodegradable eco glitter.

easy popsicle stick leprechaun hats

These cute popsicle stick leprechaun hats would make a great process art classroom activity. Follow the easy to follow instructions from Fireflies and Mud Pies. Once they're done they're great as decor for a St Patrick's Day display.


Everyone knows leprechauns are pretty sneaky so if you want to catch one in the first place you're going to need a special leprechaun trap. Luckily I've found 3 different DIY options.

leprechaun traps for kids to make

Kim from The Best Ideas for Kids has put together an awesome blog post with three different DIY leprechaun traps. Whether you hide your gold underneath something, inside a log or down a well, there's a type of trap for everyone.  Remember leprechauns love everything shiny so you'll need some lucky shamrock glitter, gems or gold coins to hide in your traps.


15 leprechaun crafts and activities for kids

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