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Friday, March 13, 2015

10 non chocolate (and dairy free) easter gift ideas for kids

Bub has a really severe dairy allergy so Easter eggs are definitely off the table in this household at Easter (well unless we manage to sneak some in ourselves when she's in bed one night). Sure I hear you all telling me there's dairy free eggs and you're right, but most of the dairy free versions contain soy and she's allergic to that too. Unless I fill her up with sugary candy eggs there's not really many options for her when it comes to Easter eggs, and to be honest she's hypo enough already, she doesn't need the extra sugar!

So this year we're thinking out of the box and decided to give Easter themed toys as presents instead of eggs. I figured others who have children with a dairy allergy, or those who just want to avoid chocolate eggs, may benefit from my list of options so I've turned it into a post to share with you guys.

10 non chocolate easter gifts for kids


fun factory multi coloured maraca eggs
Egg maracas are a great little gift that keep to the Easter egg theme and also let children explore the fun of music. Bub is obsessed with maracas so these would go down a treat and are relatively inexpensive.


hape eggspressions eggs
A great educational gift is the Hape Eggspressions set which helps teach kids how to identify and express their feelings.


Name my stuff eggstra special personalised dummy

Bub has heaps of cute personalised dummies from Name My Stuff. If you're looking for a practical Easter gift then this eggstra special dummy is super cute (and guaranteed to save your sanity).


alimrose designs bunny rattles
Alimrose have a number of different bunny rattles which would all make great Easter presents for younger children. They also have bunny snuggle blankies and bibs.


Jellycat plush bunnies
JellyCat have a range of gorgeous plush bunnies in varying sizes which would make a great snuggle buddy for little kids of all ages. 


talking peter rabbit
I don't know about your place, but at our place bub is a little obsessed with Peter Rabbit (and I have to say I'm a little partial to him too). In my opinion any Peter Rabbit toy would make a great Easter gift, but this talking Peter Rabbit would be my favourite.


Sophie and Lili mini gigi doll
I found the gorgeous Sophie & Lili dolls via instagram a few months ago when I was looking for Christmas presents for bub. She's in love with cushion pillows so their plush pillow dolls were perfect. I bought 3 including one of these Mini Gigi doll's which I've put away for her for Easter. How cute are the little bunny shoes?!


tolo toy bunny
The Tolo toy bunny comes in grey or brown. It has moveable legs, head and tail and would make a great present for toddlers who've passed the stage of putting everything in their mouth :)


kmart roomates bunny night light
We've had this cute little bunny led night light for a while now, however he sits down in her play corner as a decoration rather than being used as an actual night light at our place. He is an awesome colour changing led night light though, but we could never replace Charlie in her bedroom. He'd make a really cute, affordable, Easter present for a little girl or boy.


If you can't stay away from chocolate entirely then these limited edition Easter chocolate Sonny Angels should satisfy your craving. But be warned - they're just as addictive as chocolate!

So there you have it 10 non chocolate Easter gift ideas I came across while I was searching for alternatives to the common Easter egg. We've bought some for this year and others are definitely going on the list for next year (plus anything else cool I find between now and then).

Do you always stick to Easter eggs for Easter?

Toni x

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  1. The Eggpressions toy and Sophie & Lilli dolls are my fave! Great list!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Thank you. These are great ideas. I have been wondering about how to involve Moo in Easter fun minus the chocolate.

    1. We didn't really do anything last year so I thought I'd better organise some ideas for this year and as she gets older. It doesn't look like her allergies are going anywhere any time soon :(

  3. Love these, my youngest is outgrowing his dairy intolerance, but still cant have much so will be nice to have some non chocolate ideas.

    1. Glad your son is outgrowing his intolerance. I can't wait for my daughter to outgrow hers.

  4. Those are some seriously cute gift ideas. Makes it hard with allergies but these gifts last beyond Easter so a better option anyway :)

    1. Yea that's the great thing they're not just gone in 60 seconds! And they don't make you feel sick after :)

  5. Such a great list. I love the bunny light and those bashful bunnies and major favourites of my girls. I've always given my kids something non-chocolately along with a few eggs at Easter time, just so that they don't have too much sugar. We all know what too much sugar leads too.....

  6. That talking Peter rabbit would go down a treat at our house. they love watching Peter Rabbit. That night light is a bit cute too.
    I loved that my sister bought my girls pyjamas for easter last year.

    1. Pyjamas are a nice practical gift that I never really thought of when I compiled my list, whoops!

  7. Oh I'm a fan of the bunny night light. love it.

  8. We try to really put limits on chocolate during Easter. Funnily my boys don't really like it, unless it's with ice cream :)

    1. Mmmm chocolate and ice cream, now I want ice magic really bad!