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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Painting for Kids

If your kids love fireworks, but don't love the loud bangs they make, try making some toilet paper roll fireworks paintings instead. This craft is a great way to get creative and a fun way for children all over the world to celebrate special days or festivals like New Year's Eve, 4th of July, Diwali, Hanabi Taikai, Chinese New Year or Bastille Day. We celebrated New Year's last year by making fireworks salt paintings, so opted for toilet paper roll fireworks this year. Both crafts are a great way for kids to practice their fine motor skills and are fun classroom activities too.

firework art made using cardboard tubes

If you're like me and hoard all the recycling for craft then you'll have an abundance of toilet paper rolls ready to go, and bonus they're totally free! However, if you don't {or you don't like the idea of using TP rolls}, then save the empty rolls from wrapping paper and paper towels. If you're doing these paintings as a classroom activity you can buy bulk packs of craft rolls.


  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Washable paint
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Dark cardstock or paper
  • Paper plates or flat paint trays

paint and craft supplies to make toilet paper roll fireworks painting

We raided the recycling and craft cupboard and had everything on hand that we needed, however if you don't you can pick up paints and cardstock for a few dollars from dollar stores, stationary shops, Kmart, Riot Art & Craft or online in my Amazon store. We didn't have any flat paint trays so I used some paper plates as our paint palettes. I also recommend using washable paints {we used Crayola paints}, an art smock and table cloth just in case the kids get a little too creative.


toilet paper rolls ready to cut into fireworks

1. Draw a line around each toilet paper roll. Draw the lines at different heights to create different size fireworks. Lines closer to the edge of the roll will create smaller fireworks and lines closer to the middle of the roll will create bigger fireworks.

child cutting toilet paper roll

2. Cut strips into each toilet paper roll up to the black line. Cut the strips about half a centimetre apart all the way around the toilet paper roll. This is a great way for the kids to get in some fine motor practice if they know how to use scissors.

toilet paper rolls cut into fireworks
3 Bend the cut strips outward to make a fireworks shape. 

fireworks paint toilet paper rolls

4. Put each separate paint colour onto a different paper plate {or paint tray}. Use a separate toilet paper roll for each individual colour. Put a big blob of paint onto the plate and spin the toilet roll around on top of the paint until all strips are evenly covered in paint.

fireworks painting on cardstock

5. Push the toilet paper roll down gently onto the card or paper. Don't worry if the imprints don't come out perfect as all fireworks burst different. Layer the paper up with lots of different coloured fireworks.

After we finished making our fireworks paintings my 7yr old added little candles across the bottom of hers to represent all the people watching the fireworks holding lights. You could also cut out black rectangles and glue them along the bottom of the painting as the city below the fireworks. If you want the fireworks to look even brighter, try sprinkling some glitter onto the paint while it's still wet so they sparkle. Once you've finished the painting the coloured toilet paper rolls can be used to create some flower sculptures or 3D flower cards for mothers day.
fireworks paintings using toilet paper rolls and crayola paint


Making fireworks with toilet paper rolls is a really creative way to get in some fine motor skills practice. Cutting the toilet paper rolls into strips builds hand strength and is a fun way to practice scissor skills. It's also a lot easier to cut toilet paper rolls {or cardboard tubes} than it is to cut paper as it doesn't move around while cutting. Bending the strips back and pushing the paint onto the cardstock both involve lots of grasping, pushing and manipulating with fingers which are all great ways to build hand strength as well.


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