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Incase you didn't know I am one of those crazy cat ladies. Well, kind of. I have three cats which I guess qualifies me for crazy cat lady status? But I don't go to the point of walking them on leashes or dressing them up. I do refer to them as my babies (at least until my real baby is born). So, I guess I am a moderate version of crazy?

My little managery started when I first found out about my infertility and I needed something to fill the gap of not having a baby. The cats gave me something to love and take care of and also in return provided me with the unconditional love I so needed. It helps that they are soft and cuddly and you can pick them up. A fish just wouldn't cut it.



She is my baby. My first child as such and a mummy's girl. She lets me hold her like a baby on my hip with her arms up over my shoulder. She's the only one who lets me do this, I must've just done it when she was a baby and she got used to it. She now also snuggles into my shoulder with her head when I'm holding her. Its so cute. She's very independent but does like cuddles, but only on her own terms. Once she's had enough she gets up and leaves. She was the runt of her litter and was always very tiny, until she got desexed, now she's a bit of a chubby bubby.


He is the boss. Even though he was my second cat and technically came into Shelby's territory he has definitely claimed this house as his. He is the dominant cat. He will order the others around if they get out of line. But he also takes care of them. He will ask me for food and then sit back and let the others eat first. He is always making sure everyone is looked after. He also talks, like literally. He says mum. It probably started out as meow, but it definitely now sounds like mum. Unfortunately he cant say dad so T gets called mum too. He has this complex where he thinks hes a human. He eats with his hands like us and when we come home and take our shoes off he goes and and puts them on. Like properly too with his feet in the right sides. SO weird. Maybe he just really wants to be like us? Imitation is the best version of flattery right?


The best way to describe him is like a teenage boy. He instigates fights with Max all the time just to test the boundaries and stir shit up. Just because he can and because he thinks its amusing. He is also inquisitive like a child. He is always looking around and searching out new things to do. However he is also very jumpy. He has separation anxiety and doesn't like to be by himself when me or T are home. He is always by our side within a minute of us getting home, even if he was asleep before. At night time he spoons with Shelby. It's funny because Shelby hated him when we first brought him home. Now they are best buddies and often partners in crime.

Do you have any pets that are like family members?

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  1. Yes! My Misty kitty is my fur baby - my real kids are now 19 & 17 so thank goodness for Misty, she loves cuddles much like your Shelby xxx