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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Personalised birth bunny from My Teddy

I have to admit I'm a terribly sentimental person. I love photos or objects that remind me of a special moment... and to be honest I can attach sentimental meaning to lots of things! I have quite a few boxes of sentimental things up in our spare room that I just can't let go of. So it'll come as no surprise then that I've always wanted something special to commemorate baby girl's birth. We got her sister a personalised teddy when she was a baby with all her birth details on it and one for our niece, so I've always been planning on getting one for baby girl too.

It's just taken me almost a year after her birth to organise it, whoops. Poor second child. Apparently all the stories about second children getting forgotten are true. I'm totally putting that down to sleep deprivation though and the fact I spend each day in a constant state of exhaustion. I only have enough energy to keep everyone alive most of the time, let alone organise non essential tasks. However I've finally managed to get hers organised and just scraped in before her first birthday thanks to My Teddy. Better late than never, right?


My Teddy is a Queensland based online business that specialise in personalised plush teddies {and other animals}. Owners Toni & Chris started My Teddy from their lounge room back in 2004 and they've been bringing joy to kids and helping parents celebrate milestones ever since. The business has expanded in leaps and bounds over the last 14 years and they've now produced over 93000 personalised teddy bears including the birth bear we got for our niece a few years ago, so they were the logical choice for baby girl's teddy.

Ordering a personalised gift from My Teddy is super easy. All you have to do is choose which item you want {there's 96 plush toys and 30 teddy bears to choose from}, type in your personalised message and it gets sent off to your recipient. It's so simple and quick.

For baby girls gift I knew I wanted a plushie rather than a teddy. I know it seems a bit sacrilegious not ordering a teddy from My Teddy, but I knew that had so many other cute plush animals available and I didn't want a bear. Plushies are stuffed plush animals that can be personalised with embroidery on their belly or back. There are 96 different plushie options {many which are unisex}. All of them have a zip in the back meaning the stuffing pod is removable for easy cleaning {a must with small kids} and they can also be used as pyjama or storage bags if you don't want to use them as a stuffed toy.

For baby girl I chose the bunny cubbie. The bunny is perfect because baby girl was born just before Easter. It comes in grey, white or chocolate versions and you can get matching bunny snuggle blankets. I went with the single bunny in grey. I wanted a grey animal because her big sister has a grey elephant and their shared bedroom will be a grey, pink and white theme and my OCD meant I had to pick something that would blend in {the struggle is real}.

Once you've picked your 'teddy' you then choose which embroidery template you want sewn onto the front. I wanted hers to have birth details and be a similar design to her sisters so I went with the far right template on the second row. You can change the colours of the design to suit your own tastes. I went with dark pink, light pink and grey so it would blend in with the girls planned grey, pink and white theme.

I originally decided to get both girls special plush toys as keepsakes for their births {and just quietly it's a way of ensuring I always remember all their birth details}. I know in a few years time I'll still remember the date, but their weight and the time may become a bit hazy {my mum doesn't remember my exact birth details off the top of her head}. It's proven to be a good idea because when I was ordering the bunny I had to refer to a photo of the hospital card to remember her length. Looks like my memory is already going fuzzy! I also blame that on chronic sleep deprivation.

As you can see from the templates below there are heaps of options for other special occasions like first birthday and other birthdays, Easter or first Easter, christening and Christmas. Their great as an alternative to graduation bears to celebrate end of school years, or as a special teacher gift. They can also be embroidered with your own personal messages.

The entire ordering process took me about 10 minutes, but it could easily be done in under 5 minutes if you know exactly what you want. It took me a little longer because I had to look up her birth length {my bad} and I was looking after a cranky baby. Once you've ordered you get emailed a proof of your design the next day and you can send back revisions or approve the draft. 

Once I approved my draft {which I did late at night} the bunny was sent the next day and was at my house within 24hrs. It was super fast postage, which also happened last time I ordered from them a few years ago. I'm not 100% sure if that's influenced by the fact I'm also in QLD, but they definitely have one of the quickest turnaround times I've ever had from an online businesses. It's great if you ever need a last minute gift and only have a week or so to get something organised, which would normally rule out an online purchase.

The bunny I ordered looks just like these ones, infact the colours I chose are very similar to the one on the right. Her actual bunny is shown below {minus her name which has been purposefully blurred}.

It's safe to say she's pretty happy with her special bunny, and so am I {it's so soft I just want to rub my face on it... that's not weird at all}. I love that they're a gift they can enjoy while they're little, but they're also like a present for me too {an unofficial push present haha}. No doubt as the girls grow up we'll be getting rid of most of their plush toys, but the birth ones we'll be holding onto forever. 

Do you remember all your kids birth details?

Surely I can't be the only one who had to double check? *hopefully not*

Toni x

Disclosure - I was provided a My Teddy personalised teddy of my choice in exchange for this review. I was inquiring about ordering one when the opportunity arose to review one. All opinions expressed in this review are based on my experience with the ordering process when designing baby girl's bunny and the quality of the final product. I did not receive payment for this review.

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  1. These are pretty special. I will definitely keep in mind for a couple of friends having babies... LOVE

  2. You so do not have to 'sell' My Teddy products to me. I first found Chris in 2007 and he made a beautiful bear for our grandson, and then me being Grandma that I am, repeated the Teddies (with a different colour Ted and coloured jumpers) for GDs in 2009, 2013 and 2015!!!
    I am a very sentimental person but now we have moved a few times I have actually given all of our grandkids whose ages are now 21 to 3 some albums and memories from me about their early years.
    We don't see them much any more as we have moved and they are all growing up but they remain in our hearts and minds as I am sure we do in theirs!
    Denyse #teamIBOT

  3. These are so gorgeous! Such a lovely keepsake. we have a similar one but it's jumper is embroidered- my daughter loves it!

  4. Those are so cute! I am going to add that my list of new baby presents I keep up my sleeve