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Friday, February 2, 2018

Bath time fun for everyone

Does bathing small children stress you out too? Maybe it's just me...

Until recently I'd been bathing baby girl in the baby bath on the kitchen floor while also supervising her sister in the lounge from afar. Having to field multiple requests and questions from a 4yr old while crouching on the ground holding and bathing a tiny, slippery baby is a little nerve wracking. The fear of getting distracted for a second and something happening was very real. While I'm feeling all the feels now that my tiny baby girl isn't so tiny anymore and has finally outgrown her baby bath, I'm also super excited that I can now bath both girls together.

Baby girl can now sit perfectly well unaided on the ground, but there's still no way I'd trust her to balance upright in a slippery wet bath. Especially when there's so many more fun things to do like splash everything, chase after toys {those slippery little suckers float away every 5 seconds}, hit/climb/splash/smack her sister. For a little baby who all of a sudden thinks she's a grown up, the temptation to wreak havoc in the bath is intoxicating, and absolutely petrifying for me. Thankgod some smart person invented those magical devices known as bath seats.

Unfortunately though I have a habit of making chubby little babies who have the most delicious irresistible thigh rolls, which means they don't fit into basic bath seats. First time around instead of struggling trying to wedge a roly poly michelin {wo}man baby into a teeny round seat, we simply held bub until she was able to be trusted on her own. And that was fine when I only had one baby. But now I have one slippery baby and one super confident, often hyperactive 4.5yr old {who doesn't know her own strength}, so logistically holding the baby the entire time whilst also trying to wash her sister was never going to work. Last time I checked I don't have 4 hands. The good thing though is that in the last 4yrs someone from Dreambaby must of  had a lightbulb moment and realised many of us are in the same predicament so they designed the premium deluxe bath seat.

The best feature of the premium bath seat, in my opinion, is that the front bar actually opens and closes, which makes it so much easier positioning a baby into the seat. There's no bending, twisting or maneuvering her tiny feet through small holes. There's also generous leg space which means I'll be able to use the bath seat for quite a few months. The seat also has a high supportive back rest, although my little chicken isn't big enough to fill the whole seat yet so she doesn't actually lean against it {poor little thing, all her chub goes straight to her thighs}.

The bath seat suction caps to the base of the bath so doesn't move around at all when she's in it {although I'm always right there just incase, because anxiety}. It suctions really well, so well in fact that if it didn't have the easy release tabs I'd probably struggle to unsuction it, thankfully they make it really easy to get off the bath. The seat also folds down to allow for better storage, however I simply suction cap it onto the tiled wall of the bath {our shower is over our bath} so it doesn't take up any storage space here at all.

Baby girl is loving being able to have a bath with her big sister, she literally kicks her legs in excitement trying to leap out of my arms as I'm filling the bath tub. She's so happy sitting upright able to splash and pass toys to her sister. It's actually really rewarding watching them play and interact together so well. It's one of the only times they don't have full on arguments over toys, although I'm sure that'll happen in time. It's also been so much easier for me being able to bath them at the same time {the logistics of getting them out and dried is still a work in progress, but we're muddling our way through and it seems to be working}.

If you have a baby almost ready to graduate from the baby bath then I highly recommend the Dreambaby Preium Deluxe Bath Seat which is currently on special for $25 as part of the Big W Baby Event until February 14th 2018.

Toni x

Disclosure - I was provided a Dreambaby Premium Deluxe Bath Seat for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are based on our experience using the bath seat. I did not receive payment for this review and was planning on buying the bath seat prior to being offered it for review.

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  1. companies seem to have brilliant ideas when we don't need the items any more! yay for opening and closing safety bars!

    1. I know, I'm so glad this one was invented when I could still use it!

  2. Very cool bath product! This is great for babies that you want to keep more contained. #mummymondays