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Monday, October 2, 2017

The Chocolate Yogi dairy free chocolate

Baby girl was born just before Easter weekend, the one time of the year where I get to gorge myself on chocolate and not feel guilty at all. I was actually released from hospital Easter Saturday afternoon so I got to spend Easter Sunday at home and you better believe I lived it up eating chocolate bunnies. Well as much as one can in between constantly feeding, changing, holding and trying to get a 3 day old baby to sleep. I was pretty restrained compared to previous years indulgences, but it soon became abundantly clear that I'd overindulged and my newest bundle of joy had inherited the same dairy allergy her sister had as a baby.

Cue hours and hours of screaming from my unsettled, rash covered, poo-plosion making littlest lady. It was then that I decided {much to my dismay} chocolate, and all dairy, had to go from my diet asap. Don't get my wrong I love chocolate, like really love it, but I love my baby more.

It's been a long 5 months though. Every day I open my fridge and there's a whole shelf of Easter eggs sitting there staring at me, reminding me just what I'm missing out on and trying to tempt me from my resolve. You're right I should throw them out so they're not there, but I'm stubborn, so I left them as a reminder that one day I'll eat chocolate again.

Well I'm glad to say that after 5 months I can finally eat chocolate again thanks to The Chocolate Yogi and omg it's SO FREAKING GOOD.

The chocolate yogi dairy free chocolate review

When team from The Chocolate Yogi contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I wanted to try their new release kids chocolate bar Oscar the orangutan my inner monologue went something like this. Umm, I'm not a food blogger, but I'll read the email anyway. Hmm chocolate, don't they know I can't eat chocolate? Oh wait, hold up it's dairy free chocolate! Oh god please be soy free. Omg it's soy free too. I hope they have adult chocolate too * clicks to website * Oh wow they have heaps of chocolate. Please, please, please let it be rice and corn free too. Oh my freaking god it hasn't got rice or corn in it either!! Cue happy dance. Oh poo it's made from coconut {I despise coconut, I think it's a textural thing, can't stand it}. I sent a quick email to ask if it's a really strong coconut flavour {because I'm weird like that}. Then I decided to go ahead and try it anyway in the hopes that I'd finally found a safe chocolate alternative. If this journey's taught me anything it's that sacrifices are worth it in the long run, so if that means I have to eat some coconut hidden inside some glorious chocolate, well then I'm more than happy to take that one for the team. A few days later the most amazing package arrived in the mail.


Malindi and Ed founded the social enterprise to create chocolate that changes the world. They bring this philosophy to life by using fair traded cruelty free ingredients and donating to eco-friendly charities to help improve the health of the planet one piece at a time. For each fun bar sold they donate 10c to the Sea Shepherd Australia.

astral, peppermint jazz, happy thoughts, frothy toffee, hunny bumbly dairy free chocolate

All of the chocolate is dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugar free and the whyte chocolate bars are also caffeine free so you can indulge without the guilt of traditional chocolate {just saying}. The chocolate is made using wholefood ingredients including coconut sugar, coconut flour, raw coconut, raw lucuma, vanilla and raw cacao. It's rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals including zinc, iron and calcium. You can find out more comprehensive information about ingredients and how the chocolate is manufactured here.

There are 6 different flavours available in the original chocolate bar range and even though I'm not a fan of coconut, I've managed to polish off all of the ones sent to me, except the astral which I gave to my mum because it was a little too strong {if you're a fan of dark chocolate though you'll love it}. It's hard to believe the chocolate is dairy free as it still has a creamy chocolate texture and although it tastes slightly different I've managed to trick my brain into thinking it's the same as real chocolate. My absolute favourite flavour is Happy Thoughts because it's the closest to plain milk chocolate {and I definitely think happy thoughts while I'm eating it!}.

the chocolate yogi happy thoughts fun bar


The newest member of the Chocolate Yogi range is Oscar the orangutan, the cutest kid friendly chocolate bar. He's also dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugar free and comes in mylk chocolate, mylk caramel and whyte chocolate. He's the perfect size for little people and has the same creamy texture as the rest of The Chocolate Yogi range. How do I know this? Because I taste tested, for quality control purposes, of course!

mylk chocolate, mylk caramel, whyte chocolate oscar the orangutan

Like the rest of the chocolate yogi rang, Oscar is a socially responsible dude with 5c from each bar being donated to The Orangutan Project to help preserve rainforest habitats in Sumatra and Borneo and run sanctuaries where injured orangutans are cared for through rescue, rehabilitation and release programs. I love that I can buy a treat for my daughter and know that not only is it healthier for her than normal chocolate, but it's also making a difference to the environment as well.

He also provides dairy allergy kids with a safe chocolate option which is huge for a little kid who doesn't understand why they can't eat the same as their friends. Although bub's grown out of her dairy allergy now, when she was younger there were so many times her friends would have chocolate and she had to miss out, and there's really no way to explain that to a small toddler. These bars would've been awesome to have back then and I'm so glad they're around now so I can use them with her little sister once she's old enough to have chocolate. Being an allergy mum is exhausting constantly monitoring and worrying about what your kids are or may accidentally eat, so while having a safe chocolate bar option may not mean much to some, it's a huge relief for parents with allergy kids.

dairy free allergy friendly kids chocolate

Of course the other important factor is he gets a big tick of approval from bub. She's always asking me for some monkey chocolate. She loves that the chocolate is moulded as an orangutan just like the picture on the wrapper. As for a favourite flavour, she doesn't have one, because when you're 4 all chocolate is good chocolate!

I'm beyond grateful that Malindi approached me to trial her chocolate because before then I didn't even know it existed. I went for months without any chocolate because most of the dairy free alternatives I found had either soy, rice or corn in them which meant I still couldn't eat them. You have no idea how much of a happy dance I did when the chocolate arrived and it actually tasted good {that sounds sarcastic, but I was genuinely surprised how much I like it given I don't love coconut}. Being able to indulge in a few pieces of chocolate at the end of a long day {read everyday} makes such a difference as a chronically sleep deprived mum {especially when I can't drink wine}. The only problem is I've now eaten my way through my entire stash so I'll need to stock up again.

Are you a chocoholic like me?

Toni x

Disclosure - I was provided samples of The Chocolate Yogi fun bars and Oscar the orangutan for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed in this review are based on inhaling these samples over the last few weeks. I did not receive payment for this review and will be buying more of this chocolate in the future.

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  1. Isn't it just?! So happy you've found a treat you can enjoy!

  2. I do LOVE chocolate, especially dark chocolate. OH why do they put it right at the checkout counter?! I am useless against its charms.
    So happy for that Melindi and Ed have made this chocolate for you. Easter will never be the same again! :)