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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale Review

I don't think there's a bigger catalyst for wanting to get in shape again than having a baby. Now that I'm 5 months post partum I'm really starting to want to get back in shape and work on my overall fitness again. I've never been one to obsess too much about my weight, but I'd be lying if I said I don't worry about how I look and feel in my clothes. Right now I'm at that weird in between stage where my maternity clothes are too baggy to continue wearing, but my pre-pregnancy clothes are just a little bit uncomfortable. I'm literally alternating between one pair of jeggings and one pair of shorts each day as I'm still unsure whether I should go invest in a new wardrobe or wait a few weeks to see if all my old clothes suddenly fit again. I'm sure most mums can relate.

We didn't own a set of scales the whole time I was pregnant so I didn't know how much I weighed unless I used the scales at the hospital or GP, but leading up to her birth I really wanted to invest in scales for home so I could mentally high five myself as I lost the baby weight {because these things should totally be celebrated}. So it was perfect timing when I was asked to review the Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale.

As soon as I found out what the scale can do I was blown away. I've only ever owned scales that literally measure weight, and analog ones that end up moving off 0 after a few weeks so you need to mentally adjust the amount each time you weigh yourself anyway. The Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale is so much more than a conventional scale, it's more like an overall health analysis system for every person in your home. It provides users with so much more than a rudimentary number on the screen {and it's also the prettiest scale I've ever seen}.

The scale is digital and white glass with a large lcd display screen and a really cool blue led edge light {so I can pretend I'm still young and at a nightclub not in my bathroom at home}. It can measure weight up to 182kg and can store data for up to 10 people. Each user can set their gender, height and age details when they first weigh themselves and the scale will automatically remember which user is on the scale based on their weight. The scale can also do a complete body analysis for each user and measure their weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, bone mass, muscle mass and BMI {body mass index}.

The scale uses bio-electrical impedance analysis to determine each users specific measurements. Indium Tin Oxide {ITO} electrodes form a pattern on the top of the scale and send a small, safe signal through the body to determine impedance. It's like having xray vision to see what's going on inside your body, but without visiting a Dr to have tests or get the results. The speed at which the current travels through the body, combined with multi step mathematical equations are then used to determine individual hydration levels {body water percentage}, as well as bone mass, muscle mass and body fat percentages. The amazing thing is it does all this in about 15 seconds and you don't feel a thing. I love that it can give me instant results within the comfort of my own home.

Having deliberately not weighed myself too many times since baby girls birth {because there's been so many other things to take up my time}, I was happy to see that my weight 5 months post partum was 59.4kg which meant I was already down 14.5kg {3.5kg more than I gained during my pregnancy}. I haven't actually done any exercise to achieve this {I know you're all thinking I'm one of those annoying skinny girls who just sneezes and the weight falls off, but no it's actually down to my diet}. After my first pregnancy I struggled to shift the weight {and I'm actually still heavier than I was back then}, but the one huge benefit of being on an elimination diet for baby girls intolerance's is that I've managed to shift all my baby weight, without doing much exercise except walking. Despite the fact that I'm avoiding numerous foods, I'm actually eating healthier than I probably ever have in my life as I'm living solely on a diet of fruit, vegetables and meat {no junk and no packaged foods}. I'd still love to get back to my weight pre-pregnancy number 1, but to be honest I'm actually really proud of what I've already achieved, because it's taken immense dedication to eat so healthy and not slip up.

Another added bonus of the Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale is that it can connect to the Weight Watchers Scales by Conair app which means I can track all of my measurements and also set up a goal weight to work towards. The app connects to the scale via bluetooth and imports and stores all the data so I can see it in the dashboard instantly and also track where I am visually by graphs. The Weight Watchers Scales by Conair app is a free app available to iPhone and android users via the App Store or Google Play. The data can also sync with the Weight Watchers, Apple Health and Google Fit apps. The data also displays on the scale itself so you don't need the app in order to get your results, but I find it handy for tracking progress. These are my results as at today.

The instruction pamphlet that comes with the scale also includes a body analysis table that shows low, average and high ranges for each diagnostic measurement for males and females in each age group. The table is great because I can see I'm in the average range for my age group for each measurement, except body fat percentage which I just sneak into the low range {winning}. I'm actually pretty chuffed with my results and I love being able to see the bigger picture. Instead of having a one tracked mindset the I need to reach a specific weight, my goals are now to maintain my weight {within a 3kg range} and build up my muscle mass to tone my body again. I'm glad that the scale is able to help keep me on track with my overall health goals. 

To learn more about how the Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale can help you achieve your overall health goals you can find out more info here and purchase them here.

Toni x

Please Note: Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale is not recommended for use by pregnant women, children under 10 or anyone with an electrical implant such as a pacemaker.

Disclosure - I was sent the Weight Watchers Body Balance Diagnostic Scale for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed in this post are based on my experience with the scale and the app. I did not receive payment for this review.

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