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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Learning numbers with Leapfrog Fridge Magnetic Number Set

Everybody knows how frantic and frustrating witching hour can be, I thought a toddler alone was bad, but add a baby to the mix and the toddler goes to a whole other level. I'm constantly bombarded with a million requests to play with her, turn on the tv, answer questions, give her snacks and console her tantrums when I fail to meet all these needs within 45 seconds of her initial request. And then her sister's usually feeding or screaming to be fed at the same time all while I'm trying to organise dinner for everyone. It's exhausting! To be honest during witching hour the iPad usually comes out and the tv's on just so I can have five minutes to try and start dinner uninterrupted {sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't}. However, the last two weeks witching hour {or any time I've been in the kitchen cooking or cleaning} has been a bit more bearable, thanks to the Fridge Numbers Magnetic Numbers Set from Leapfrog.
The fridge numbers magnetic numbers set uses Leapfrog favourite Scout to teach and reinforce numbers, colours, counting and one to one correspondence {how to match numbers with the correct numeral quantities by sight}. These are all important foundation maths skills children will build upon throughout their school years. The toy includes the base unit which is Scout and his picnic basket {the magnetic reader} and 20 different magnetic tiles {numbers 1-10 and ten different fruits and vegetable groups representing 1-10}.

The aim of the toy is to put different magnetic tiles into Scout's picnic basket. To start out Scout encourages kids to place a tile into the basket. Once the tile is placed into the picnic basket Scout will tell you what it is and ask you questions about the number or item. E.g. for the number 3 he says "3. Count with me 1, 2, 3." and then asks "Can you find 3 sandwiches for my picnic lunch?".

Through fun games and songs Scout helps children recognise numbers, identify groups of objects, count and learn fun facts about fruit and veggies along the way. While placing the magnetic tiles into the basket children are also practicing hand/eye coordination and building fine motor skills. They're also learning to follow instructions which are other skills that will be useful during school.

The unit and tiles stick easily to the fridge or any other magnetic surface, but can also be played with on other surfaces. Ours lives on the fridge, but often gets taken into the lounge room and played with on the table. It's also quite small and portable so would be easy to take to grandparents or friends houses for play dates, or even out to restaurants or coffee shops to keep kids entertained while eating out {just remember to take it in a carry bag so you don't lose any of the magnetic tiles}.

Bub loves playing with Scout both when I'm busy in the kitchen and at other times throughout the day. I love that it allows her to have independent play while I'm occupied, but it's still very interactive so she doesn't feel like she's playing alone. She just turned 4 and already knows her numbers and how to count to 20, but she still loves the challenge of finding the correct tile when Scout asks her questions. She also likes to quiz us on the answers too!

The Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set is recommended for 2-4yr olds and available in store now from Mr Toys Toyworld.

Toni x

Disclosure - We were gifted a Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set from V-tech toys for the purpose of reviews. All opinions are our own based on our experience using the toy. I did not receive payment for this review.

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  1. I think I need to get one of these for Zee, she loves Scout! We used to have something similar when she was a baby and Punky would play with it for ages, with Zee sitting on the floor beside her watching. Eventually we lost too many pieces though so it got the toss, but this would be great now that we have a bit more space in the kitchen and something Zee would definitely enjoy on the days she's home and Punky is at preschool.

    1. Today I managed to prepare a casserole from scratch with both girls in the kitchen thanks to this! Big one played with it and little one watched. It was such a lifesaver as normally I get 5 mins to try and half unpack the dishwasher before I have a screaming baby.

  2. I've always been a huge friend of Leapfrog products. They're so educational and fun too. #teamIBOT

    1. They're so good. I was looking through them at the shops the other day for presents. They have so many great educational toys.

  3. These things didn't exist in the dark ages of the 90's when I had my babies. I love that these toy teaches kids to connect between the numeral and the collection of items to match.
    And, my MIL's best advice: sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get through. The woman raised six kids, and was a trained counsellor. And she was right!

    1. I'm definitely a fan of doing what I need to in order to get through! I think I would've gone insane a long time ago if I wasn't ;)