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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mummy Must Have Review | Pepper & Penny milestone cards

I normally hate being in photos, except when I'm pregnant. When I'm pregnant all the imperfections I normally focus on are far outweighed by the amazing transformation my body's going through. Of course my flaws are still there, but they no longer matter. I don't even care that I'm gaining weight, I'm just so in awe that my body is capable of growing another human being {especially after our fertility battles to conceive both times}.

Pregnancy is one of the only times I love being in photos. My newfound body confidence means I'm more than happy to document my changing shape, in fact I long to document this amazing journey as much as possible. Both times I've been pregnant I've been genuinely unsure of whether it would be my last pregnancy, so I've cherished every moment {even the shit ones}.

Last pregnancy I took lots of random belly shots {usually a reflection in a smeared mirror with a messy room in the background to be honest}, this time I'm documenting it even more and thankfully my photography skills have improved {and I have a reluctant Instagram husband who helps out every now and then}. I've also added in milestone cards to capture specific moments, because I know how easily I forget things afterwards {aka baby brain, which by the way seems to last for years}. Pregnancy milestone cards didn't seem to be a thing when I was pregnant last time, at least if they were I had no idea about them. Fast forward almost 4 years and they're now all the rage {and I can totally see why}. I'm loving tracking the progress of my belly every few weeks.

28 week pregnant belly with milestone card

The cards I chose are Pepper & Penny pregnancy milestone cards which I was initially drawn to because they're gender neutral and I started using them before we found out the sex of the baby. I didn't want anything overly pink or blue or too girly/masculine. The Pepper & Penny cards are printed on recycled enviro board and the weekly record cards include a number of gender neutral geometric patterns such as stripes, circles, triangles and arrows. There's also It's a boy or It's a girl cards to use for gender reveal photos. We didn't do a gender reveal party or cake etc, but I did do a flatlay with the card to include in my gender reveal post.
baby girl gender reveal flatlay

The pregnancy milestone cards also include 15 other cards to track special moments throughout pregnancy from the beginning through to the end. They include moments such as we're having a baby, today we heard a heartbeat and today we had an ultrasound, as well as funny moments such as I've gone a whole week without puking, officially can't see my toes {I'm almost there now!} and preggi brain. My favourite special moments so far have been today dad felt a kick and this is what I'm craving today... {fyi its always mango}. I also need to capture a few preggi brain shots because there's certainly been a few of those moments!

I first started feeling this little miss popping away at 12 weeks which progressed to proper forceful kicks by 16 weeks. Poor daddy had to wait until nearly 23 weeks before he felt them from the outside though {about the same time as he felt them with bub}. He still has days now where he says he can't feel kicks, but I have no idea how because these days she has mini parties in there and my whole belly looks like a wave pool at times.

Pepper & Penny logo

Pepper & Penny is an online business selling handmade invitations, greeting cards and milestone cards on 100% recycled brown craft enviro board. Owner Jacinda started Pepper & Penny after having her son so she could work part time around him. The business first started with greeting cards and then milestone cards were later added as an extra gift option. The milestone cards are nice and thick and come in a sturdy kraft box for easy storage when not in use. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone who's after a more traditional set of pregnancy milestone cards {with some slightly humorous ones thrown in},
neutral baby milestone cards

I've also got the Pepper & Penny baby milestone cards in branch. The milestone cards also come in 4 other designs - fox, geo, boho and arrow. Each set is available in weekly or monthly milestone cards and with a twin option for mums of multiples. I got the monthly set so I can capture how she changes over her first year. When bub was a baby I attempted to use belly stickers {they were the in thing then not cards} but they were a total pain as they would peel off her outfit or crinkle up as she moved, so I gave up after 2 months. Hopefully the milestone cards will be much easier to include in photos as baby won't be wearing them. I already have a photo board idea for her first birthday using all the milestone photos {hopefully that's motivation enough so I don't forget to take any of them}.

Follow me on Instagram to see the rest of my pregnancy photos using the milestone cards + a never ending stream of baby spam come April.

Did you record your pregnancy or baby's milestones with cards?

Toni x

Disclosure - I was provided the pregnancy milestone cards and baby milestone cards for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are based on my experience with products. I did not receive payment for this review.

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