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Mummy Must Have | Heart in Box

Often when a new baby arrives the baby is showered with loads of attention and gifts, but mum, who quite frankly is the one who's done all the hard yards to bring the baby into the world, is easily overlooked. I kind of understand why though, I mean babies are incredibly cute so people can't help but swoon over them, but it's important not to forget the woman who endured 9 uncomfortable months then a {no doubt} painful labour to produce that cute squishy newborn. Mum's deserve a bit of showering of their own, but what do you give them? 

It's easy to think of gifts for a new baby, because there's so much they need - clothes, nappies, toys, teething products, toiletries etc, but not much of that translates to a gift for mum. Most new mums have toiletries covered before going into hospital {and lets face it showers aren't high on the priority list in the first few days after having a newborn} and well clothes won't fit properly again until that equally squishy belly settles back into the correct spot. I can tell you what I would've loved the first time around, chocolate, a shit tonne lot of chocolate! Unfortunately though chocolate doesn't last long {not around here anyway} and it also doesn't last well sitting in a hot letterbox so if you need to post a gift, or just want a gift that arrives in a gorgeous gift box, I suggest you check out Heart in Box.

Heart in Box is an online gift box company that specialises in curated gifts to uplift and pamper recipients through gifting and words. The business idea was originally conceived after owner Meng had her baby and realised all the gifts she received were for the baby and that mum's were often forgotten {other than at Mother's Day}. Then she received gifts for herself from her girlfriends which immediately lifted her spirits and she wanted to bring that same feeling to others. In just over a year Heart in Box has expanded their gift box range and now offer Heart Boxes for various different occasions including birthdays, housewarmings, weddings and many boxes to celebrate just because and to remind people they're loved and appreciated by friends and family.


The New Mama Heart Box was the first ever gift box from Heart in Box and was designed purely for new mums {whether they be first time mums or have multiple children already}. The early days with a newborn can be quite hectic and are a whirlwind of cluster feeding and sleep deprivation, which can lead to the baby blues for even the most prepared of mums. The New Mama Heart Box is designed as a pick me up for new mums to alleviate some of the stress of life with a newborn.

The New Mama Heart Box contains 7 carefully selected items to put a smile on mums face, including:

- A tin of lactation cookies
- A handmade chew safe necklace
- A book of 99 pick me ups for new mamas
- An all natural nursing balm
- An all natural sleep balm
- A custom designed card
- A special note card to pass on to a fellow mum

I can't wait to crack open the lactation cookies {which incidentally are choc-chip, yum}. Last time around I was continuously worried about my supply levels because I had no idea whether I was producing enough milk so it'll be great to have a little boost. The good thing about these cookies is they're also egg, dairy and wheat free which is great because bub was allergic to egg and dairy, so even if I need to eliminate them from my diet this time around the cookies will still be ok.

The handmade necklace is fabulous because it's still something for me to wear and feel a little bit dressed up, without much effort, and it's still safe for baby to chew on. Which will no doubt inevitably happen.

I can also envisage flipping through the 99 pick me ups for new mamas book at all times of the day {most likely when I'm trapped under a breast feeding baby} for a laugh. It's full of so many hilarious pictures and quotes. It'll probably save my sanity a lot during the 2am and 5am feeds when there's nothing else to do.

Also included in the box is an all natural nursing balm and all natural sleep balm. I can actually still remember how sore my poor nipples got while breast feeding so I'm glad I have a good balm ready to go and I love that it's all natural. I also can't wait to try the sleep balm as I had an awful time sleeping when bub was a newborn. I used to lay awake literally counting how long I could sleep before she would need another feed again {she would feed for an hr then take a while to go back to sleep then sleep about an hour and a bit then feed again}, but then by the time I got to sleep 20 minutes later she'd be ready to feed again. It was exhausting, so anything that can help me get a bit more sleep is very welcomed.

If you're after a special gift for a new mum in your life I'd definitely recommend the Heart in Box New Mama Heart Box. It arrives in a beautiful gift box which makes you feel extremely special before you even open it. The products are beautifully packaged and they're all useful items. You can also choose the flavours of the lactation cookies and the colour of the necklace when ordering to cater for individual tastes. Best of all, the gifts are all for mum {even though some come in handy with baby too} so she'll feel extra special when the focus is often on the baby.

Toni x 

Disclosure - I was gifted a New Mama Heart Box for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed in this post are based on my experience with the service and products. I did not receive payment for this review.

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  1. Well this is making it all real for you...baby #2 on the way soon. I had never heard about lactation cookies until recently. Anything which helps and support new (and second time) mums is awesome! Denyse #teamIBOT

    1. Oh yes lactation cookies are all the rage at the moment apparently. I'm not a very good baker so very glad to have these here waiting for when bubby comes :)

  2. This is a lovely idea. I know someone special who might like one of these in about five months time :)

  3. What a great idea. Sometimes it is hard to know what to get a new Mum, especially when they seem to have it all organised.

    1. I think a lot of us seem to have everything organised from the outside, but don't really haha. I love that the gift box is all about mum though because often everything is all about the baby.