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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mummy Must Have Review | Little Bairn

Last time I was pregnant I was working full time so my days consisted of working 9hrs on my feet, coming home eating dinner and basically going to bed. I didn't spend much time taking care of myself. It was more about making it through each day and getting closer to my maternity leave {if I'm completely honest}. Unfortunately by the time I made it to maternity leave and had free time to relax, my pelvis had separated and I could hardly walk. So there wasn't much relaxing going on. My last few weeks of pregnancy were filled with pain from a pelvis that no longer functioned and then to top it off I developed carpel tunnel and pupps rash, just for shits and giggles. Between infertility and the physical complications I swear the universe was trying to tell me I wasn't meant to be pregnant.

This time around everything is different. I'm not working 9hrs on my feet all day, well at least not in the traditional sense of the word work, instead I spend 14hrs a day looking after a toddler with no real break. Oh how I miss lunch breaks, but at least I have a couch I can rest on {when she lets me}. I'm fully aware of the physical ailments that could potentially be waiting for me down the track so I'm trying to slow down and take care of myself now {as much as I can} while I'm still pain free. Hopefully I won't have as many complications this time, but I'm being realistic, since a lot of them were hormone induced they're likely to happen again. So operation pregnancy pampering is underway starting with some pretty awesome bath soaks from Little Bairn.

Little Bairn is an Australian owned and made, luxury certified organic skincare range for mums and bubs. Little Bairn products are made using high quality natural and organic ingredients such as nutrient-rich plant oils, essential oils and botanical extracts. Little Bairn stock a range of baby products including lotions, powders, massage oils and bath soaks. In addition to their famous baby products, they also stock a beautiful range of products for pregnant women including bath soaks, belly oil and nipple balm.

You've probably seen Little Bairn products before as they're featured in many popular baby boxes and gift packs from different children's boutiques and subscription box services across Australia. In addition to this they also have their own range of gift bundles to choose from. As soon as I saw the pregnancy journal gift set I fell in love. I mean what's not to love when we're talking two gorgeous bath soaks and a beautiful pregnancy journal. When it arrived the packaging was just as gorgeous as the products.


The journal gift set comes with both the Relax Me pregnancy bath soak and the Heal Me postnatal bath soak. Each of the bath soaks come in a generous size with enough for multiple baths. The Relax Me soak is rich in minerals designed to detoxify the body and relieve aching muscles {hallelujah, every pregnant woman's dream}. It also has calming rose petals and lavender flowers, bub loves to tell me "there's lots of pedals in your bath mummy". I've been getting lots of leg cramps and restless leg syndrome at times but the salts and minerals in the bath soak have been helping to alleviate it on the nights I use them {it's also great stress relief after a testing day with a threenager}.

The Heal Me bath soak is designed to promote healing and recovery after birth. It also contains a number of essential oils to help relax the body. I can't wait to use this one once I've given birth, although I'm sure I'll need to enlist daddy's help with the kids in order to make a bath happen.

Up until a few weeks ago {when bub decided it'd be fun if mum started having baths with her} I hadn't actually used our new bathtub. We renovated the bath about 2 years ago, that shows you how much I get time to relax in the bath. I've quickly learnt soaking in rose petals and minerals {by myself} is definitely a lot more relaxing than sharing a bubble bath with a toddler and 4500 bath toys. I've been taking advantage of some me time in the bath as often as possible {while I'm still able to get in and out of it without help}. So far I've had 3 baths and the container is still over half full {I'm making it last as long as possible}.

My bath looks way more relaxing in this photo than it usually does, what you can't see here is the basket full of bath toys at the other end and the plethora of appliques stuck along the wall.


Last pregnancy I planned on keeping a pregnancy journal, in fact I bought a really nice notebook to give me something to look forward to while trying to conceive her. However, after years of ttc I spent my whole pregnancy worried that something would go wrong, and for some reason that meant I was too paranoid to ever fill in my special journal. Still to this day that notebook sits blank in my bedside table.

This time however I was determined to not make the same mistake. Thankfully I now have the gorgeous BAE the label pregnancy journal  to use from my gift set. To be honest I didn't even know there was such a thing as a purpose made pregnancy journal {hence my original plan to use a notebook last time}. The pregnancy journal is so much more organised than my notebook would've been. It has spots to record memories from each week as well as pages to record special moments such as ultrasound photos, cravings, name ideas, and my favourite page below ~ how I told your father we were pregnant. I love that it includes that because I'm sure the memory will fade over time {mind you this time I have hard video evidence, which I threaten to post on Facebook all the time}.

I'm so thankful to have this wonderful keepsake of my entire pregnancy to one day share with my son or daughter. I would've loved to have known what pregnancy felt like along the way for my mum so I'm sure it'll be a treasured memory for them too. I just wish I had neater writing, but I'm sure they won't mind.

The Little Bairn pregnancy journal gift set is a great gift set for women from the beginning of pregnancy through to the end. It'd make a great gift for pregnant friends or family members, even if you don't find out they're pregnant until after 12 weeks {they can still go back and fill in the start of the journal while everything is fresh in their minds}. You can also purchase the two bath soaks separately from Little Bairn.

Did you take time to treat yourself during your pregnancy?

Toni x

Disclosure - I was gifted a Little Bairn pregnancy journal gift set for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are based on my experience with the products. I did not receive payment for this review.

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  1. Those products look divine. I especially love the mother definition on the bag. Glad to hear you're trying to take care of you when you can.

    1. I love the bag so much! I want to get a print with the same definition, or maybe I'll frame the bag and put it on the wall :)

  2. What a lovely idea and the packaging is very stylish. I hope you continue to enjoy this product. I know your child will love the keepsake. Annette for #IBOT

  3. What a gorgeous idea. I wish they had these things when was having babies. #teamIBOT

    1. I wish I knew about it last baby too, I think the specific sections would've made me more likely to fill it out despite my paranoia.

  4. These products are beautiful. I'm pleased you are trying to look after yourself. I never did but I was lucky that my pregnancies were relatively complication free so I survived anyway. Hoping you don't face the same issues you did last time x

    1. I just got given a belly brace this week by the physio and will have fortnightly physio appointments as my tail bone is already playing up. Hopefully it wont fully separate this time though.