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Friday, November 25, 2016

Click Clack Toys to the rescue

For the last few weeks bub's been obsessed with firemen and fire engines. "Firemen help people mummy, they put out the fires". She gets so excited each afternoon when Fireman Sam comes on tv and nearly pees her pants with excitement if we ever drive past a real life fire truck {thankfully she's still in nappies or that'd be a problem}. So she was beyond excited when she received a parcel from Click Clack Toys and opened it to discover a fire station and fire engine {she loves the helicopter too, but was beside herself excited about the fire station}.

Click Clack Toys are an Australian owned and designed environmentally conscious company focused on providing fun for today's kids while also looking after tomorrow's world. The wood used in their toys is sourced from sustainably managed plantation timber forests. They're made using non toxic glue and brought to life with water based paints {so no nasties for the little ones}. The toys also come in recycled cardboard packaging {even the rubbish is environmentally friendly}.

Their range is primarily based on vehicles including construction vehicles such as diggers, dump trucks and cement trucks; rescue vehicles including a police car, ambulance, fire truck and helicopter as well as delivery vehicles including a post van, tractor and semi trailer. Of course all these vehicles will need somewhere to park so Click Clack also have a police station, fire station and airport available.

It's no secret that we love wooden toys around here. Wooden toys just have a natural nostalgia about them, not to mention the hours of imaginary play they create. They also seem to last a lot longer than plastic toys, which is why I've been slowly replacing all our plastic toys with wooden alternatives over the past few months. I'm totally hoarding all her wooden toys for the grandkids later on.

The main feature that sets Click Clack Toys apart from other wooden toy companies is that each item has a build-able component, right down to the individual vehicles. I love that this brings an added dimension to the toys and also helps kids use their cognitive skills, hand/eye co-ordination and work on their fine motor skills. Bub loved being able to build the toys because she felt like she made them herself. Obviously being 3 she doesn't have the skills to put them all together properly, but she did assemble the fire truck and had a good go at putting the helicopter together.

"Look mummy I builded it. I made it all byed myself". She was super proud of herself when the individual pieces turned into proper functioning vehicles. While the toy vehicles are relatively easy for younger kids to put together, the fire station is a little more complicated and did require mummy's expertise {although it could probably be built by a child over the age of about 8}. Each piece of the station is separate and slots together easily with an interlocking dowel system {just like flat packed furniture, but it's much less frustrating to put together}. Thankfully the instructions are also clearly listed on the back of the packaging including pictures which makes it easier for budding child engineers, or clueless mummy's, to construct.

The fire station was pretty easy to put together and only took about ten minutes in total from start to finish {including being interrupted by her "helping" me a few times}. Considering I never assemble toys and usually leave that to daddy I was actually super proud that I put the fire station together {correctly, the first time}. Is that a little sad? I don't really care if it is I'm totally owning it. Bub was super proud of me too "yay mummy you did it, you build the fire house, now I can play with it". Okay so she was probably more excited that she could play with it rather than my construction skills, but I'll take any praise I can get. Here's the finished product, not bad hey?

The fire station has two opening doors on the garage allowing the fire truck to exit in either direction when there's an emergency. It can also fit comfortably under the helipad. The helipad is the perfect place to store the helicopter while it's awaiting the next emergency. The helicopter and fire truck are both sold separately, but are the perfect toys to accompany the fire station for hours of imaginary play

Since we put the Click Clack toys together I've left them on her play table and at least a few times a day I hear "weeee-aw, weee-aw, weee-aw quick, quick there's a fire! Quick helicopter we have to go. Okay I'm coming let's go put out the fire. Firemen to the rescue". It's beyond cute listening in on her scenarios as she plays with the toys. Her daddy and I often just sit quietly listening to her, smiling to ourselves at how fun her imagination is {other parents do this too right?}.

I really love that the toys have provided hours of imaginary play already, no doubt with many more to come. I also love that they give kids the added satisfaction of being able to construct them themselves. Seeing the look of accomplishment and pride on her face once she made the little toys was pretty cool. The fact that she was also working on important developmental skills whilst doing that was an added bonus. Click Clack Toys really are a unique, affordable and environmentally friendly option for Christmas and birthday presents {or just because} and they're also loads of fun! I'm thinking we might have to add to our collection for her birthday next year.


Thanks to the team at Click Clack Toys, I have another fire station set to give away to one lucky reader. The set includes the fire station, fire truck and helicopter {usually sold separately}. To be in the chance to win simply fill in the rafflecopter form below and leave me a comment letting me know which Click Clack toy is your child's favourite and why.

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Disclosure - I was provided with the Click Clack toys mentioned above for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are based on our experience with the toys. I did not receive payment for this review.

Friday, November 18, 2016

The big reveal

I know some people are very traditional and want to keep their baby's sex a surprise until birth, but we're basically the opposite of that. For us after waiting months and months {16 months this time} to conceive in the first place, the thought of having to wait another 9 months to find out the sex of our baby just feels like self-imposed punishment. As far as we're concerned we don't need anymore surprises, for us knowing the sex is pretty much the only thing we can be in control of throughout the whole process of making a baby. And once you've been through the uncertainty of infertility, being able to control one tiny aspect becomes even more paramount. I get that we aren't really in control of it though, i.e. we have no hand in choosing the sex, but just knowing the outcome of something within this process is extremely reassuring.

So, for those reasons, as soon as we found out we were finally pregnant the first conversation we had was "we're finding out the sex right?", which was met with a resounding YES from both of us. 

As soon as I got pregnant I instantly thought I was having a boy. The same thing happened last time, although I think last time I subconsciously told myself I was having a boy to lessen the shock {incase it really was a boy} because deep down I really wanted a girl. However, 2 weeks before we were due for our scan I had an overwhelming feeling we were having a girl and it turns out we were. This time around it honestly didn't bother me what we were having, in fact I started to warm to the idea of having a boy as it meant we'd have one of each if this ends up being our last baby. However, once again about 2 weeks out from our scan date I started having an overwhelming feeling it was another girl. I'm starting to think it might be some kind of in built mothers intuition.

At our scan our little bean was being extremely uncooperative and wouldn't stop flipping around {literally doing 360's} every time the ultrasound tech tried to take measurements. It also had it's legs crossed most of the time and kept grabbing it's feet so was bunched up completely. Funnily enough all this cheeky behaviour and restlessness made me think it might actually be a boy, but eventually she opened her legs for a fleeting moment and we found out we're having another baby girl.

It turns out bub is going to get the baby sister she was longing for after all, although at first she wasn't too pleased with the result. When we first told her she spent a good ten minutes whinging and yelling at us that it was a baby brother not a baby sister, but she's since come around. She now calls her baby doll a baby sister like the baby in mummy's tummy and when we ask her what's in mummy's tummy she says a baby sister. I'm so excited that she's going to have a sister because I never had one and always wished I had. It's going to be so fun watching them grow up together.

Friday, November 11, 2016

I haven't met you yet but I already love you.

For the last few months I've been quietly pondering in my head how I'd possibly love you as much as I love bub. I literally didn't know if it would be possible, but then again I didn't know how much I'd love her until after she was born. I've watched friends agonise over whether to have more children because they're unsure they'll be able to love a sibling as much as they loved their first child. I guess it's such a huge change the first time developing a love for someone who never existed before and you can't possibly know if it'll be the same the next time. Love for a child is a whole different kind of love and it's hard to imagine your heart expanding even bigger yet again to love two little people. For me though, it was never a question of whether to have more children, but I've still wondered if my heart was indeed capable of expanding yet again.

I haven't even met you yet, but I already love you so very much. In fact I literally only just discovered you exist an hour ago and I've been over the moon giddy with love {much like a teenager} ever since. There have been many happy tears, tears of disbelief, thanking of the universe and lots of smiling uncontrollably. I always believed this day would finally come and now its here and its even more special than I ever imagined.

Just like your sister there weren't really many signs that you were even in there. There have been a few twinges here and there, but that's been the same every month so I tried not to read anything into it. Of course now I know you're there I'm hypersensitive to every little ping, twinge or cramp and I'm trying so hard to not read anything into it. I don't want to be scared the whole time like I was last pregnancy. I'm going to think positively. You're not going anywhere you're going to keep baking away and when the timings right I'm going to hold you in my arms and smother you with kisses.

I can't wait to see if you're a little mister or little miss. To snuggle you and be addicted to your new baby smell. To tickle your toes, hold your little fingers and stroke your forehead. To make you laugh and smile and wipe away your tears when you're sad. To waste hours of my day staring at your beautiful face. I adore you already and I can't wait to meet you in person. My heart has already expanded and you already hold a piece of it.

Mum x

Friday, November 4, 2016

Twinkl teaching resources

I'm not sure if I've shared on here before, but I'm planning on studying early childhood education once bub's gone to school, with the plan to work in childcare and possibly teach kindy. I wanted to work in childcare back in my early 20's but knowing I had fertility issues I chose not to because I thought being around little kids all day would just make me long for my own even more. Looking back I think that was the right decision because just seeing babies would make me sad for what I was missing, so I can imagine how much pain I would've been in being surrounded by children day in and day out. However, my desire to work with children has never waned, if anything it's gotten stronger since becoming a mum. Needless to say we do a lot of learning through play activities at home so I can indulge my passion and she loves it.

I share most of our activities over on Instagram, which has earned me the nickname pinterest mum from some of my friends. Ironically I hardly ever use pinterest, instead I either think up our activities myself or am inspired by other teachers and homeschooling mums I follow on Instagram. We do a lot of sensory play and small world activities as well as working on the alphabet and counting. I've started adding printables and activity sheets lately to mix things up and keep it interesting for her. One great resource I've discovered for these is Twinkl.

Twinkl is a comprehensive teaching resource site providing teaching, planning and assessment materials for babies right through to school aged children. The twinkl resources include lesson packs, power point presentations, display materials, worksheets and craft ideas. Twinkl is originally UK based, but an Australian curriculum section has been added to support Australian teachers and homeschooling families. In addition to this there is also a create section where you can create your own resources based on various templates. There are also heaps of resources for parents and child minders to use at home.

For the last few weeks I've been feverishly trawling the birth-twos section of the parent resources and downloading anything I know bub will be remotely interested in. There are so many different resources available including games, busy bags, sensory bin ideas, sensory recipes {playdough, cloud dough, slime etc}, puzzles, playdough mats, phonics cards and can you find posters. Needless to say I've also bought a laminator and been going to town printing and laminating all the things {seriously where has this magical machine been all my life}. Bub's been a huge fan of the phonics cards and can you find it posters. She's been using glass pebbles to find the items on the posters so we can reuse them and she even cheers herself at the end saying "yay I did it mummy, I did it".

There are also numerous themed resources designed to help teach certain story books, such as the Gruffalo {see the image above for just a tiny selection of Gruffalo resources}, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Jack and the Beanstalk and Room on the Broom, just to name a few. We've printed out a heap of Gruffalo themed resources as bub loves the movie and the book. There's also resources themed around seasons and special holidays and events. We printed out the Halloween phonics cards {below} and I've downloaded heaps of Christmas activities which I'll share on Instagram as we do them.

There are so many other resources I've downloaded to try later on including dot-to-dot sheets, colouring sheets, letter formation worksheets, number formation worksheets, pencil control activities and a heap of other playdough mats. Bub has show a keen interest in learning how to write letters and numbers so we'll be working on playdough mats and formation sheets to help with that soon. I've only really scratched the surface with the resources available on the site though, every time I go on I find other cool things to download, now it's just a matter of finding enough hours in the day to do all the cool activities.

If you're a teacher or early childhood educator I would definitely recommend Twinkl as there are so many resources for the classroom. It's also just as beneficial for stay at home parents, homeschooling families and nannies as there are numerous activities that can be done at home, especially for younger children. Twinkl offers a range of free resources {simply sign up for a free account}, or there are paid subscription options which give you access to all resources on the site. We've been using the paid subscription and will continue using it as it's definitely value for money and there are so many more activities that will become relevant as bub's abilities continue to develop and once she starts school. There's also the Twinkl Facebook page and a special Twinkl Australia Facebook group for even more inspiration and ideas.

Toni x

Disclosure - I was gifted a premium subscription to Twinkl to access all resources in order to provide a review. All opinions expressed are based on our experiences with the website and printable resources. I did not receive payment for this review.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mummy Must Have Review | Little Bairn

Last time I was pregnant I was working full time so my days consisted of working 9hrs on my feet, coming home eating dinner and basically going to bed. I didn't spend much time taking care of myself. It was more about making it through each day and getting closer to my maternity leave {if I'm completely honest}. Unfortunately by the time I made it to maternity leave and had free time to relax, my pelvis had separated and I could hardly walk. So there wasn't much relaxing going on. My last few weeks of pregnancy were filled with pain from a pelvis that no longer functioned and then to top it off I developed carpel tunnel and pupps rash, just for shits and giggles. Between infertility and the physical complications I swear the universe was trying to tell me I wasn't meant to be pregnant.

This time around everything is different. I'm not working 9hrs on my feet all day, well at least not in the traditional sense of the word work, instead I spend 14hrs a day looking after a toddler with no real break. Oh how I miss lunch breaks, but at least I have a couch I can rest on {when she lets me}. I'm fully aware of the physical ailments that could potentially be waiting for me down the track so I'm trying to slow down and take care of myself now {as much as I can} while I'm still pain free. Hopefully I won't have as many complications this time, but I'm being realistic, since a lot of them were hormone induced they're likely to happen again. So operation pregnancy pampering is underway starting with some pretty awesome bath soaks from Little Bairn.

Little Bairn is an Australian owned and made, luxury certified organic skincare range for mums and bubs. Little Bairn products are made using high quality natural and organic ingredients such as nutrient-rich plant oils, essential oils and botanical extracts. Little Bairn stock a range of baby products including lotions, powders, massage oils and bath soaks. In addition to their famous baby products, they also stock a beautiful range of products for pregnant women including bath soaks, belly oil and nipple balm.

You've probably seen Little Bairn products before as they're featured in many popular baby boxes and gift packs from different children's boutiques and subscription box services across Australia. In addition to this they also have their own range of gift bundles to choose from. As soon as I saw the pregnancy journal gift set I fell in love. I mean what's not to love when we're talking two gorgeous bath soaks and a beautiful pregnancy journal. When it arrived the packaging was just as gorgeous as the products.


The journal gift set comes with both the Relax Me pregnancy bath soak and the Heal Me postnatal bath soak. Each of the bath soaks come in a generous size with enough for multiple baths. The Relax Me soak is rich in minerals designed to detoxify the body and relieve aching muscles {hallelujah, every pregnant woman's dream}. It also has calming rose petals and lavender flowers, bub loves to tell me "there's lots of pedals in your bath mummy". I've been getting lots of leg cramps and restless leg syndrome at times but the salts and minerals in the bath soak have been helping to alleviate it on the nights I use them {it's also great stress relief after a testing day with a threenager}.

The Heal Me bath soak is designed to promote healing and recovery after birth. It also contains a number of essential oils to help relax the body. I can't wait to use this one once I've given birth, although I'm sure I'll need to enlist daddy's help with the kids in order to make a bath happen.

Up until a few weeks ago {when bub decided it'd be fun if mum started having baths with her} I hadn't actually used our new bathtub. We renovated the bath about 2 years ago, that shows you how much I get time to relax in the bath. I've quickly learnt soaking in rose petals and minerals {by myself} is definitely a lot more relaxing than sharing a bubble bath with a toddler and 4500 bath toys. I've been taking advantage of some me time in the bath as often as possible {while I'm still able to get in and out of it without help}. So far I've had 3 baths and the container is still over half full {I'm making it last as long as possible}.

My bath looks way more relaxing in this photo than it usually does, what you can't see here is the basket full of bath toys at the other end and the plethora of appliques stuck along the wall.


Last pregnancy I planned on keeping a pregnancy journal, in fact I bought a really nice notebook to give me something to look forward to while trying to conceive her. However, after years of ttc I spent my whole pregnancy worried that something would go wrong, and for some reason that meant I was too paranoid to ever fill in my special journal. Still to this day that notebook sits blank in my bedside table.

This time however I was determined to not make the same mistake. Thankfully I now have the gorgeous BAE the label pregnancy journal  to use from my gift set. To be honest I didn't even know there was such a thing as a purpose made pregnancy journal {hence my original plan to use a notebook last time}. The pregnancy journal is so much more organised than my notebook would've been. It has spots to record memories from each week as well as pages to record special moments such as ultrasound photos, cravings, name ideas, and my favourite page below ~ how I told your father we were pregnant. I love that it includes that because I'm sure the memory will fade over time {mind you this time I have hard video evidence, which I threaten to post on Facebook all the time}.

I'm so thankful to have this wonderful keepsake of my entire pregnancy to one day share with my son or daughter. I would've loved to have known what pregnancy felt like along the way for my mum so I'm sure it'll be a treasured memory for them too. I just wish I had neater writing, but I'm sure they won't mind.

The Little Bairn pregnancy journal gift set is a great gift set for women from the beginning of pregnancy through to the end. It'd make a great gift for pregnant friends or family members, even if you don't find out they're pregnant until after 12 weeks {they can still go back and fill in the start of the journal while everything is fresh in their minds}. You can also purchase the two bath soaks separately from Little Bairn.

Did you take time to treat yourself during your pregnancy?

Toni x

Disclosure - I was gifted a Little Bairn pregnancy journal gift set for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are based on my experience with the products. I did not receive payment for this review.

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