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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dreambaby® On The Go Strollerbuddy® products review

Before I had bub I knew pretty much nothing about baby products. I mean why would I having never had a child before? Once I had her I soon realised which of the products we'd bought were relatively unnecessary and which things I still needed to buy. One of the areas I majorly overlooked was pram accessories. To be honest apart from a cup holder {which T made me buy so he'd have somewhere to put his coffee} I didn't even know that there were pram accessories. You just put the baby in the pram and off you go, right? It wasn't until I'd been using my pram for a little while that I realised a few accessories would make my life so much easier.

There are so many pram accessories available that can help with things like attaching blankets, nets, toys and nappy bags to the pram easier. Accessories that can increase pram storage and even accessories that can help secure your pram to eliminate theft. These are just a few of the new accessories Dreambaby® have added to their on the go range.

Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® Stroller Clips

When bub was younger I used to go for walks all the time to get out of the house and to try and lose the baby weight. I wasn't a fan of covering her whole pram with a wrap, because I wanted to see her, but I did always drape a muslin wrap over her belly and the pram because she'd inevitably fall asleep {and she had to sleep with her blankie}. The problem was the dam "blankie" used to fall off every time the wind blew because there was no way of tucking it into the pram.

I had a brain wave and thought how cool would it be if someone would design clips to hold the wrap in place so I didn't have to adjust it every 5 minutes. I tried using pegs, but they were too thin and would just snap. I seriously thought this was the next biggest idea and I'd become a millionaire if I ever went ahead and developed it. Of course sleep deprivation and the demands of a newborn meant I never followed my entrepreneurial calling and developed this revolutionary product. Which in hindsight was probably a good thing, because I came to learn they already existed, I'd just never heard of them before.
Dreambaby on the go white pram clip
Dreambaby® have recently added Strollerbuddy™ Stroller Clips to their on the go range. The pram clips are made from sturdy non-toxic materials. They're big enough to secure items {wraps, blankets or toys} onto any pram and the scalloped edges create a strong grip. The pram clips are available in black, white and a range of new pop colours {purple, blue, green, pink, orange and grey} in packs of 4 for $12.95. Hallelujah, no more escaping blankie.

Dreambaby on the go pram clips in pop colours
* Remember: when clipping covers to your pram or stroller, always ensure there is adequate airflow and the temperate level is comfortable, and NEVER too HOT for your baby. Read on below to find out how you can win a pop colour set of pram clips.

Dreambaby® Stroller Hook

Have you ever been short of space in your pram, but needed to carry extra items such as groceries? My pram doesn't have a huge amount of storage in the underneath compartment so often when I go shopping I need to carry bags. I have to admit up until now I've been cheating and hanging the bags off the brake handle {the Bugaboo has the brake on the top of the pram, not on the wheels}. It's a bit limiting though because it can only fit about two bags at a time and if they're too big they keep hitting the wheels.
Dreambaby on the go stroller hook
The Dreambaby® stroller hook fits easily over my pram handle and is padded so it doesn't move around. It's easy to add bags onto the hook and it snaps shut so they can't fall off. You just have to be careful not to overload the pram so it tips backwards {although with a heavy toddler in there most of the time I don't have this problem}. The stroller hook is available in a single pack for $8.95 or a 2pk for $11.95.

Dreambaby® Stroller Hook with Combination Lock

In addition to the stroller hook, Dreambaby® have also released a stroller hook with a combination lock. This is ingenious as it allows you to attach your nappy bag {or other items} to your pram knowing they can't be stolen. Every time I sit in a food court I worry that if I leave my bag hanging on the pram someone could easily walk past and take it. Because of this fear I put my nappy bag under my feet, but that becomes a pain when I need to get things out of it while we're eating {aka bub's drink bottle, or wipes, or more snacks, then more wipes}. The Dreambaby® stroller hook with combination lock allows me to keep my nappy bag hanging on the end of the pram which is much more convenient for accessing all my things and it gives me peace of mind not having to watch my bag at all times.

In addition to securing items to the pram, the stroller hook with combination lock can also be used to secure the pram to a table. You may be thinking why would I ever need to do that {especially if the pram brake is on, its not like someone can quickly run away with it}. If you've ever been to a busy play centre and have a toddler like mine you'll understand why. I'm often up on the play equipment rescuing her from a terrifying slide or following her in and out of the many obstacles because she demands me to play with her, all the while my pram is sitting by itself with nobody watching it. In such a busy space it would be easy for someone to walk off with it long before I noticed, but not anymore.

Dreambaby on the go stroller hook with combination lock

The combination lock comes with a default pin which can be changed easily to your own custom pin sequence. The lock is extremely sturdy and would be a definite deterrent to would be thieves, they won't be getting it off any time soon. It would also be great for securing a scooter or bike when at the park or shops. The stroller hook with combination lock is available in large $11.95 or medium $10.95. You can win your own large stroller hook with combination lock by entering the giveaway below.

Dreambaby® products can be purchased online or at Big W, Target, Kmart, Bunnings, Baby Bunting, Toys R Us and a number of other baby stores and chemists. Become a Dreambaby® fan on Facebook and on Instagram to remain up to date with all new product launches. Check out DreambabyTV on You Tube.

Dreambaby® "ON THE GO" Prize Pack

To celebrate the addition of stroller clips and hooks to the Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy On the Go range, I have a Dreambaby® prize pack up for grabs for one lucky Finding Myself Young reader. The prize pack includes a large stroller hook with combination lock and a set of pop colour stroller clips {purple, blue, green and orange} as shown in the image.

To enter simply leave me a comment below letting me know which item you need the most and why? Please remember to also fill out the rafflecopter widget below {so I can contact you if you win}. The easiest way to comment is to choose the name/url option and leave the url section blank. If you're having issues leaving a comment, message me on my Facebook page or email me and I'll help you out.

Good Luck!

Toni x

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Disclosure - I was gifted a Stroller hook, Stroller hook with combination lock and a 4pk of white stroller clips for the purpose of review. I did not receive payment for this review. All stock images have been used with permission.

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  1. The Stroller Clips, as I love to take my kids for a walk but they never keep their sun shade on

  2. I need the stroller clips as it is so hard to keep the muslin cloth over my little one when we go walking.

  3. Definitely need the stroller clips so I can attach a wrap over the pram to help get my little one off to sleep!

  4. I need both! I already know it's going to be chaos when I'm out with all three kids and no doubt there is likely to be at least one runner, so the lock clip will be super handy so my bag doesn't get stolen and the stroller clips will be perfect to try and discourage our older kids from pulling the wrap/cover off the baby so it can get some sleep!

  5. The stroller clips would be really handy. I also love getting out of the house and getting some fresh air no matter what the weather.

  6. Stroller Hook with Combination Lock, just knowing that my nappy bag is safe would be a huge comfort, and would provide peace of mind. What an awesome product!!

  7. While I'm always paranoid about my handbag being stolen from the pram, I probably need the stroller clips more. I can see they'd be very useful and versatile. Keeping a muslin square over the pram on sunny days just as they're designed, or even over the baby carrier while baby wearing, they would greatly assist sun protection. Heading towards winter though I think they'd be great for keeping a blanket over bub so it doesn't slide or blow off. I'd even keep one in my handbag to keep my shopping list from disappearing to the bottom.

  8. Stroller clips as it's always hard to keep wraps covering the pram