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Mummy Must Have Review | Play Easy

One of the things I love most about being a parent, and have vowed to do more of this year, is playing with bub. I love that I get to spend time with her and immerse myself in her imaginary world. Its therapeutic for me {to spend time re-creating the childhood I wish I had} and its lots of fun for both of us.

Now that she's getting older and using her imagination more her play has been evolving and getting a lot more intricate. Toys are no longer inanimate objects, they now take on lives of their own. She also has a longer attention span meaning we can do things like sensory tubs and simple craft activities which are also great for teaching her new skills. I'm a huge believer in learning through play and try to structure our play around this {I think its a by product of her speech therapy sessions}. I'm always looking for ways to make play interesting and fun for her. I recently discovered Play Easy on Facebook, their mission is to inspire and help families play and learn together in a stress free, easy manner, which is perfect for us.


Play easy kids activity kits review

Play Easy kits are kids activity kits that have been designed by a primary school teacher to provide interactive, easy play ideas that parents can enjoy with their kids at home. All the planning and organising has been done for you meaning the fun, stimulating and educational play activities are really easy to set up. Playing should be fun, enjoyable and easy - the play easy kits really facilitate this.

A new play easy kit is released 4 times throughout the year to coincide with each school term. Each kit includes 10 different play activities {5 sensory and 5 craft}, one for each week of the school term. The kit includes all of the core components required for each play activity, detailed set up guidelines with play instructions and additional extension play ideas. For some activities additional basic craft supplies or household items are needed, or you can improvise with items you have on hand.

example items found in play easy kids activity kits

The activities provide a great mix of play ideas to delight the senses and further develop fine motor skills. A lot of the activities also allow for free play with loose guidelines where the child can determine how to explore and play with each activity. All of the activities are easy to understand and set up using the items included in the kit. A lot of the sensory activities are also reusable when stored correctly {e.g. scented play-dough, sensory rice}.

Peppermint scented sensory rice in farm animal + dinosaur sensory tub.

Bub has really enjoyed the sensory activities which have kept her captivated for a lot longer than her usual attention span. I've set up most of the activities as free play experiences and added in other items we had at home {such as cookie cutters and small figurines} and allowed bub to explore each activity as she wants to. I've let her take the lead and then added in extra learning opportunities as they've come up during play {such as mentioning shapes, colours, textures}. She loves playing with her peppermint sensory rice and gingerbread play-dough the most, we usually have one of them out every day that we're at home. It's great because they'll both last for ages so they're not just one time activities.

Gingernut scented playdough with nutmeg. Shape cutters, rolling pin and alphabet stencils.

I'd definitely recommend the play easy kits to other parents, especially those who are time poor. A lot of thought and preparation has gone into the kits to make them really easy to understand and set up. It's clear she has used her early childhood knowledge to create activities that are age appropriate, educational and provide additional opportunities for learning. The kits are an affordable way to enjoy craft and sensory experiences at home.

The standard play easy kit is $70 {postage included}, which is only $7 per play activity. Unlike other play kits on the market, there is no need to sign up to any subscriptions or commit to purchasing a certain number of boxes. The January kit is currently available until January 20th and will be posted January 27th. Kits can be ordered in different age groups {12m-3yr, 3-5yrs or 5-10yrs} to suit your child's age and development.

Do/did you enjoy playing with your kids as much as I do?

Toni x

Disclosure - I was provided with a Christmas play easy kit {a smaller 6 activity kit} for the purpose of review. I did not receive payment for this review.

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  1. I don't really think I played with my kids as such - I didn't know what to do! But then I worked out that if you just let a little person tell you what to do you'll be playing in no time. Kids have a pretty clear idea about what they want to do!

    1. Yep she comes up with all sorts of weird and wonderful scenarios when we play. I don't really have to do anything except go along with what she's saying or doing.

  2. This is a very cool idea.
    Sand was always my favourite sensory play activity. It still is really. I love going to the beach and letting it move through my fingers.

    1. I went to the beach today and spent ages building a sandcastle with wet squishy sand, it was so much fun! I still love sensory play now as an adult.

  3. These look like heaps of fun. I'm sure my girls would have fun with them. I do play with my kids, but always feel like I could dedicate more time to them.

    1. I think we all feel like we could spend more time doing it {and everything else}. I'm constantly beating myself up about all the things I could've/should've done with her each day. I doubt she has any idea about it though.

  4. What an excellent idea. Play is learning for us all, but moreso in kids. As grandma who cared for 3 little ones from 2008-2014 I delighted in making many play activities for them and we used the garden, inside and more. Coming from a teaching K-2 background I had a ball making a mini play space each week the kids came. It was very hard to pack it all up and give it away when we were no longer 'needed' because the bigger 2 were at school and youngest Miss got to stay home with Mummy and her new sister. I miss the play!! Good for you with this. it is so important from a talking and listening perspective too. Denyse. #teamIBOT

    1. I love playing with her. I'm going to miss it so much when she goes to school {thankfully that's a few years away still}.