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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Top 10 Finding Myself Young posts for 2015

As the year draws to a close I thought it'd be fun to take a trip down memory lane and see which posts were your favourites of 2015. One of the main reasons I write my blog is to capture memories and moments that I'd probably otherwise forget. I'm so glad I do this because I have to say sometimes I forget all about things until I re-read them on my blog {sad but true}. Its nice to have those snippets to look back on. So, lets have a look back at your favourites from the year.

Your favourite posts on Finding Myself Young in 2015

I never thought I'd ever have a home decorating style post on my blog {because I'm not a designer or style blogger}, but it's proven to be a super popular post. Maybe I should do more? I mainly wrote this post to celebrate the fact that I'd finally got her nursery together after months of indecisiveness. Although apart from the cot and the change table it's definitely more a little girl's room than a baby's nursery, and that has a lot to do with the fact that it took me 20 months to put it together. I know, I know nursery's are supposed to be done before the baby arrives, buuuut we got there in the end and that's all that matters.

This is a post I wrote back in 2013, but each year it continues to be popular. And I love that because its a great message that I think more people need to hear. The greatest gift a man can give his daughter, is to love her mother. I grew up in a family where affection wasn't freely given or shown. I never saw my parents love each other and I think, in part, that set me up to make some poor choices in the future. T and I have made a conscious decision to parent differently and make sure that bub, and any other children we have, know their parents love each other. I want bub to find a man who treats her right and shows her the love she deserves, and I'm hoping by setting a good example for her we can some how shape that future.

Ever had one of those moments that reminds you everything can change in a split second? I had one earlier this year when bub fell off the couch and landed smack bang head first into our tile floor. The moment I saw her land on the tiles with her poor head all twisted and crooked will never leave me. They were without a doubt, up until that point, the worst moments of my life as a parent. I honestly thought for a moment we'd lost her, or that she'd be severely disabled after landing so awkwardly. It seems toddlers are quite prone to jumping/falling off couches though as she's done it again since {it didn't involve an ambulance trip though thank god}.

This year I decided to put together my first ever gift guide and it's proven to be extremely popular. I compiled my 5 favourite newborn/baby items that we've used and loved. If you're expecting you really should check it out.

Since having bub I've discovered all sorts of weird and wonderful kids products and sonny angels have to be my favourite. Mainly because they're cute and I can claim my obsession collection is for bub, which makes me feel less guilty. Don't know what they are? You really should, but be warned, they're addictive.

Remember before when I said bub falling off the couch was the worst time I'd experienced as a parent? Well she topped it. In her defence though she did nothing to cause this one. Back in April this year bub went through her first surgery. When bub was about 10 months old I noticed her eyes were starting to turn. I was born with permanently turned eyes {which were corrected when I was a child} and I was worried bub would have the same issues I did. It turns out she did and at 14 months she started seeing an eye specialist and was given glasses and put on the waiting list for eye surgery. Even though I knew it was coming I was still a complete mess.

Back in May we attempted to introduce the idea of toilet training to bub. I was trialling the new Charlie & Lola training pants from BabyLove and thought we'd give the whole potty thing a go. Fast forward 7 months and we're still trying to introduce toilet training. It went that well haha. She still hasn't done anything in the potty, but loves to sit on it when either of us goes to the toilet. So I guess that's a good sign. Hopefully nobody is googling that post for toilet training tips because I got none.

We all have those moments when we reach the end of our tether and just want to lose our shit or crumble into a useless mess on the floor,right? I know I do. Parenting small humans is such a hard and relentless job. And tiring, oh my god its so tiring. There are bound to be periods of time where we feel like we just can't cope with it all. I wrote this post after one of those days {when my daughter made me cry}.

Another old post from back in 2014, this one is quite often in my most popular posts each week. It took me a long time to write it and I second guessed it a billion times after I published it, but I think it was important to share my story. I often re-read it to remind myself of how far I've come.

Seems there really are a lot of other sonny angel obsessed people out there! Judging by how many times this post gets viewed anyway.

So there you have it, your favourite posts of 2015.

Toni x

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  1. I was just thinking I need to do a round up of my favorite posts too. It's a great way to look back and see just how much writing and work you've done. I loved no. 3 and 5 of yours. The honesty got me. Well done on a great bloggy year my dear. 2016 no doubt will be another biggy xxx

  2. Wow! What a big year for you, Toni. So many gripping posts. Let's hope next year is not as eventful where the little one is concerned :)

  3. Lol. I've never even heard of sonny angel! I'll have to go and check it out. Merry Christmas! From #TeamIBOT :)

  4. Lol. I've never even heard of sonny angel! I'll have to go and check it out. Merry Christmas! From #TeamIBOT :)

  5. I had forgotten about her fall! That was a bit terrifying wasn't it!
    I'm giggling that the sonny angels were such a hit. I hadn't heard of them before you wrote about them.

  6. Thanks for all those wonderful posts you shared. I know there will be another set of great articles this year. Cheers!