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Friday, December 4, 2015

Cool tees for adventurous kids

Have you ever wandered around the department stores looking for kids clothes and thought everything looks the same? Struggled to find cool, unique clothes that stand out from the rest? That's exactly what happened to my friend Megan each time she went shopping for cool, age appropriate tees for her son. After becoming increasingly frustrated with the mass produced department store tees, she decided to make her own tee range.

After months of planning, she launched her own label Indie & Sloan in 2014. Indie & Sloan create cool tee's for kids with an adventurous spirit who like to stand out, have fun and who aren't afraid to get messy. Each design has a hint of attitude and spunk to represent the personality of the kids who wear them. Indie & Sloan originally started as a unisex tee range, but now includes some specific girls tees {which are a mix of whimsy and tomboy, so still have the same edgy feel as the other tees}.

The cool part about having a friend who owns a tee business is bub gets to occasionally road test the designs. Bub's had a few different Indie & Sloan t-shirts and I'm always sad when she outgrows them because they're my favourite tees {especially given they still look brand new after 6 months of wear}. The latest tee we've got is Oh Deer! a gorgeous little doe eyed deer surrounded by a floral wreath. 

So cute right? Then I put it on my not so angelic, slightly tomboy child and all of a sudden the deer takes on a mischievous look. Or maybe that's just my sassy little miss projecting her personality. Either way I think the deer suits her and she certainly seems to like it {although she refused to smile for all my photos}.

Indie & Sloan tees are premium quality 100% cotton and pre-shrunk. They last for ages and can handle all the wear and tear of a toddler. And trust me bub puts them through their paces. The first time she ever wore an Indie & Sloan tee she covered herself in wet mud and I swear every time she's worn one since she deliberately gets as dirty as possible. They've been covered in pen, paint, dirt and food and yet they still come up as new after a wash {with stain remover}. The poor deer has been no exception, the day I took these photos she was tearing around the backyard a million miles an hour rolling on the grass, jumping on the trampoline and getting messy with her water table. By the end of the day she'd managed to get water, sauce and then ice-block on it. I swear she tries to destroy them on purpose. But it still came up good as new. T-shirt: 1 toddler: 0.

Indie & Sloan have a huge range of funky t-shirts for babies through to 8yr olds. Each design is hand drawn first and screen printed using eco-friendly, non-toxic ink. Indie & Sloan will be expanding in 2016 to include trucker caps and singlets. A few other products are also in the pipeline to be released later on in the year. Follow Indie & Sloan on Facebook to keep up to date with new product launches.

Toni x

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  1. I didn't realise this company was owned by your friend! I follow this label on Instagram. They have lovely stuff. I understand why a boy mum would be inspired to start a clothing company. The offerings for boys can be hideous - lots of black and violence as well as silly scrawling messages about nothing on so many tee's out there. I keep my boys in plain tees or stripes - or funky tees like these! I will have to take another look.
    PS - Your daughter is looking a lot like her mummy these days!

    1. Yep I have friends in high places ;) Well actually we've been friends for years before she made the business. Bub's starting to look a little more like me, finally.

  2. I've just received my first package of tees from Megan and wow! They sure do feel like quality and look adorable. I'll be introducing them to my readers shortly too :) xx

    1. They're great quality, none of bub's other tees compare to them.