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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mummy Must Have Review | Dress My Bear

One of the first things you think of as a gift for a new baby or child is a teddy bear. It's a gift that remains appropriate all throughout childhood. They make great confidants, partners in crime during fun adventures, buddies at picnics and often they become treasured keepsakes as we get older.

The humble teddy bear has come a long way with countless different colours and styles to choose from across a plethora of shops. These days there's also a number of different companies that offer personalised teddy bears. One company offering personalised bears with a twist is Dress My Bear.

Dress My Bear combine a traditional soft and cuddly bear with personalised artwork of your choice. There are two bears to choose from - the traditional teddy bear with a white shirt or a graduation bear with a graduation hat, white shirt and scroll. Both bears can be personalised with either a photo, scanned artwork or image of your choice which is printed onto the white t-shirt.
Dress My Bear use a super soft honey coloured bear which is great for both boys or girls. Each bear is 25cm high. Teddy bears are $29.95 and graduation bears are $31.95. Bears can be ordered online from Dress My Bear. The ordering process isn't overwhelming, in fact its really quick and easy. Simply:

1. Choose which bear {teddy bear or a graduation bear}
2. Upload artwork  {scanned artwork, photo or an image}

I ordered two different bears {one basic teddy bear and one graduation bear}. I got one with a photo of us together and on the other one I scanned a copy of one of her drawings. The ordering process was really easy and the bears arrived quickly after my order was finalised. If you do have any issues ordering they are very helpful, responding quickly via email.


I chose a photo of the two of us together that was taken when we were mucking around one day. We love to take selfies together pretty much every day and we're usually making funny faces. I love this photo because it captures her cheeky personality perfectly. This bear will definitely be a keepsake for her to have when she's older. I also hope that if we ever have to be apart for any reason she can hug her bear and feel like I'm still with her.

I was really happy with the way the photo turned out on the teddy bear. I thought it might have come out grainy or lost a bit of detail when it transferred onto the shirt but its come up almost exactly the same as the original image. She recognised that it was me and her straight away.


The artwork on the graduation bear looks exactly like a tiny replica of her original drawing. Dress My Bear also put a nice border around the image in a complimentary colour that makes it really pop on the t-shirt. You can also request to have your child's name, age and the year {or a combination of them} added under the drawing which I did because later on I'm likely to forget how old she was when she drew it.

We originally had a different drawing ready to go on her bear, but I made the mistake of leaving it on the table after it was finished and she spilt her drink on it and destroyed it. I don't know why people say don't cry over spilt milk because I certainly wanted to cry when that happened. Bub doesn't really draw proper pictures yet, but she does do some pretty colourful squiggles. To make her drawing a bit more interesting I drew a heart and tried to get her to colour it in. Clearly that failed and she just drew everywhere around it, so I coloured it in. I wanted to put a heart on it because heart is one of her new favourite words at the moment and she recognises them straight away. As soon as we opened the bear from the bag she immediately pointed to it "heart mummy, look heart", followed by "hat mummy, look bear hat".


In addition to their normal bears which make great gifts, Dress My Bear also have fundraising packages available for schools. Bears can be purchased at special fundraising rates, personalised as you choose and then sold for the RRP to make a profit for your school. Dress My Bear offer a unique fundraising item that steps out of the box compared to the more traditional sausage sizzle or chocolate drive fundraising ideas. Although it is a higher investment for those purchasing {compared to chocolate for example}, it means they get a personalised keepsake that lasts forever, plus you raise a higher profit for your school compared to traditional methods. To enquire about fundraising packages, fill out this form.


Teddies from Dress My Bear make a great personalised gift or keepsake for children of all ages. They'd be great gifts for a baby shower, birthday, Christmas, mothers day, fathers day or graduation. Dress My Bear are kindly offering Finding Myself Young readers free shipping, simply use the code fmyfree at the checkout when ordering via

Did you have a treasured teddy as a child?

Toni x

Disclosure - I was provided with 2 bears with images of my choice for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own based on my experience with the ordering process and the product. I did not receive payment for this review.

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  1. I'm a sucker for anything soft and cuddly so love the look of these bears! I used to buy newborn baby clothes from the op shop so the kids could dress up their favourite stuffed toys - usually a teddy, a monkey and a rabbit :-)

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

    1. They're so cute. I don't think I even thought to dress my stuffed toys when I was young, but it makes more sense for them to wear clothes when all the dolls etc do.

  2. Seriously this is adorable!!!!! Love this idea for a gift!!

    1. Isn't it Lauren?! Such a cool idea and the bear is so cute.

  3. Ahh dear. Your poor heart picture. It really says toddler all over it now, doesn't it. It will make a great keepsake for her. I'm a huge teddy bear fan and I love these :)

    1. Yep, it drives my ocd nuts lol. At least its an accurate representation of her age haha.

  4. Oh these are so cute.
    My mum bought a stuffed dog for my eldest when I was pregnant, and my youngest is playing with it right now. Teddies never get old. :)

    1. They never do hey. I still have teddies from when I was little.

  5. Oh Wow! We received one of these for Baby Raj and it is great to know now where it came from!!! These are seriously gorgeous and such a lovely gift

    1. How cool. They'd be awesome gifts for so many occasions.