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Mummy Must Have Review | Beetle Bottoms Dolls

One of the best parts of being a mum is getting to watch bub's imagination grow and develop more and more each day. Its so enlightening seeing the world through the eyes of a child again. I love being able to explore the world with magic and wonder along side her when we play together. She's been exploring her imagination in so many ways lately with her pretend play food, animals, wanting to read books and using her dolls. She's really into her dolls at the moment and our latest additions have been the new Beetle Bottoms dolls.


The Beetle Bottoms are 8 tiny little children {Pip, Petal, Thorn, Nut, Hummer, Buzz, Pollen & Stinger} who live in gardens all across the world high in the trees. They get up to lots of fun {and occasionally dangerous} adventures. The Beetle Bottoms products are designed to help teach children new skills through the fun of play. Beetle Bottoms is a story play brand brought to life by renowned New Zealand artist and teacher Fiona Whyte and her daughters Sarah Hill and Madison Holroyd as well as their extended family.

Beetle Bottoms: children's products that inspire imagination

The Beetle Bottoms team have long been in the business of inspiring imagination and letting kids be kids through their gorgeous children's books and games {I've reviewed their books and games with my niece previously}. They've recently taken things a step further and brought their stories to life through a new range of Beetle Bottoms plush dolls. The dolls bring the stories out of the pages of the book and allow the magic to continue in a tangible way once the story is over.


Beetle Bottom Petal comes to life as a plush doll
The Beetle Bottoms dolls are direct replicas of the Beetle Bottoms illustrations Fiona has used in the story books so it really does feel like the characters have jumped out of the pages and come to life. Pollen, Pip, Hummer and Petal dolls are currently available and the other Beetle Bottoms characters are expected to be released during 2016.

Beetle Bottoms plush dolls - Pollen, Pip, Hummer and Petal
The Beetle Bottoms dolls are designed to look like real kids and to give kids realistic body image expectations. Unlike many other dolls on the market their bodies are in proportion {and aren't overly sexualised or "grown up"} and they're very down to earth just like our kids. The dolls have five fingers and five toes stitched in which makes them look even more realistic. The eyes, mouth, facial details and belly button {yes they even have a belly button, how cool is that} are all embroidered into the doll itself so there's no worry of any of the details fading over time or coming loose. Each doll also has their name embroidered into the bottom of their foot which is a nice extra little touch.

I love that they represent all different children with different features and different skin colours - almost every child can find a doll that looks like them {including the boys}. The Beetle Bottoms dolls are designed deliberately to give kids a range of dolls that look like them, inspire their imagination and still let them be kids. The video below shares more about the meaning behind the dolls.

Pollen & Petal plush dolls

We have Petal and Pollen which I chose because Petal looks similar to bub and Pollen has dark hair like me. Bub happily plays with both of them but I do think she has a soft spot for Petal. She loves to sit and show me all the parts of the dolls that look like her... "look mum eyes, look mum toes". She's genuinely excited that they have the same body parts as her. They're really great for helping her learn to locate and understand different parts of the body. She's pretty much got all the basics down pat already - eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, hair, fingers, hands, toes and feet. She also loves pointing out the belly button and skirt. I'll have to start moving onto the harder parts like shoulders and knees soon. 

playing with Beetle Bottoms plush dolls

The dolls have also been a great comfort to her while she's been sick recently. She loves to give them big cuddles and just quietly sit on the couch with them beside her. She has lots of other dolls and stuffed toys, but she rarely carries the others around as much as she does with these dolls. Perhaps it is because they look more like her after all. Whatever the reason, she definitely seems to have a connection with them.

If you're after a doll for your little one I can't recommend the Beetle Bottoms dolls enough. I love that they're a plush doll but are still anatomically correct and look like little boys and girls {apart from the rudey bits - yes I checked}. From a safety and durability point of view I also love that everything is stitched or embroidered on so there's no risk of stickers coming lose or details fading over time. What I love most of all about these dolls though is the message that's behind them and the fact that their sole purpose is to inspire kids to be creative and true to themselves. What a wonderful message to send to our children.


Beetle Bottoms have a special gift for you - when you purchase any Beetle Bottoms doll you'll get one of the exciting Beetle Bottoms books free! Simply add your desired book {Beetle Bottoms and the Eyes in the Night or Beetle Bottoms and the Sticky Situation} to the cart along with your doll and use the code lovepip at the checkout to get your book free.

Did you have a favourite doll as a child?

Toni x

Disclosure - I received two Beetle Bottoms dolls for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed in this review are based on my experience with the dolls as per my disclosure policy. I do not review products unless I would genuinely use them in our day to day life. I did not received payment for this review.

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  1. Aw, aren't they adorable! I loved my cabbage patch dolls and my rigadoon!

    1. I never had a cabbage patch doll, bub has one though. Although these guys are definitely her favourite at the moment :)

  2. What a great idea, anything that instils a positive body image is a good thing.

  3. They are so cute. I would have loved something like that when I was little.

  4. Aww bless. I love that photo of her cuddling her toys. These look gorgeous. I love the bright colours and big eyes.

    1. The eyes are so cute aren't they. She loves giving her toys big cuddles.

  5. I haven't heard of these! I swear I still have no much to learn as a parent! But these are gorgeous! And the photos of your daughter is totally awwww!

    1. Its always changing Caroline, I'm sure next year there will be even more things we don't know about. I swear its a whole new world once you have kids.