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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mummy Must Have Review | Kate Inglish Designs

Bub has most definitely entered the period of pretend play with a vengeance. It started out with her mimicking us doing things, as all kids do, and now she's making up scenarios with her toys. Its so cute to watch. She's started by making her toys walk along the table, tv cabinet and floor {anywhere really} and its quickly progressed. Now I find her making Thomas the tank engine climb up and down her princess castle on a regular basis. The latest thing she loves to do is feed her toy animals. Whenever she has sultanas she has to stop and feed some to all her animals while she's eating. She does this with her tea set too, seems all the animals and dolls around here love tea just as much as I do.

With her showing so much interest in pretend play T and I thought its about time we got some proper pretend play toys. We've already bought her a play kitchen ready for her birthday but that's not until the end of July so we wanted to get some small bits and pieces before then. Mainly to stop us T from putting the kitchen together early, which he's nearly done numerous times! So instead we've got a few smaller toy sets so her imagination can run wild.

Her favourite {apart from her tea set} is the wooden farmhouse play set, which is so cute I want to play with it {with bub of course}. Its a gorgeous farmhouse that opens up and doubles as a case for the farm animals, fence palings, trees and the farmer and his wife. Its perfect because she loves animals and the set gives her ample opportunity to create different scenes to play with. She was so excited she didn't even wait for me to unpack all the pieces from the plastic before she got stuck into playing with them {although she was soon asking me to take the plastic off so she could play with them properly}.

The farm set comes with the barn, two apple trees, two fence palings, a farmer, the farmers wife, a vegetable garden with carrots {which for some reason are listed as a radish on the pack?}, a horse, a cow, a pig, a sheep, a chicken and a duck. It also has a felt pond for the duck and a felt hay stack for the other animals.

Just some of the farm animals hanging out at the farm with the farmer. 
{the others were in use when I took the photo}

As soon as she opened the farm set she quickly grabbed the duck and asked me to unwrap it. She then found the blue felt pond and put the duck and the chicken on it and said "barf, barf". She doesn't really know what a pond is yet so any water is a bath to her. She sits and plays with the duck and chicken for ages. She's a bit obsessed with ducks at the moment so it doesn't surprise me.

I love the farm set because it has all the animals that she's been learning for ages so she recognises them all. They're also helping her with her speech by learning the names and sounds of each animal. The other night she said pig for the first time while playing with the wooden pig. She just needs to learn horse now, but I dare say that might be a while off.

The other great thing about the farmhouse is that its portable. All of the pieces fit inside the barn which closes with an elastic loop over the door handle and then the string handles on the roof turn it into a carry case. It's great for taking on play dates, to grandma's or even as a distraction when out to dinner {if you're luckier than us and actually go out for dinner post kids that is}.

The wooden pieces are all really good quality and have withstood more than a bit of rough and tumble so far and have come out no worse for wear. Tiled floors and a toddler tends to end in disaster for a lot of toys sooner or later, but the wooden animals seem to be a lot more durable. The farm set is guided as suitable for 3+ years, however at 21 months she already loves it. I can see she's going to get a good few years out of this farm set and by the time she grows tired of it there'll hopefully be a younger sibling waiting in the wings to inherit it.

We got the wooden farm house set from Kate Inglish Designs which is an online children's gift boutique that specialises in personalised baby gifts and timeless gifts {like wooden toys, handmade baby booties and bunnykins items}. They're well known for their personalised newborn suitcase gift packs. KID is owned by Kate {bet you didn't see that coming} who I met in a few different facebook groups over a year ago. She's recently opened her first ever bricks and mortar shop in Nowra NSW that operates alongside the online store. If you live in the south coast region of NSW and want to get a look and feel of the items before purchasing then head down to the store at 1/90 Kinghorne St {at the Kinghorne Traders}. 

If you want to get your hands on the farm {or anything else in the store} but aren't near NSW, Kate has given me a special discount code just for you. Simply use the code farm15 at to get 15% off storewide.

So tell me, would you play with this farm set too?

Toni x

Disclosure - I was sent a wooden farm play set in order to provide a review. All opinions expressed are my own based on experience with the product as per my disclosure policy. I was not paid for this review.

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  1. What a cute little set to inspire pretend play. BTW that's my favourite age - gosh toddlers are cute when they start imaginative play!!!

    1. It's so much fun watching her play with her imagination, she comes up with so many cute little games.

  2. Oh I love traditional toys and gifts like that. Just beautiful!

  3. That's so cute. My kids have always really loved pretend play. We've got about a billion little people. :)

    1. We have little people too, but at the moment she really has a thing for the wooden toys {which is nice because I love the wooden toys over the plastic ones}.

  4. OMG what a gorgeously designed set!

  5. That is an adorable little set. My four year old is standing beside me and is in love with it. I love when they get into the imaginative play. My two year old is doing it more and more each day. She's particularly obsessed with a toy dog (except she says gog). He makes cupcakes apparently. So funny :)

    1. Omg its so adorable watching her come up with different ways to play with her toys.

  6. I remember the first time I heard Mr 5 giving voices to his toys. It was so cute. That little farmhouse is adorable. I love the wooden playsets as like you say, they last so much longer.