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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ecococoon Stainless Steel Drink Bottles

I'm not one to brag.... but, I just discovered the solution to my cold tea problem!

After having a baby, I soon learnt that making a cup of tea (or coffee) and managing to drink it while its still hot requires military precision. Something which I clearly lack. So for the past 18 months I've been fighting a daily battle to try and enjoy a hot cup of tea, and failing miserably. Not from lack of trying mind you. There are days where I've boiled the jug 3 times before having time to actually make the tea, then I forget about it and re-heat it one or two times before finally getting to sit down and enjoy drink my luke warm cup of milky soup that used to be tea. That's persistence! Or stupidity, but its worth it for that much needed get-me-through-the-day-without-falling-asleep caffeine hit.

Ecococoon 600ml amethyst bottle
I've finally found a better way of doing things! Hallelujah 

I've discovered ecococoon bottles and they've made my life so much easier. It's amazing how much clearer I can think when I'm fully awake - aka have actually had a caffeine hit in the morning instead of hours later when I finally get to drink it.

The ecococoon bottles are double layered stainless steel drinking bottles available in 3 different sizes. Being made of stainless steel they keep cold drinks cool for up to 24hrs and hot drinks warm for up to 12hrs. The perfect bottle to keep my prized caffeine fix hot until I get time to drink the whole thing. I fill my 600ml bottle up with tea in the morning while making bub her breakfast and then I can steal sips here and there as I get a chance throughout the day. Because of the double layer stainless steel it doesn't get hot on the outside, but my tea well and truly stays warm on the inside.

The bottle features "the cocoon” which makes the bottle leak free, and it actually works. The cocoon valve doesn't open until you suck on the spout so no liquid is released even when the bottle is tipped or shaken upside down. Yep I totally did it to check - I wanted to make sure it'd be safe incase bub got her hands on it.


Of course as soon as bub saw me drinking from mine she wanted it. Luckily for her ecococoon also make kids bottles. The small 350ml ecococoon bottles are specifically designed for kids. They come in a range of bright, colourful designs illustrated with non-toxic paint for both boys and girls. The small bottles have all the same design features as the other ecococoon bottles.

Ecococoon Princess Coco 350ml bottle

Bub was super excited when I brought out her own special bottle. She loves the pink Princess Coco design and is a little obsessed with taking the lid on and off. She even claps herself and says yay when she puts it back on right. The lids on all of the bottles are super easy to get on and off making them great for kids (and it doesn't matter if they take them off because they still won't leak even with the lid off).

I had to explain to her that she needed to suck from the spout at first because its a spout design she hasn't seen before. She's used to either plastic straws or soft teats and spouts. The ecococoon spout is harder so she wasn't sure at first if she needed to suck it, but she soon got the hang of it. Then she wouldn't stop.

One of the huge benefits of the bottle from my perspective as a mum, in addition to it being leak free, is that I can fill it with cold water in the morning and it stays cold all day without having to put the bottle in and out of the fridge. Bub prefers to drink water cold like I do so this is a huge plus. It also means we can take the bottle out with us all day and it stays cold for her.


The ecococoon bottles also have special bottle cuddlers which can be bought separately. The cuddlers are made of neoprene (wetsuit material) and are similar to stubby coolers (minus the alcohol of course). They help to protect the bottles against wear and tear from scratches or when they're accidentally dropped. We have the pink spotty cuddler for bub's bottle.

Note: They're a super worthwhile investment for the kids bottles because we all know kids will throw and drop things all day long, bottles included.
Ecococoon pink spotty bottle cuddler

The cuddler also comes with a removable wrist strap and an alternative screw top lid for the ecococoon bottle. The screw top lid is great as an added safety guard when drinking hot liquids around children (it fits my 600ml bottle as well). The carabiner that comes with the cuddler can also be used to secure the bottle to a backpack or bag via the wrist strap if using the cuddler or via the screw top lid if you're not using the cuddler at the time.


Ecococoon founder Libby Versace wanted to create a leak free bottle that didn't have the health risks often associated with the production of plastics. The ecococoon bottles were inspired by the retro anodized aluminium cups she used in her childhood (we had them too!). Libby decided on stainless steel for its safety and durability and then finished the designs with non toxic coloured paint and illustrations to make them both fun and practical. In October 2011 "the cocoon” valve was launched after two years of design trials and the ecococoon bottle was complete.
“It was worth the energy and time that my team dedicated to ensuring we had a superior quality and high performance bottle. We achieved all of the desired features and are really proud of our cocoon bottles.” - Libby Versace

The ecococoon bottles have been one of my favourite discoveries yet. I no longer have to make multiple cups of tea before I get to drink it hot. I no longer find cold tea cups on the bench and swear at myself for forgetting them. I'm also saving power from not re-heating the dam things all day. Seriously all mums should invest in one of these to save your sanity. They're also a super cool, practical and easy to use bottle for kids that'll last a lot longer than plastic alternatives.

Do you reheat your tea/coffee a million times before you drink it? 

Toni x

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  1. We had a million different drink bottles over the baby/toddler years. We still seem to go through a few now that he's in school (wonder how many have been LOST at school in 3 years, at least 5!). Now I refuse to buy them and he can drink out of the school bubblers. $ down the drain! I remember the days of cold food and coffee...I'm still trying to remind myself not to scoff my food because it's going to get cold if I don't hurry up! -Aroha (#teamIBOT)

    1. My 8yr olds haven't lost their ecococoon bottles - yet (over 6 months). Misplaced a few times but we get them home.

    2. The good thing about her being so young still is that she doesn't really get out of my sight long enough to lose them yet :)

  2. They are fabulous drink bottles indeed. We all have them and use them every day. The kids take theirs to school and the water stays cold all day. I keep mine by my bed too.
    I wouldn't buy any other kind.

    1. They're so good hey Trish! I'm SO happy I can keep my tea hot and her water cold now without fussing around all day.

  3. I love these! I wish I'd had something like it back in the baby days when I'd re-heat the same cup of tea 2-3 times in an effort to drink it hot (gross I know). Now I'm considering getting one for my morning commute into work - hot tea on the journey in will make it a bit more pleasant, especially in winter.

    1. Yes you totally need hot tea for the journey to work! :)

  4. I used to reheat my tea all the time. Now I just drink it cold, but I can't even claim it's the kid's fault any more, I just just too involved in working :)

    So are these plastic free in the lid & spout as well as the bottle?

    1. Good question Kirsten, I found this on the ecococoon website:

      Our cocooncap™ has a soft touch mouthpiece made from a compound that is excellent for over-mould adhesion to Polypropylene. The compound is RoHS Compliant, FDA approved and BPA free. The mouthpiece has been designed as an over mould on the polypropylene cap frame.

      Our cocooncap™ has been designed to withstand wear and tear. The soft touch compound is very durable, flexible, and resilient. It is therefore 100% unlikely that it will fail and become a safety hazard through normal everyday use. In the event the soft touch compound is excessively chewed over long periods (eg. a child with a very bad habit !), this will simply expose the rigid polypropylene mouthpiece frame which is safe.

      It is impossible to chew large pieces of the soft touch compound. Hence, there are no safety concerns with ingestion or choking. The internal one way valve has been inserted and locked into the cap through high quality assurance assembly. We guarantee 100% safe insertion. The design includes a 4-way cross hair in the mouthpiece for 100% safety. This eliminates any risk of large (3mm+) foreign objects exiting through the mouthpiece of the ‘cocooncap’.

  5. It is so hard to find a decent drink bottle so thanks for the insight. And no. Just no. Do not reheat your tea or worse coffee!!!

    1. One time I re-heated my tea twice and still left the bloody thing in the microwave and forgot about it for another 2hrs!!!! I tipped that one out lol figured I wasn't meant to drink it.

  6. These sound like pretty nifty bottles. I love how they can keep the water cool too. That's pretty impressive. I think I need to get my husband one. His coffee is always going cold.

    1. Renee I'e just been given a discount code FMY10% if you want to order one and get 10% off :)

  7. These look sensational and sturdy. We go through so many water bottles here too :)