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Monday, December 29, 2014

Your favourite Finding Myself Young posts of 2014

Its the end of the year and that means its time for those ever popular wrap up posts us bloggers love to do this time of year. Since I've already done my 10 things that happened in 2014 post I thought it was fitting to revisit the top 10 posts of 2014, as chosen by you guys. There were actually quite a few 2013 posts that came in within the top 10 posts for this year. Nice to know that you're still interested in my old stuff and its not just gathering dust in my archives.


Without a doubt the most popular post of the year was my mega giveaway to celebrate my blog's 2nd anniversary in February. I had a bunch of awesome businesses join in to offer readers a range of prizes for babies, kids and mums. It was a huge success and the good news is I'll be running another one next year to celebrate my 3rd anniversary.


Coming in at a close second was the introductory post for my 52 Weeks of Memories photo challenge. I created the challenge basically to remind myself to capture memories of my daughter growing up. I also suck at sticking to the photo a day challenges so thought I'd make up a 52 week one that was just one photo a week to try and force myself to stick to a photo challenge for a whole year. Also being that it was my challenge I figured I kind of had to stick to it! And I did! Well technically the last photo isn't until this Wednesday, but I'm so excited that I managed to stick it out (not only because it would've been embarrassing if I didn't stick to my own challenge). The challenge also proved to be quite popular on Instagram and Facebook. I'm currently putting together the list for 2015 which will be revealed in the first week of January.


This is a letter I wrote to my daughter while I was 37 weeks pregnant in July 2013. I had originally planned on writing in a journal each day for her, but you know life got in the way, so one night I decided to jot down my thoughts before she came into the world. Hopefully my blog will be around long enough for her to read it one day.


This post I wrote back in 2013 but it continues to be one of my most popular posts of all time. It explores all the different meanings of family and the fact that family doesn't always have to mean blood relatives. I still love this post and I'm glad others do too.

This happens to be another post that I wrote back in 2013. Its a letter to my dad who, for those who don't already know, passed away when I was ten. After dad died my brother and I kind of made it a habit to write letters to him. We've always thought if we wrote down what we wanted to tell him then even though he wasn't here any more, somehow the message would get to him. I hadn't written a letter to him in ages and I was feeling very emotional being pregnant so I wrote a letter to him on his anniversary.

This year I was lucky enough to visit the Pregnancy, Babies and Children's Expo as a guest of Dorel. I got to attend a bloggers breakfast before the event and then we got to learn more about all their new products before the expo opened to the public. As a result of attending the event I was able to review the Safety 1st Wanderer which was only released this year. Its a fantastic pram and Dorel were generous enough to give one away to a lucky reader too, so naturally this post got a lot of traffic!


This post was inspired by one of Kirsty's prompts for I Must Confess - the biggest chance you've taken. I'd been considering writing the post for ages beforehand but hadn't built up the courage to go there yet. I knew I should delve deeper into my story in the hope it may help others and the response I got was nothing short of amazing. I feared I would be judged, but instead I was contacted by so many women who had been in a similar situation. It makes me so happy to know that in some small way all the "bad" things I experienced during my marriage have now lead to something good by inspiring others.


This post had a huge amount of Google traffic which I suspect mainly came from amorous teenagers who were no doubt disappointed with what they found. You see this post isn't about the normal, physical activity that's involved in makin babies; but rather about our infertility journey and how Queensland Fertility Group helped us to conceive. It got a large number of comments from those who had experienced a similar path so I hope it helped inform people about fertility options, just as much as it probably disappointed those teenagers surfing the net!


This is another oldie but goodie from 2013. I wrote this post not long after having bub and it really sums up my parenting philosophy. When I was growing up I didn't get to spend much time with our parents because they were always working. The time I did spend with them I can't remember them being overly affectionate with each other or telling me they loved me. Of course it probably did happen, but not enough for me to have any memory of it. Growing up without dad after he died also, I believe, led to some of the mistakes I made with previous relationships. I don't want my daughter to grow up and make the same mistakes so T and I have made a decision to parent differently.


Rounding out the top 10 for 2014 is week 4 of my 52 Weeks of Memories series - smile. And I can't blame you guys, who could resist this cheeky smile?! Gets me every time!

So there you go, that's your top 10 for 2014. Here's to an even bigger and better 2015. Thanks for reading!

Toni x

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  1. Looks like you've had a great and busy year! I remember reading many of those posts, thinking you were brave to share the story about your ex and thanking you for sharing your baby making story! All the best for a wonderful 2015!

  2. What a great list of posts. Here's to many more great posts in 2015!

  3. That smile pic... So freaking cute! A great way to end the year with the top 10.

    1. I know right, sooo cute. That's how she gets away with all the naughty stuff!

  4. Busy, busy, busy with babies. All best for 2015.

  5. Happy new year, Toni. I hope you all sport smiles that light up your lives all year. x

  6. What an awesome roundup Toni. I really should have a look at the top posts on my blog for this year too - that could be quite an interesting exercise. I love your 52 weeks of memories challenge and feel like a failure for not keeping up with it this year. So glad to hear hat you are continuing with it in 2015. All the best for an even better 2015 Toni x

    1. Don't worry Kirsty there's only been about 5 people that have done it from start to finish and none of them were bloggers! Its designed so people can pick and choose when they want to do it anyway, no pressure here. It was only going to be a one off thing but so many people asked me if I was continuing it next year so I've decided to do a new list of prompts :)

  7. Excited to see your photo challenge for 2015. Fabulous selection of posts, they are a credit to you, along with the ones published on Huffington x Best wishes for the coming year!

  8. I love this wrap-up! So many interesting posts, and I'm curious about your new 52-weeks challenge. I decided to do a Project 365, but I like prompts, especially as they make you look at some very everyday situations with a different eye. And the memory-keeping aspect of your challenge is just what I look for, so I'll have to wait til somewhere next week :)

    1. The new list will be revealed to newsletter subscribers on January 1st and here on the blog the following week :)

  9. Great list. Happy New Year. I'm really looking forward to 'casing' your blog in 2015.