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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Anyone with a toddler knows that sharing is not their forte, so this prompt may have been a bit ambitious. Of course when I came up with the prompts she was still quite good with sharing. Now she's moved on to the inevitable "what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too" stage. So she pretty much wants to play with whatever toy the other kids are playing with, whether she actually wants it or not. We did have a nice, rare, moment of sharing at mothers group this week though. She was being super cute and pushing Angus along on his car, but of course by the time I ran to grab my phone so I could take a photo she'd stopped doing that. They did continue to play together quite amicably with the car though so I was able to get a sharing photo for this week.

~ A rare moment of toddler sharing ~

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  1. I like your quote 'a rare moment of toddler sharing' because at toddler stage it doesn't happen very often, does it? Eliott is quite often saying 'that's mine'!

    1. Yep very rare. She's more likely to be death staring the other kids or trying to pull toys off them.

  2. Such a cute photo!! The 3 year old kindly shared the tablet with the 1 year old. The 1 year old who is going through the chuck it phase. Need I say more!!

  3. It's funny all mine are fabulous sharers but that's because they have to and they are all so close in age. The oldest probably finds it the hardest to do!!

    1. My friend told me the other day that bub would be totally fine as an only child because she gets so jealous so easily.... lets hope she mellows before we have more kids.

  4. My youngest is learning about the sharing phase at home when there are kids younger than her coming over to play with her toys. I get a bit worried about her clobbering them like her sister used to do to her! All good so far!

  5. My twins were quite good at sharing - most of the time as toddlers , they got worse as they got older :).
    Sweet photo.
    Thanks for linking up !

  6. My girls have always been really good at sharing, possibly as they were so close in age (3 under 3) and didn't really know anything other than sharing. Cute photo.

  7. My little one (3) is a great sharer, but it's my Miss 12 & Mr 9 who struggle with the concept at times. Great photo.