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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


We spend as much time as we can outside, but we still have lots of fun when we're inside too. At the moment shes starting to explore a lot more when shes playing. She really loves putting things in and out of holes, shelves, boxes etc. She finds quite creative ways to do it too. Her latest trick is getting her big slinky opening it up and then dropping her dummy or a toy into the top of it and watching it fall down the inside of the slinky. Then she closes it up, retrieves it and starts the process over again. She also loves mixing and matching her different toys together (aka today's photo).

She also started to come up with ways of avoiding bedtime already. The other night she was getting her bottle cap and putting her dummy in it then trying to lift it above her head without the dummy falling out. It was kind of fun to watch. Everytime it fell out she said "oh no" and put it back in again and when she managed to get it above her head she started waving her arms around all excited. Shes too cute, especially when shes being cheeky.

33 | Inside

Cinderella and the bus driver go inside the carriage {apparently}

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  1. Another fantastic photo challenge. Would love to feature you on Agent Mystery Case next week.

  2. She's a great independent player for such a young one - yes?

    1. Oh yea shes been into independent playing for a while now (to the point where Trent and I felt a bit rejected lol). The nurses tell me its a good thing though that she plays so well by herself and is confident to do it because it means shes learnt its ok to venture away from me and still feel safe?

  3. That is so cool. It is so fantastic to be able to actually see kids develop. She is such a clever Miss.

    1. Yea I love watching her study new things, you can see her brain ticking over through her eyes.