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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


How cute are baby hands, I think the only thing cuter are baby feet. Its been fascinating watching her hands grow bigger and stronger. Just a few months ago they were foreign objects at the end of her arms and now shes discovered how to pick up toys, clap, turn pages in books, feed herself and of course the most important thing her hands have done to date is..... let her eat cake!!!  {In a very non-ladylike fashion!}

30 | HANDS

- She very quickly worked out how to use her hands to eat cake -

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  1. She is definitely enjoying that! Cutie pie x

    1. Yes I think she's definitely going to have a sweet tooth.

  2. Ha ha I remember my babies doing that to cake - such a mess!!

    1. Don't worry she got down on the floor and licked up all the mess (much to my horror). All the other mums thought it was hilarious though.

  3. Ha ha demolish cake. It is so wonderful to see them develop and grow xx

  4. smart little cookie.They grow up so quickly!

  5. How cute - and of course cake should be eaten by hands as cute as that!

    1. I don't know if you'd call it eaten, it was more inhaled haha.