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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mummy Must Have Review | Tiptoe & Co baby shoes

When I found out I was having a girl I couldn't wait to go out and buy a heap of cute teeny tiny baby shoes (as well as a bunch of other cute stuff). I had all these dreams of cute little outfits - matching tops and bottoms with cute shoes and bows in her hair. So I went a little overboard buying a bunch of cute shoes for 0-3 months and 3-6 months and had them all lined up in a pretty row in her nursery waiting for my future mini fashionista to arrive.

There were another four pairs in her drawers as well

In reality though the first few weeks were a blur of continuous nappy changes, sleeping and feeding and aint nobody got time to pull shoes and 2 piece outfits on and off every two hours for nappy changes. She pretty much spent her first three months in onesies all day and night. Cute onesies, but onesies that didn't require stylish shoes. We also didn't leave the house much in the first few weeks so my need motivation to dress her up all cutesie and matching wasn't very high. Needless to say, by the time the newborn fog cleared and I got around to going out and showing her off, she'd already grown out of most of the shoes (and cute outfits) I bought her. Luckily I only bought cheap shoes.

She still fit into one or two pairs, but I soon found out cheap shoes are just that. The shoes were obviously very poorly cut because each pair left red marks around her ankles, on her toes and across the top of her foot, even after wearing them for only short periods of time. Each time I put shoes on her she'd immediately try to pull them off. Most of them she could pull off without much trouble even while they were still done up. She preferred to try and eat them than actually wear them. So, I kind of gave up on the whole shoe idea and made do with socks and bare feet for a few months.

Since about eight months old she's been pulling herself up and cruising along the furniture. She's now progressed to cruising along anything and everything, only holding on with one hand. She also takes her walker, activity table, high chair and now port-a-cot (of all things) for walks around the lounge room each day. Its become quite apparent that little miss will soon be off walking on her own. So she definitely needs some proper, quality shoes. This time I avoided the $8 cheapies and invested in some quality leather shoes from Tiptoe & Co.

Bub now has two super cute pairs of pink leather shoes. Most of her outfits are pink so we got the sweetheart shoe in pink and the spring shoe in pink. Both shoes have a leather upper and soft pig skin lining. They're quite flexible, but still hold their shape when squished in the nappy bag. They're obviously really comfy when on because she doesn't fiddle with them or try and take them off. She'll happily wear these ones for hours at am time, which is making me super happy because I finally get to indulge my love of matching outfits and shoes. Yay!

Chillaxing in her cute matching outfit and headband

I really love the exposed stitching on the soles. Normally I'm not a fan of exposed seams on clothing, but I think it works well on the shoes and adds an extra bit of personality. I've done a bit of research and it seems the general consensus is soft soled shoes are better for babies and toddlers when they're first learning to walk. I have to say I agree. The soles on both these shoes are nice and soft, but still thick enough to provide support while shes walking (cruising at least). They also have two circles of rubber on the sole that provide added grip.

She has no problem zooming around in her shoes and maintains her balance really well. I put on a pair of the cheap shoes I bought earlier and she just sits on the floor trying to rip them off still. She doesn't even attempt to walk in those. These ones shes up and getting around straight after they're on.

Shes going to be off on her own before I know it

I found out about Tiptoe & Co via facebook and I'm totally in love with their shoes! Theres just so much cute! 

I already have a list of other styles I want to get (diamond - red, hoot, jemma and the pinkie boot are definitely on my list).

Tiptoe & Co is run by two sister-in-laws who started the business in 2013 to offer high quality shoes at affordable prices. They hand pick quality leather shoes for babies, toddlers and children. Tiptoe & Co stock a large range of shoes from popular brands Caroch, Freycoo and Little Blue Lamb as well as Shoezooz kids shoe labels. They sell all their shoes below the RRP too so its a huge win for customers.

Both our pairs of shoes are from Freycoo and I'm more than happy with them. At $28.95 (RRP $35) I think they're great value for leather shoes, especially considering the wear shes already got from them and the wear shes going to have from them in the future. If you want to get your hands on your own pair of cute shoes check out the awesome giveaway below.

They match her leggings perfectly


Tiptoe & Co are generously offering one Finding Myself Young reader the chance to win a pair of baby shoes* To enter simply follow the prompts in the rafflecopter widget below. All of the mandatory steps must be completed in order to constitute a valid entry. Winner will be chosen by Tiptoe & Co based on the most creative answer to the blog post question. Full terms and conditions can be found in the widget below.

Giveaway commences 6:00am 17th June 2014 and ends 11:59pm 30th June 2014.

*winner can choose from any soft soled baby shoes available in stock at the end of the giveaway period.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Toni x

Disclosure - We were gifted the two pairs of shoes, but did not receive payment for this review. All opinions expressed in this review are based on our experience with the products (and I have spent copious amounts of money on Tiptoe & Co shoes since writing this review).

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  1. My little man has recently started walking around furniture, so no doubt he will be walking on his own soon (so not ready for it!). It's really hard to find stylish (and cute) shoes and clothing for boys, so I'm excited to see Tiptoe & Co have a great variety of boys shoes! I really like the Brown Lion Boots, and also the Mitch in Navy, but I think my favourite pair would have to be the 'Liam' as that's the name of our two year old and the shoes are just as cute as him!

  2. Wow she has more clothes and shoes than I do!! How awesome is that wardrobe? I would get the red pair for my friend who has just had her second baby! :) Em - also visiting as part of #teamIBOT

  3. Brown lion shoes please :) Jodie louw

  4. I cant decide on just one! turtle, ivy or birdy in purple, I think

  5. Oh my gosh!!! What a find, Toni! These shoes are just gorgeous. I love and want them all :) The pink heart ones are so sweet, but I also love the bunny rabbit!

  6. I would pick Sweetheart pink as they would go beautifully with a little dress I have made using heart fabric :)

  7. Hoot and Liam are so cute! Its great they stock lots of boy options too

  8. Grace Black and White so Classic and Beautiful and would go with every outfit. What a Pretty princess my Evie would be.

  9. My pick would definitely have to be the pink ones with the rainbow stripes. too bloody cute!

  10. I'd definitely choose the Max (cream) shoes as they are gorgeous and could go with so many outfits - fairly neutral but stylish enough to be dressed up for a fancy party and yet casual enough to wear with shorts and a top for the park.

  11. sweetheart shoe in pink they are gorgeous

  12. Hunter in Navy - for my Godson, these would be divine and oh so practical. I can see him now in a gorgeous little sailor suit or smart little trousers, checked top and vest. A great colour that goes with everything for the most adorable little boy around - but of course I'm biased, I'm allowed to be!!

  13. The Mary Jane style shoes
    Are the ones I would choose
    They are the ones I adore
    For my darling daughter, aged 4
    Black in colour to match many styles
    With it's sturdy sole, she could walk for miles
    And the velcro tabs and ruffle detail too
    Make this such a very cute shoe!

  14. Gorgeous pink owls - cute, easy to put on and my little one would luv them!

  15. I love the pink owl shoes!!! My girl loves owls and she is always playing with her shoes. The look so cute and comfortable!!! I would love to try them :)

  16. Blue Hunter shoes for my nephew. They suit most outfits and are very cute. Soft soled shoes are so great for little kids.

  17. T hese are the most adorable shoes
    I have no idea which ones I should choose!
    P erhaps I should pick the cute little owl faces
    T o protect their soft feet, and help them win races
    O h - I want the blue turtles! My heart has picked now.
    E verybody who sees them will point and say "WOW!"

  18. I would choose the "max" shoes for my clever little man who has decided it's almost time walk! They are a stylish pair of shoes that will go with any outfit and look mighty comfortable!

  19. The pink sport shoes with the stripes for our 5 weeks old granddaughter; so she can do her first steps in style.

  20. I fell in love with the "sweethearts" on your sweetheart yesterday! Jess MUST have a pair in pink x

  21. Carly (Pink/Silver)- just perfect for my sparklingly sweet new grand daughter.

  22. Pink Sweetheart for my darling little sweetheart!

  23. My daughter just started walking after 21 long months. I'm so excited! But suddenly she is in need of shoes. I think I need those sweethearts - they are adorable. Great price too!

  24. Butterfly in pink is my favourite pair. Love this colour and the beautiful butterfly and flower design makes the shoes more gorgeous and cute.

  25. The Diamond (Red) are gorgeous and remind me Dorothy's shoes (click your heels 3 times) - give a girl the right shoes and she can do anything!

  26. My little man is ONE today yay!!! He has been furniture walking for months now and has finally realised he can take one-two steps before he falls down. Id love to win him his first pair of proper shoes, you never know it might be what he needs to start walking more!! The Reece shoes are adorable, they are funky and cute and just a little bit different to other styles so my little man would certainly stand out wearing them. I love finding new quality and cute things for boys after been surrounding in girly things with my first child been a girl :)

  27. I went onto the website of Tiptoe & Co to report back with 1 pair of shoes that I'ld love for my little girl if I was to win but it looks like I may have fallen in love with more then 1 pair of shoes.
    I thought I love the Mary Janes, no I love the Laura Sneaker, no it's definitely the Pink Katies... no those plush boots in the Nicole in white... Let's just say regardless if I won this competition or not my bank is going to be looking a little -DR shortly once I'm finishing with them!

  28. I would pick the sweetheart pink for my first little niece about to be born