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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mummy Must Have Review | Gumigem Bubba Bag (including giveaway)

Teething is horrible. My poor baby girl isn't the best teether. She isn't the worst either, but she does have a hell of a time. She gets red cheeks, continuous drooling, chews anything and everything and screams when it gets too much. She wakes during the night and is generally an unhappy little girl. The thing that makes it worse for her is that she can teethe for months before her teeth actually break through.

She finally got her two bottom teeth at seven months after teething for weeks. It seems so cruel to go through all the pain and discomfort and not get anything at the end. It's now been over three months since those two broke through and despite constant teething, shes yet to cut any more teeth. I can finally feel the nubs of the top two, but it could still be weeks before they actually break through.

In an effort to alleviate her teething hell discomfort and minimise the disruption caused by an unhappy bubby, I'm always on the lookout for teething solutions. Thankfully these days there are so many options. Gone are the days where a wet washer was the only solution. I try to avoid teething gels and pain medication as much as possible so I prefer non medicated solutions. I've come across some great products searching online that I never knew about before, the latest is the Bubba Bag.

The Gumigem Bubba Bag is made just for teething bubs and consists of five elements including a purple handbag, a set of teething car keys, a teething credit card, a teething smart phone and a teething coin purse. Everything a little girl needs to feel just like mum. Each of the teething pieces are made from non-toxic, flexible silicone (the same as the silicone commonly used in teething jewellery). They also all have a custom slot where they can be attached to a dummy clip or toy saver so they don't get lost when you're out and about. All teething pieces can be washed in hot soapy water or sterilised. I wash ours in hot soapy water and then run them through the steam steriliser.

soft non toxic silicone teethers for teething babies and toddlers

Teething Car Keys

Bub has developed an obsession with our car keys in the last few weeks. If we happen to leave them lying around anywhere that she can get to she makes a bee line straight for them and within seconds they're in her mouth. I know most mums don't have a problem with their babies chewing on their car keys because it keeps them amused, but I don't really like the idea of her having a bit of metal with jagged edges shoved down her throat. Especially since she has no sense of how big her mouth is and she'll literally try to shove things as far down her throat as she can, until her gag reflex kicks in. Given shes choked so much in the past, it not only freaks me out, but also scares the crap out of me so I was really excited to see the car keys as part of the Bubba Bag.

She was just a little proud of herself when I gave her the car keys (and mildly confused that I wasn't taking them off her). She kept showing them to me like look mum I've got keys, and they're mine. It goes without saying that she loves the key part and like the regular car keys she shoves it in her mouth as far as it'll go. Its great though because none of the other teething toys we have will go anywhere near reaching her back teeth so it'll come in very handy when her molars are coming through.

Teething credit card

Just recently bub has learnt how to open daddy's wallet and take out all the cards (and any money if there's any in there) so shes just starting to work out what a credit card is. Although her idea of what it is = something to chew on, so the teething credit card fits that purpose perfectly.

I thought the keys would be her favourite, but the credit card most definitely wins hands down. She always goes straight for the credit card. I'm not sure if it's the blue colour that attracts her so much or if it just feels better on her gums with the raised numbers. I have a feeling she also likes the rectangular shape with the corners because she loves chewing on the corner bits the most.

Teething Phone

Ever since she worked out how to put stuff in her mouth shes been stealing my phone and eating it or generally slobbering all over it. Now that shes older she also throws a tantrum when I take it off her. Shes definitely attracted to smart phones. I don't think she quite understands that this one is actually a phone though (because if she did she would never put it down). I think its because its not purple like my phone case. It hasn't stopped her chewing away on it though. When shes older I'm sure she'll understand its a mini smart phone.

I think she also loves the rectangular shape of this one too as she constantly chews on the corners like she does with the credit card.

Teething purse

The teething purse looks just like a mini coin purse that my mum used to use. It even has the little nubs of the clasp on the end. Being bright red I thought she'd be really attracted to it, but it seems the credit card is more alluring. She does still chew on it, but given the choice of all the items the credit card always wins.

baby playing with Gumigem bubba bag teething toys


The handbag is the perfect size for her to pick up and carry around. The fact that its purple also wins major brownie points because its my favourite colour (I know that's irrelevant, but I thought I'd add it in). The bag is made from neoprene (think wetsuit material) which is nice and soft and spongey for little fingers. It also holds its shape no matter how much it gets thrown about here and there. Its not just a claim, it really does, bub's road tested this feature a fair bit. I also love that it can be machine washed because its bound to get dirty being carted here and there by (sometimes grubby) little hands.

I love that the Gumigem Bubba Bag turns teething solutions into imaginary play pieces. Babies tend to get bored with teething rings very easily, but these pieces can be used for general play as well as teething so they have a dual purpose. As she gets older and wants to imitate me more I can see her having hours and hours of fun playing with them. Talking on her phone and buying things from the shop with her credit card. I already have a play cash register and play food I bought for my nieces a few years ago and I can totally see us having so many games of shops with them in the future. Her being the customer of course so she can strut her stuff and show off her fashionable handbag and flash her credit card around.

We got the Bubba Bag from Catherine at Gumigem Australia. The Gumigem brand is a UK based, family run business created by a fellow mum which is now available all over the world. If you're not from Australia you can go to to find the appropriate website for your country. Gumigem stock a range of silicone teething jewellery for mums, dads and kids as well as the Bubba Bag. Catherine is the Australian distributor for Gumigem and decided to bring them to the Australian market after using the products for her two children while they were teething. You can keep up to date with all the latest Gumigem products online via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram.

Gumigem Australia teething products for babies and toddlers

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Toni x

*Disclosure - I was gifted a Bubba Bag to review, but was not paid for this review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own based on our experience with the products.

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  1. This is a brilliant idea! Love it. Will be perfect for my grandbubba
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  2. I've heard only good things about this Gumigem bag. I may need to invest in one for my third child. :)

  3. Gumigem bag !!! It sound fabulous having a 9 month old teething and putting everything and anything possible in her mouth this would be amazing cause she can play and put them in her mouth without me worrying and they can help her get through the teething process without too much pain and having her own bag and key and phone she would be amazed I love everything about the gumigem bag!! It would be a life saving plus my phone and keys would be safe ;) ;)

  4. I'd get the keys for my friend's 2nd girl as she had the worst prob with her first born!
    My first two were shocking at teething, I was awake for weeks on end, we ended up trying Sophie the Giraffe, it was great. My 3rd wasn't too bad though. But both mine got fevers, pain and sick as soon as a tooth even looked as though it was coming through!!! I feel your pain - hope it passes quickly! Em - #also visiting as part of #teamIBOT

  5. I would love the bubba bag for my teething bubba, some dad tags , a pendant and a bracelet for each older boy!!nnI could buy pretty much any of these things!!

  6. The Gumigem bag sounds amazing,
    but the items I'd choose are the bangles.
    Bubba bangles and Bermuda bangles will be stacking,
    On the wrists of me and my angels.
    For even after teething has finished,
    These stylish items can still be cherished.

  7. That's a very cool little bag. They come up with some great kids ideas don't they?

    1. I know! I never had anything this cool when I was a kid.

  8. The Bubba bag of course, before my marriage ends in divorce. With a drooly, sticky, chewy baby around, we always walk around with a frown. Having this bag would change our life, so we can yet again be husband and wife!

  9. I love that bubba bag, how cute with the keys and the phone lol. If I won I would buy something for my newest nephew, he's only a couple of months old and will be needing this soon!

  10. What a cool little bag of chewing toys.
    When my son went through teething for which at the time felt like forever I swore by Brauers Teething Relief - I really liked that it was homoeopathic.

  11. Poor little one! Can you imagine all those blades cutting through your gums?? Ouch! The bubba bag is great!

  12. Oh, I'd have to pick the bubba bag, mums phone and car keys are the most favourite toy around here, I'm fed up with slobber!

  13. I love the Raindrop pendants, they are so cool and I love the colours, awesome!