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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Bub is so captivated by bright colours. Shes particularly drawn to red. Whenever an ad comes on the tv with red in it she will literally stop what shes doing to stare at it. If you're standing in the way she'll turn her head to the side and look around you to see the tv. Its kind of funny (at least at this age) except when Im in the middle of feeding her and she completely refuses to eat during the ad because she doesn't want to have to look away from the tv. Yes, the tv's been turned off on more than one occasion at dinner time.

She's also really attracted to bright coloured toys, which is good because my lounge room resembles a toy shop. A very untidy second hand toy shop that sells well loved toys.


- she loves the colours in her toy -

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  1. Haha, I remember the toy shop lounge room, from when Bell was a baby :)

    1. Yea its kind of fun and kind of annoying at the same time.

  2. Kids just love TVs, so you've heard they look like techno parties to young kids as the images flash faster than their eyes can register? Hence way Baby Einstein videos adored by kids so much, well they used to be! Worth a review?

    1. Yep she loved the Baby Einstein videos, she also has a weird fascination with insurance commercials???

  3. My whole house is a toy shop!!
    My baby is loving his touch and feel books that are bright and colourful!!

  4. Colour is so interesting to little ones.
    Thanks for linking up.

  5. So much bright colour in babies toys these days :)