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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mummy Must Have | My Teddy

There's nothing more exciting than a new addition to the family. In February we were lucky enough to experience the joy of a new baby again when my niece Ivy was born. I don't know how, but in eight months I'd already forgotten how teeny tiny newborns are. How fragile they feel when you hold them. The gorgeous smell they have that makes them irresistible. And who doesn't love the fact that they are so sleepy most of the time. Makes me clucky again already and mine isn't even a year old!

I gave my sister in law baby essentials at her baby shower, but I still wanted to give her something nice for Ivy after she was born. Something special and unique that only she would have. Around the time she was due I was lucky enough to be contacted by My Teddy and asked if I wanted to review their bears. Perfect timing! One cute, unique, adorable present for my very special niece found.

My Teddy sell a huge range of personalised teddy bears. The business is run by Toni (cool name huh?) and Chris and they're celebrating their tenth year of My Teddy this year. Originally the business started selling bears for children as birth, birthday and christening gifts, but its since expanded to also include mothers day, wedding, engagement, anniversary, graduation, teacher and sympathy bears. They've also got special bunnies at the moment for Easter.

There are so many different designs and bears to choose from. I left all the details up to my sister in law to make sure she got a design that she liked and then I ordered it for her. She decided to go with a birth detail bear and chose Mojo.

The ordering process is super simple.

1. Pick a bear 
2. Choose the jumper colour, design and your personal text 
3. Finalise and await it's arrival 

There are literally hundreds of motif design options available. These are some of the girl birth options. My favourite one is the owl (of course, given we are obsessed with owls in this household at the moment). My SIL chose a coloured duck and teamed it with a cream jumper.

The ordering process was really simple and the site is easy to understand. There are ample options of bears and different designs to cater for the most discerning customers. Postage was super, super quick. It only took 2 days to arrive after I ordered it.

I know you're all waiting to see the finished product so here he is....

*Last name has been removed for photo

My sister in law was so happy with the bear. Here's her feedback to My Teddy:

"I loved the little jumper that came with the very cute bear picked for Ivy. It looks like someone hand knitted it specially for my little one and makes it just more personal than something stitched into a bear. I will be highly recommending these bears as you have something for everyone's tastes"

Toni x

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  1. I really like this idea for a gift. It sounds a bit expensive but it's quite unique to every new born child.

    1. They're cheaper at the moment on sale, but I think it's worth it for a unique gift :)

  2. I've actually seen this ibear before - ha ha - but seriously I wanted to get one but of course was too late because the gift was due the next day! Em - also visiting as part of #teamIBOT

    1. Yea kind of too late when you leave it to the day before lol.

  3. What a great idea. The bear looks so cute. I love different ideas for gifts, which are getting so hard to find.