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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mummy Must Have | Into the Wood {breastpads and more}

As I mentioned yesterday, breastfeeding was one of the experiences I've most enjoyed about motherhood. There is something so special about the bond shared between a mother and baby when breastfeeding. Unfortunately along with the joys of breastfeeding come the not so fabulous parts. Engorgement to the point where you feel like your boobs will explode. Having to whip them out whenever your baby is hungry regardless of where you are and who's around. And one I experienced a lot, that familiar tingle when they're about to start dripping like a tap, which then leads to them shooting out milk like a broken fire hydrant (usually when you're out in public). Isn't it awesome that someone invented breastpads to protect us from moments like that?

When I was breastfeeding I only ever used the disposable pads because that's all my local Coles stocked (and thus I didn't know any others existed), then after I stopped feeding I found out about the gel ones. Why didn't someone tell me they existed when I was still feeding?! To add insult to injury my local Coles now only  stocks the gel ones... That would've been nice about 9 months ago, just saying. 

When Tabby from Into the Wood (breastpads and more) contacted me to review her gorgeous reusable breastpads it was a bitter sweet moment given that I no longer need them, but would have desperately loved to try them. Seriously, I wish I had of researched breastpads a lot more when I was actually breastfeeding! Although I haven't actually used them myself I think these pads are a great product mums should know about, so I enlisted the help of my sister in law and friend to try them on my behalf. My sister in law is a new mummy at the start of her breastfeeding journey and my friend is ten months into hers. I deliberately chose them to give a different perspectives as they're at different stages of their breastfeeding journey.
Tabby has designed all of the breastpads available at Into the Wood herself using the best possible materials to provide a soft, sustainable and absorbent option for nursing mothers. They're a combination of bamboo, velour, wool, hemp and cotton each working together to create the most effective cloth breastpads. They're designed to provide better coverage, eliminate slippage and reduce leaks. The breastpads come in day, night and invisibles. Customers can choose from a range of different fabric prints for the cotton backing to add a personal touch. They're also all handmade locally in Australia.

The girls both chose their own fabrics and were given a set of day, night and invisible pads each to test out for a few weeks. Here's what they had to say about them.

Sister in law:

I could wear the day pads all day with no problems and didn't have to change them (unlike disposables). They would also be suitable for night wear if you don't leak too much overnight.

I'm lucky to have a good little sleeper at the moment who at 2 months old sleeps 7-9 hrs a night. Because of this I get massively engorged boobs that leak like crazy at any movement. I usually soak through the disposable pads I had, so I was nicely surprised when I tried these and woke to no leaks. The little one slept for 9 hrs the first night I tried them. The night ones were my favourite.

The invisible ones were effective as I wore them for 6 hrs with no leakage. The only thing I didn't like was the unfinished edging which popped out of my bra a bit, but if you're not wearing a singlet and wore a covered shirt these would be great and totally invisible as they're much less bulky than the other two.

All three never irritated my skin, including the sensitive nipple area. If anything they actually soothed them. All absorbed the milk no matter how full they got and didn't feel wet to touch or drip which is great. They also absorb the smell of the milk.

All in all they're a great investment and will save you heaps on buying the disposable ones.

* The raw edging on the invisible pads is a purposeful design feature in order to make them appear invisible when under garments.


My first impression was "wow they look big, thick and chunky", but they were so far from that. They were all comfortable, dry and discrete. When I was using disposables they always needed repositioning throughout the day as they slip out of place, crease and become lumpy. These ones didn't, they stayed in position (even without having backing stickers, yay). 

I don't really need thick pads at night now, with my bub being 10 months old I'm no longer engorging at night, but I did try them out. They sat in position all night under a maternity singlet. Great protection for those who still need it. 

The invisible pads were exactly that, completely invisible. It felt like I wasn't wearing any pads at all.

All pads washed well. I did use the machine, but put them in a lingerie bag. Once washed they felt fresh and ready to use again.

As you can see they were both very happy with the breastpads in regards to comfort, absorbency and durability. If I was still breastfeeding I would definitely be using these pads as they feel so much better than the plastic disposables I was using. They also work out to be a very cost effective solution when used over time and I love the fact that they are eco-friendly and not contributing to more waste. If you've been searching for an alternative to disposable pads I would definitely recommend giving these cloth ones a try. You can order a range of different custom options including the very economical starter pack if you just want to test them to see if they work for you before buying a full set. Tabby will also be adding breastfeeding covers to her range soon, you can keep up to date with when they'll be available via her Facebook page.

Toni xx

*Disclosure - I was not paid for this review. Any feedback expressed in this review is the honest opinion of my sister in law and friend after personally trialling the products.

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  1. I always wore the disposable pads when I was breastfeeding, to be very honest never even thought about cloth ones! These look fabulous and look very soft - great, honest reviews xx Josefa #teamIBOT