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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Unlike a lot of other families celebrating Easter this past week, our day wasn't filled with egg hunts or over indulgence. In fact Easter Sunday was a bit of a non event in our house. Apart from the fact that bub isn't really old enough to understand or partake in traditional easter celebrations, her cmpa prevents her from being able to have chocolate anyway. This year we celebrated with a family dinner on Good Friday where her aunty gave her some bunny ears. I also gave her a stuffed bunny toy on Sunday. We didn't even buy Easter eggs for each other, in fact I didn't buy one Easter egg this year at all. It was so hard seeing everyone post photos of their chocolate hauls all day across social media and its been equally hard seeing everyone share various recipes to "use up" the left over chocolate eggs. Part of me is happy I didn't indulge in an excess of unnecessary calories, but part of me is seriously feeling deprived. But I figure I may as well get used to the lack of Easter eggs asap.

Next year I plan on going a bit more out there. I plan on doing Easter crafts leading up to the long weekend. I want to do the icing sugar (or flour) Easter bunny footprints, leading to the big stash left by the ever elusive Easter bunny. Only the stash will more than likely be a combination of books, stickers and whatever else I can get that has a bunny theme to it.

Below are some photos of our Easter this year.

- My little Easter bunny - 

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  1. You have to use icing sugar! So the kids can lick it up - it's only once a year! Cute photos and yes as they get older Easter gets cooler and more crafty oriented :) x

  2. She is such a sweet baby and bunny.
    A man on the train showed my sons his bunny footprints - I don't get the white - wouldn't it be grass (green coconut ?)

    1. You know what Trish I've never even thought about that, but it totally makes sense! Why the hell would he have white footprints?! Green coconut would be pretty cool.

  3. Aw-such an adorable little bunny :)

  4. The Easter Bunny visited our big girls at school and left icing sugar footprints too. I'm not sure why they're white, but the kids were impressed!

  5. So cute! My girls wore their bunny ears all day!

  6. Those ears are too cute!!

    It must be such a challenge for you, but it sounds like you're doing an amazing job looking out for your little girl.