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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mummy Must Have | Nibbly Bits

After you have a baby its easy to lose your identity and feel like everything is about the baby. Everything you do now revolves around someone else. All conversations are usually about the little people in your life. Suddenly that past life you had where you could do what you wanted because YOU wanted to do it seems to very far away. It's ok if you get to the point where you want to cry in the shower and think what about me? I almost got to this point

I know everything featured as a Mummy Must Have so far has been aimed at kids, don't worry, I haven't forgotten that I promised there would be some for us mummy's as well. This is the week mums! Finally something for us, something that we can wear and enjoy (the babies will love them too).

The one thing I noticed once I had bubba was that I no longer wore jewellery. This was for a number of reasons. At first it was simply because I didn't really venture out of the house that much so I didn't see the point (this was the same period during which I didn't really change out of my pyjamas all day so really who needed jewellery). As I started to get my mojo back and feel like part of the human race again I started going out more, but then the problem was that I didn't want her to break all of my good jewellery. You see she has a habit of pulling things (including my earrings which she has ripped out). Apart from my engagement ring I avoided everything else for fear of breakage. Lately she is obsessed with putting everything in her mouth. Combine the grabbing with the obsessive need for everything to go in her mouth and my jewellery didn't stand a chance. But, I was still desperate to feel feminine again and less 'mumsy'.

That's when I stumbled across Nibbly Bits and their awesome jewellery. Nibbly Bits is a family run business that started operation in 2012. They stock a wonderful range of jewellery including necklaces, pendants and bangles for mums. They are all made from soft BPA, Phthalates and PVC free silicone, so not only are they perfect for fashionable mummas, they are also safe for inquisitive (and teething) babies. They are also super fashionable, you don't have to use them just as a teething solution, they are great pieces of jewellery in their own right. All items are personally designed by business owner Dee.

My Nibbly Bits pieces

I am in love with my Nibbly Bits necklaces (you may have seen them in my Instagram pics in the last few weeks). They make me feel like I'm dressed up when I leave the house (without actually going to much effort). I've had so many compliments about them and so many people have asked where I bought them. It's so nice to get compliments from strangers (gives me a little lift during the day). Most people didn't even realise they were teething necklaces, some people even pointed out that bubba was chomping down on my necklace (because they thought she wasn't meant to be). When I explained to them that they are ok for her they all commented on what a great idea it was and that they never would've realised, they just thought they were cute necklaces.

Chomping away
This one is our fave - it goes with every outfit and bubba loves that she can get the beads in her mouth

Apart from the teething benefit, they are also great for babies sensory development. The bright colours and different shapes draw babies to touch and play with them. Don't worry they can't strangle you, they have a built in safety clip that pops when pulled too hard. They are a good distraction if you have a difficult feeder. It gives them something to focus on while feeding so they are not looking here there and everywhere spilling milk all down their front or exposing your chesticles in public. I have also found they are useful when doing nappy changes on older babies who think nappy changes are for rolling around as much as possible. Bubba also loves them so much she holds them while she sleeps.

Bright colours and soft feel are great for sensory play

Nibbly Bits is also a socially conscious business that gives back to the community. In the first year of operation they donated almost $50,000 to various charities, organisations and fundraisers. They proudly support The Royal Children's Hospital as well as ASPECT Autism Spectrum Australia. From every sale of the Classic and With Love pendants $5 goes to the Royal Children's Hospital.

In the spirit of giving, Nibbly Bits are kindly giving one lucky reader the chance to win a heart pendant of their choice. You can choose any colour in the classic or with love style. All you have to do is like Finding Myself Young and Nibbly Bits on Facebook, then let us know which design you would like on the pinned post. The heart pendant would also make a great gift just in time for Valentine's Day!

Jump on board and support a great family run, socially responsible business. I love mine so much I have already ordered all of these as well.

Toni xx

* I was gifted the heart pendants and rainbow abacus necklace to review
* All opinions are my own based on my experience with the products

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  1. I love these necklaces! My kids are grown but I would still love to have the abacus necklace in particular. What a great idea!

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

    1. They are the nicest ones I've seen. I ordered the other ones mainly for me because I love them, turns out she loves them too now that they have arrived.

      The abacus one is the best and now that the wilma rocks one has arrived I'd have to say that is my second favourite. It looks more like a normal necklace than a teething one.

  2. My daughter, nearly 6, still loves chewing everything, and eating PAPER! These products are great for kids like her

    1. Bubs tries to eat paper too. She rips it and crunches it to make noise and then when she gets over that she figures she will eat it.

      Least your daughter isn't doing what my brother used to do. He wanted to be cool like the older kids who smoked so he used to get the junk mail and roll it up, set it alight and 'smoke' it lol. He was only about 10 then.

  3. I have liked Finding Myself young and Nibbly Bits on Facebook. I totally loved the heart B " with love " necklace.
    My one year old will love to chew on it and i will be saved from his bites...