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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mummy Must Have | Luna Blu

One of the things I never gave much thought to when I was pregnant was a nappy bag. I'm not really sure why, maybe I thought I was never going to leave the house again? Which was kind of true for the first few weeks just quietly. Luckily my brother and sister in law gave me an old nappy bag they had hardly ever used so I never had to even contemplate searching for a nappy bag pre-baby. Which is good because it would have just been another thing to obsess stress over anyway.

The bag they gave me was an actual purpose built nappy bag. They told me they hardly ever used it though, which I didn't really understand at the time because I thought it was great. Once I started using it I soon worked out why. Having purpose built sections is great on one hand, but when the stuff you want to pack into it doesn't fit properly its a pain as you can't change it. It also had a fixed length strap and bulky shape, both of which meant it sat in exactly the wrong spot on my pram and kept bouncing off (and stuffing up) the wheels. As a first time mum I also didn't realise (until going to mothers group) that I should only use the one bag instead of having a nappy bag and a handbag. Here I was lugging around two bags still.

So, when the stitching on my handbag started showing signs of inevitable unravelling, I decided it was time to get a new nappy bag. One that I could use interchangeably as both a nappy bag and handbag. It had to tick all the boxes. It needed to be big enough to fit all my baby essentials and personal items, but not too bulky or heavy. I also wanted an adjustable strap so I could adjust the length if needed so it would sit at the right height on the pram. I wanted something stylish, because this was now going to be my handbag as well, so I didn't want it to scream boring nappy bag. I know I may be a mum now, but that doesn't mean I have to stop having a sense of style. It also had to be affordable, I'm not one of those mums who can afford an Oroton nappy bag (unfortunately). Probably sounds like a lot to ask for in one bag, but I found it.

The answer to my bag dilemma was the red spot Megan Bag from Luna Blu. It ticked all my boxes and more! The Megan Bag comes in a number of colours and patterns (spot or floral). I was also partial to the black spot and primrose hill options as well, but decided the red spot was more me. This bag is not a specific nappy bag, but rather a large tote bag. It is multifunctional and can be used as either an oversized handbag, overnight bag or nappy bag. Once I'm past the baby stage I will definitely keep on using it (for all those child free weekends away I'm already planning in my mind - ha).

The Megan bag is big enough to fit in all my necessary baby products as well as my own personal items, and they fit in a neat organised way despite it not being a purpose built nappy bag. It has a large internal zipper section in the middle which I use to store her nappies, wipes, nappy bags and nappy cream. On either side of the zipper compartment I can fit in her bottles, formula, spare outfit, bib, toys and a wrap. Then there is another internal zipper compartment which comfortably fits my purse and toiletries. There are also two more internal pockets which just happen to be the perfect size for my mobile and ventolin inhaler (two items I don't want to have to dig around to find in a hurry). The last essential item to pack is the car keys which I keep in the external zip pocket so I have easy access to them without going through the entire bag and it means they don't sink to the bottom. This saves me valuable time when loading everything in the car because I don't spend five minutes scrambling through my bag trying to find my keys (which I used to when using my normal handbag).

In addition the bag also has other practical features that make it particularly useful for those with kids. Like all bags sold by Luna Blu, the Megan bag is an oil cloth bag, making it water resistant and easy to wipe clean. A huge bonus when children and sticky fingers are involved. The handles are made of durable webbing and feature leather trims. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap. I have always been one to go for shoulder bags, if the handles don't fit over my shoulder properly then I won't buy it. This bag is great because it caters for people like me, but also has carry handles for those who prefer to carry their bag.

One of the most important factors when it comes to buying a bag (or anything), for the majority of people is the price. I'd be prepared to pay up to $150 for a nappy bag that fit all my requirements. I'm not sure if that makes me stingy or extravagant? I've seen nappy bags that sell for $320 and even $450 in some cases. That would be well beyond my means. The Megan bag comes in at a very affordable $70. YES - you can get a durable, multifunctional, practical and stylish bag for under $100! Given that I am using this bag as a handbag as well as my nappy bag I think that is awesome value because I would normally spend up to $129 on a handbag alone.

Luna Blu is a lifestyle brand that sells a great range of vintage oil cloth bags and accessories, vintage floral purses, kids vintage floral backpacks, beach bags and overnight bags. They also stock vibrant 100% cotton Kikoy sarongs and towels from Kenya. Luna Blu products are the perfect fit for the Australian outdoor lifestyle. As an added bonus they also offer free gift wrapping.

I am extremely happy with the Megan bag as a nappy bag. It has proved to be very durable; handling babies climbing over it at mothers group, being hastily thrown into the car and packed to the brim on the days we go out for hours. Oh and I almost forgot, bubba has munched on the handles a few times and you can't even tell. The stitching is still in perfect condition as are the internal compartments and lining, which would not be the case with bags I've had before. It is the perfect combination of materials and design needed for a practical and durable nappy bag.

Luna Blu have kindly donated a green spot Megan bag as a prize for one lucky reader as part of our 2nd anniversary giveaway. For your chance to win this fabulous bag you can enter here.

Toni xx

* Disclosure - I was gifted the Megan bag in red spot for review purposes. All opinions are my own based on my experience with the product.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic bag! Thanks for sharing. And oh my that giveaway!

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  2. That is a great looking nappy bag, but with two teen girls, don't think it will go on my wishlist. xx N

  3. It's funny how you get it so wrong the first time around with the nappy bag and all the baby paraphenalia. I vividly remember going to my first GP appointment with a pram laden with everything but the kitchen sink! Love the bag but sadly I no longer have a baby to look youngest will turn 4 in April - where has the time gone???

    1. Yep I totally did the same! I think getting everything wrong in the beginning is like a right of passage all new mums go through.

  4. I was always UBER excited about a nappy bag and now I just want to NOT have to have one anymore, I try and jam all my shit in a normal bag. But I'm in my 6th year of parenting so you can see why :) xx

    1. Theres absolutely no way I can fit all my shit in a normal bag these days.

  5. There are some beautiful nappy bags out these days! Typical that they all flooded the market after my need for one disappeared :)