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Monday, February 3, 2014

Motherhood is turning me into a man

I know, I know that statement makes absolutely no sense (not just because it's physically impossible). How can motherhood be turning me into a man??  Let me tell you my friends.

After many years of observing the male species (yes they are sometimes an entirely different species) I have come to the conclusion that a common feature most of them have is the "half-a-job" gene. They seem particularly good at doing half a job but not quite getting to the end. Occasionally the half that does get done requires some persistent nagging on my part, but that's not important. The fact is jobs get started and then for a million unknown reasons they don't get finished. Perhaps they feel they've already put in enough effort? Perhaps they just forget? Or, (what happens most in our house) perhaps the PlayStation is a lot more alluring than completing the task at hand? Who knows.

Don't know what I'm going on about? Let me give you a few examples. We decided to repaint all the doors in our house back in April 2012, T painted all doors except 2. Those 2 doors are still not painted. I know this is a big project example so let me give you some more everyday examples to prove my point. Men will wash clothes (sometimes), but never put them away. Men will do the dishes, but not dry them or put them away. Men will turn the dishwasher on, but not unpack it. Enough examples yet?

Now this once was a problem contained to the males in my life so I assumed it must be some type of gene they are born with. Lately however I've come to the conclusion that the half-a-job "gene" may actually be a disease syndrome and it has become contagious. It appears to be spreading and I seem to be catching it.

I do all sorts of half-a-job things these days, but mine are even more half assed  done than the male version. I have become quite good at turning on the washing machine and forgetting to actually put the washing in it. I pack and turn on the dishwasher, but forget to press start (then wonder why the dishes are still dirty). One I do daily is boil the jug to make a cup of tea and then forget to make the cup of tea! I remember about half an hour later when I go to drink my non existent cup of tea. I think I have created a super version (and why not women are smarter than men after-all) of half-a-job syndrome. I like to call it motherhood!

All of my half a job idiosyncrasies started to appear after I became a mum. Funny that. Perhaps my excuse is sleep deprivation? Perhaps its a continuation of baby brain? Perhaps my six month old just wants me to be more like dad? I think it's a combination of all of those. 

Do you have half-a-job syndrome too?
Do the males in your life have it?

Toni xx

The Multitasking Mummy

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  1. The male in my life certainly has this syndrome, there are certainly too many half done jobs to list here, but the most annoying one would have to be our garden shed which he started building almost THREE YEARS AGO… He argues that it has a roof and walls so there is no rush! I can certainly relate to boiling the kettle and forgetting to actually make a cup of tea/coffee. I also like to head upstairs to get something, get there and then have NO idea what I've come up for..

    1. Oh I walk upstairs all the time then wonder why the hell I went up there.

  2. Yes, unfortunately I suffer from this and would have to say that my husband, although sometimes may do things in halves, is actually quite good and I really don't have anything to complain about.

  3. I think I have managed to successfully train my OH out of this ! But now I am pregnant, I will look at the pile of toys on the floor and say " uch just push them into a pile", and he will stare at me open mouthed and proceed to put them away properly. I'VE CREATED A MONSTER!!