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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mummy Must Have | Bibska bibs

When you find out you're pregnant with your first child you immediately want to go out and buy everything that's ever been invented for babies (at least I did). People kept telling me don't buy this and don't buy that because you will never use it or they will grow too quickly etc etc. Of course I didn't listen and instead went and spent loads of money on cute tiny outfits, boxes and boxes of newborn nappies, heaps of pairs of newborn socks and a gazillion beanies (because she was a winter baby). And low and behold she didn't use more than half of it! She has so many clothes that she never wore or only wore once, or I squished her into in order for her to at least wear them once. She grew out of most of the newborn socks before I had even washed them. We had two boxes of newborn nappies left over because she grew out of them so quickly - luckily they have gone to a good home though. And seriously beanies are the most useless things ever if you live in Australia. Not to mention the fact that they make the beanies so ridiculously large that a child would have to be almost one to fit into the newborn size - what the? 

In hindsight I wish I had of listened to those countless people who gave me advice, but I guess all of the baby manufacturers are glad that first time parents never do. I did however work out the two things that you can never have enough of -- baby wipes and bibs! You will always need them even as your child grows. Those buying gifts for baby showers take note! So, when I was asked if I would like to review and giveaway (more info below) some Bibska bibs I didn't have to think twice.

I have a very spewy baby, an unfortunate side affect of milk intolerance and reflux. She is also teething so there is drool everywhere at the moment, so as you can imagine I go through A LOT of bibs. Some of them are soaked through in a matter of minutes and she always manages to get her outfits dirty (lucky I bought lots of clothes). I have tried heaps of different brands of bibs from cheap to expensive in an effort to find one that works well for us. I can honestly say that out of all the bibs I have tried, the Bibska bibs have been the best for keeping her outfits clean and dry. She always does a few vomits after each feed and on the first day we tried out the bibs she did an impressive projectile vomit and to my surprise none of it got on her clothes. And even more amazing was that the bib was not soaked through, the back of it was completely dry. The front did get quite wet, but the cotton absorbed the moisture quite quickly so there was no need to change the bib. Very impressed mummy! Normally it would of meant a complete change of outfit and bib. Major tick right there - it saves me time changing clothes, reduces my washing and reduces the need for a million outfits and bibs to be taken out with us each time we go somewhere.

My little poser :)
Wearing the sweet chevron bib
The bandanna shape of the bib and the way the material has been cut mean that when on it sits flush with the neck and creates a little roll so that milk & food falls away from the neck. If any of you have ever bottle fed you will know that the overflow goes straight into those tiny little creases in their neck - the ones you can never get into and clean properly. I'm happy to say the Bibska bib stopped this and after feeding her neck was still clean and dry and not sticky and covered in fluff. The bibs are also adjustable. I love this feature because it means I don't have to replace them as she grows. She has already outgrown a lot of the newborn bibs we had for her. In the Bibska bibs she still fits the smallest size, so we will be able to use them for quite some time yet. They also fasten with press studs not velcro so no itching on babies neck and the smart little buggers can't pull them off. AWESOME!

Apart from the practical benefits, the Bibska bibs are also a fashion accessory (in fact it's the main reason why Belinda created Bibska bibs in the first place). I can never find bibs that go with outfits properly (unless you get them as part of a clothing set). Most of the big department stores also usually only sell boy bibs in blue and girl bibs in pink - blah boring. So, unless I dress her in pink outfits all the time the bibs never match and I don't know about you, but I am totally into cute matching outfits and I hate it when the bib ruins the look. Yes I'm one of those OCD mums evidently.

Bibska bibs are made from gorgeous fabrics (there are also organic options for those with sensitive skin). There is a print or colour to suit everyone. There are more than 40 different prints to choose from. I am in love with the stylish floral. It goes with so many of her outfits because of the range of colours used in the print and the pattern is small enough that its not overpowering. Bubba liked the sweet chevron one the best. I love the range of prints so much that I have already ordered four more. You can check out all the wonderful designs available here.

Bub modelling the stylish floral bib

The only negative downfall is that they are a little bit on the more expensive side as far as bibs go, but in my opinion the ample benefits out way the cost. Over time they are more cost effective than the cheaper bibs as they last longer. They are also made in Australia so you are supporting a local business which is always a plus for me. And never fear I have you covered on the cost factor anyway - Kids On Abington are generously offering Finding Myself Young readers 15% off any Bibska product - simply use the code bibska15. Discount is valid until December 24th 2013.

These bibs have been a godsend for me and I am so glad that I found them. They are both functional and fashionable. They tick all the boxes for me and I'm sure any mum would love to have one, or two (or seven like me). They would also make an awesome unique baby shower gift for expectant mums! You can find all current Australian stockist's here and if you own a business and would like to stock Bibska bibs then you can email Belinda to find out more information.


I'm excited to be able to offer 3 lucky readers the chance to WIN a Bibska Christmas bib (boy or girl option). Yes you read that right, there will be three lucky winners!

To enter this giveaway you simply need to:
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Giveaway ends 11:59pm on Saturday 14th December 2013. The most creative answers will win. Winners will be contacted via email and announced on this blog post and on Facebook on Sunday 15th December 2013.

Now don't let me keep you any longer because I'm sure you are all eager to head over to Kids On Abington and snap up some gorgeous bibs at 15% off. Don't forget to enter the Christmas giveaway below.

Toni x

Disclosure - I was not paid for this review, but was gifted 3 Bibska bibs (bluebird, sweet chevron & stylish floral). All opinions are my own.

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  1. I've seen these bibs before and they look awesome. As stylish as you can get for a baby bib. I'd love the Christmas one for my little one to wear on xmas day :)

  2. I had this style bib (different brand) for my little boy and people always commented on them as they looked so funky! And they absorb well. Highly recommend.

  3. I love the apple dot apron bib as I am a red/white addict!!

  4. I love the Navy Chevron for my chubby boy as I'm addicted to chevron!!!

  5. The very cute super hero design
    Is by far the favourite of mine!
    With it's cute print and bright blue hue
    It'd make a great gift for my great-nephew!!

  6. Hey, these bibs look great. I would love one for my dribbling bubba boy!😀😀

  7. Chevrons! I am mental for them lately!

  8. They look great and sounds very functional too. I would love to win, I am having #5 in May! But as for the beanies being useless, we live in Tassie... ;) Most useful thing ever! #teamIBOT

    1. And my fav is the black pepper one. I just love stripes!

  9. I love these. they didn't have these when my children were small but my nephew would love them, Loving the car crazy!

  10. chevron it looks so cool. love it

  11. They look awesome! I won't enter the comp cause I'm past the need for bibs (and actually rarely used them anyway), but I love that there is a fashionable option available finally :)

  12. Love the look of that floral bib on your little girl. Very nice vintage and classic look!

  13. I love the Xmas design. The colours would be great for either of my boy/girl twins :-)

  14. Of course the superman dribble bib for my superbaby...nickname my daughter gave my son when he was still in my tummy

  15. Very cute and versatile! I wish I knew about them when my twinions were little bubbas! Oh, and that dribble! Don't miss that, at all!

  16. There's something so lovely about the chevron bib, lovely, bright and modern.

  17. Those bibs are so gorgeous, stylish and useful! I've seen a few babies wearing them and always wondered what they were and where to get them I know!

  18. I love the stylish floral love the bright colours!

  19. I like my child protected by mother nature and choose Fire Engine for its natural fibres.

  20. Coming up to Australia Day, never felt so patriotic before. Feel like wearing the "Aussie Baby Bibska Bib' on my bub and together shouting: 'AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI' at the top of my voice!

  21. I love the designs - particularly the Xmas one.
    I am no longer in the market for bibs, but when one of my friends have another, I will know where to come :)

  22. Love the Christmas design! So cute and festive, even the smallest babies would know it is silly season now!

  23. The Christmas design. It's very festive and I'm sure my nephew will look adorable until he eats and the santas get hidden by food.

  24. You are so right, you cannot have enough bibs. Just this morning I put SIX in the washing machine and that's just from ONE day!! My littlest man is a big time drooler, so I always like to have a bib on him. It's really hard to find 'nice' bib which match his outfit, and especially for boys!!! I'm loving the navy chevron & also the superhero bibs - my little guy needs all the super power he can get to protect him from his 'over enthusiastic' big brother!!

  25. You are so right, you cannot have enough bibs. Just this morning I put SIX in the washing machine and that's just from ONE day!! My littlest man is a big time drooler, so I always like to have a bib on him. It's really hard to find 'nice' bib which match his outfit, and especially for boys!!! I'm loving the navy chevron & also the superhero bibs - my little guy needs all the super power he can get to protect him from his 'over enthusiastic' big brother!!

  26. Id love the superhero one for the little boy that im excepting next year :)

  27. I love the pink bubbly design because my baby girl is do bubbly

  28. I loved the Car Crazy design - it will look great on both little boys & little girls. My little boy will also look very cute in it...

  29. I am loving the style and design of these gorgeous bibs. I really love the look if the stylish floral and would be over the moon to win a christmas bib for my baby girls first Christmas who also happens ti be a rather spewy lil girl but I jate ruining the look of her gorgeous outfits with bibs. I do believe we have now found the stylish alternative <3

  30. You so I actually listened, especially with No.3 arrived, and it was a good thing because we hardly used what we had already. Lots of people entering I see - YAY! Em

  31. Love the Sweet Chevron so cute for my little Princess

  32. I absolutely love the Antique Rose dribble bib... so elegant for little girls! :-)

  33. Navy Chevron is my favourite design,
    it looks so fine.
    A style so versatile,
    and perfect for catching baby bile.

  34. xmas one perfect for christmas

  35. Too bad I haven't seen this baby bibs last Christmas. I've seen some of baby bibs like this recently and they are totally awesome. I like the design and the color, especially the floral one. No wonder that this baby bibs are so gorgeous because they are all made of gorgeous fabric. This is very perfect for the lovely little girls!