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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mumma Bubba selfies

There was a guy on TV here in Australia a few weeks ago whose photos were going viral. His photos were selfies he was taking with his baby where they did matching faces. Apparently this was a new trend that he started. Ummm no I've been taking selfies with my baby since she was about 6 weeks old. Mine just didn't go viral because I never shared them publicly. That's my reasoning anyway.

I'm not one of those internet crazies who has to take a million photos of themselves because they need to be popular or to boost my self esteem. Far from it. I hate photos of myself. I love taking photos (I know this because my phone keeps warning me its almost out of storage every second day no matter how many times I transfer files to my computer), I just don't like being in photos.

My mumma bubba selfie stage started as a way to calm/distract/occupy/hypnotise an usettled baby. I soon worked out if I held my phone above her head with the camera on reverse so she could see herself she would be amused. Thus I had discovered an excellent way to spend an extra 10 - 30 minutes in bed each morning, hurrah! Because nobody wants to get up at 5am, and if they say they want to they are lying.

I include myself in the photos because:

A - We don't really have many photos of us together because we are usually home alone
B - She needs adult supervision so I am always next to her and within the camera view
C - It's fun!

Here's some of what we get up to

And this happens when she's had enough...

And that concludes this weeks dose of cuteness x

Toni xx

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  1. cute :)


  2. Toni, those photos are just wonderful! First they made me smile, then I laughed out loud (the one with the tongue). I too dislike having myself in photos and then I realised all our photos were either of the boys or my husband with the boys. I didn't want my kids looking back and wondering why there weren't any photos of them with their mother so now I just go for it. I don't worry what I look like as they couldn't care less so why should I. Thanks for that much needed dose of cuteness.xx

    1. Your welcome Leanne :)

      I would never have shared photos of me acting stupid online before. I am a lot more carefree these days.

  3. Toni, those are wonderful snaps..and you lil one is very cute. Wishing you great moments of motherhood :)

  4. I love these shots and I totally agree with your reasons for taking selfies of you and your bub. My phone also regularly runs out of storage, although my 4000+ videos and pics are also saved to our computer, I just can't bear to delete them off my phone!

  5. Soooo cute!! They really do love seeing themselves on camera don't they! Ella will sit transfixed to a movie of herself lol

    1. Yea totally, If I show her videos of herself she gets sooo excited and then talks back to herself. Its hilarious.