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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Overcoming obstacles - pre birth

I know I've been MIA for a while now as I've just found it impossible to blog with a newborn, especially one that has colic and is constantly unsettled. However, I've decided that its about time I tried to conquer my birth story because I am still having dreams about it and I think maybe getting it out of my head might help me to process it all.

Below is a post that I wrote before I gave birth (at about 38 weeks?), but never ended up publishing as I went into labour before I got around to it. I've decided to publish it now as it gives an idea of where my head was at prior to birth. Reading it now and knowing what actually happened makes me really sad, but its all part of the process. I will follow with the actual birth story later.



I am hoping for a natural birth. I don't have a birth plan at all except to try to have as limited intervention as possible. I want to be able to give birth naturally because I haven't been able to do anything else without intervention so it would be nice to be able to do this one thing myself. It would be nice to have one part of this process play out the way it should. I have had numerous obstacles thrown up at me throughout this pregnancy that could have prevented this, but so far we have been able to overcome all of them.

Low lying anterior placenta - most people have a posterior placenta (attaches to the back of your uterus) so yay me for being in the minority of having mine at the front and on top of this mine was low lying. Too low to my cervix which could have been a big problem. It would have meant a certain c-section if it didn't move. I had to wait until a scan at 30 weeks to determine if it would move or not. Thankfully the 30 week scan showed it has moved far enough away to enable a natural birth.

Gestational Diabetes - my original test at 28 weeks came back as waaay too high. Part of me expected this with pcos. but I didn't actually think I would have diabetes. Cue freak out about needles and testing for insulin and holy crap a huge baby! Gestational diabetes would have put me at higher risk and also more likely to need a c-section. However, the second test came back within normal range so I didn't have to go down that road.

Breech baby - she has always been head down at all appointments then at the 30 week ultrasound she decided to move breech. You know just to give me a heart attack and another reason for maybe needing a c-section. This was at the ultrasound where I was also finding out if my placenta had moved, so I was already kind of stressed. I ended up having a vasovagal episode because of the stress. So at the one point in time I found out one problem was overcome, but another one had now come up.

This pregnancy has been a constant rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. Thankfully at 32 weeks the midwives assured me she had switched back to ceph (head down) and hasn't moved since. In fact shes been engaged since about 35 weeks so hopefully we are all good now. She certainly has been testing my limits before shes even come into the world.


Toni xx

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  1. Interesting read :-)
    Look forward to hearing about the birth. Congratulations! Hope all is well and you're enjoying newborn snuggles :-) x

  2. Hope you are all still doing well and I can imagine just how tired you must be right now. But the main thing is, your beautiful baby is now here and it will take a little time to adjust to it all.

    Giving birth can be very traumatic for some women and it can take a little time to truly get through what has happened. Like you already mentioned, maybe writing about it will help.

  3. Sorry to hear you are having a hard time. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook. As a new Mum you can never have enough mama friends to listen.