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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The nursery

So this is my incredibly late post for Wordless Wednesday - the reason being I've spent all day thinking its Thursday (thankyou baby brain). A lot of people have been asking about the nursery so I just took a few quick snaps. It was originally going to be a Winnie The Pooh theme, but it proved too hard to find matching items (especially for a little girl) so it has turned into a bit of an eclectic mix of all the things I love.

Theres still a few bits of Winnie
I LOVE Willow Tree
This is my favourite
Love these cute little blocks
Yes she already has way too many clothes

I still need to finish colour co-ordinating the hangers and clothes (because I'm insanely OCD about this) and her cot  currently looks like a display shop (it has all her toys stacked in it), but other then that we are just about done.

Toni xx

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  1. Oh wow! You are truly ready! Not long to go now!

    1. I still don't feel really ready. Shes due next week so lets hope that means there's not long to go although it still feels like forever.

  2. Awww. how sweet! I kinda miss these days!!

  3. I love willow tree too, they are so real, and bring real emotion too. Cute nursery :)

    1. My friend bought me a Willow Tree figure for my birthday a few years ago and I've loved them ever since. Theres one more I want to get which is a mum, dad and baby as well but standing.