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Monday, June 17, 2013

My bags are finally packed

According to a lot of the lists I have read you should have your hospital bag packed around week 28/29 if you are to be truly prepared for birth. Well I officially failed there. It seemed way too early for me, however in hindsight I would have been a lot more mobile back then than I am now so packing it probably would've happened a lot quicker with less procrastination.

I finally started thinking about packing it after my little emergency hospital dash back at 32 weeks. That was the first time it crossed my mind that I might actually go into labour sometime soon. I went home that night determined to get my bag packed just incase. And yet I still put it off. Im pretty sure the main reason is that I felt like once I was all packed and truly prepared she would have no reason to stay inside and she will come out. I figured if I wasn't prepared yet she wouldn't come yet. You know because she is totally going to plan her arrival based around what is convenient to me.... not. Seemed logical in my head though.

This week I thought you know what I really should get around to packing. My niece was born at 33+4 and once that day came and passed I was like ok you really should get your ass into gear just incase. I was born around 34 and a half weeks and that's where I am at now so there's a very real possibility that she could come soon. Shes been sitting very low for the last two weeks so I think shes getting ready to make her appearance. So finally I got around to packing my bags.

I cant believe how much you need to pack for one, maybe two days. It took me three days to pack the bags, which is longer than I will probably actually be in hospital for. Kind of ironic, but totally necessary. I spent one day finalising my list of everything to pack and spent an hour on the phone to my friend to try and get over the anxiety of the fact that its actually going to happen soon. The next day was spent washing all her clothes, my clothes, washers, towels, wraps etc. I cant believe one little baby and me required 4 loads of washing for two days! And finally today I finished actually packing the bags. I also packed a back up bag of bigger sized clothes, spare nappies and wraps incase she happens to be a big bub (although I hope shes not).

I feel like I've now gone from being really unprepared to maybe being over prepared? Knowing my luck she will now stay comfy until past her due date.

When did you have your hospital bag packed? And what did you have packed?

Toni xx

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  1. With elouise I had things ready to wash and pack but not actually packed. Because I spent the night before at my mum's house too tired to drive home I had nothing with me. Luckily at the time I lived literally two minutes from the hospital so it was easy to get things done. With izzy I started packing my bags around 25 weeks and added to it as I needed to. I still had to leave it behind as I went into labour up at gympie and needed to be in Brisbane for the birth. These was no where in ambulance to put the suitcase lol. Its always better to be over prepared rather than under prepared.

  2. My daughter was born at 27weeks and I had no bag packed because you NEVER think you are going to have a baby that early.

    I think with my boys it was towards the 35/37/40week mark so year I leave it till the last minute! My problem is alot of the time I am just using some of my things I use every day, so it is hard to just pack my bag.

    I took the basics for me but loads of stuff for my babies. My first they actually supplied the nappies and that sort of thing in the hospital, but that was a country hospital and almost 13 years ago. My 2nd was premature so they again supplied most things and I brought her some things to wear as it was one of the only choices I got to make each and every day. My 3rd was born at 37weeks at a major hospital in Melbourne and we had to take pretty much every single thing and then my 4th was born at a smaller hospital in Melbourne and again we had to take pretty much everything as they no longer provide much in the hospital.

    Good Luck with your impending birth.

    How is your niece going?
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    Take care Fee xx