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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Finding my niche

They say that people usually make about 4 major career changes in their lifetime. I remember being told this as I was at uni and thinking great I'm spending all this time and money to get qualified for an industry I will probably work in for a maximum of 5-10 years. Seemed like a weird thing to be telling new students at a university, but apparently its a common thing. Technology changes, qualifications become outdated, people get bored, companies make people redundant etc so it is to be expected that a career change at some point is inevitable. And then there is always the mid life crisis where people totally change their priorities (or so I'm told - I still have that to look forward to).

I have worked in the same industry for 13 years (completely unrelated to my degree, go figure) so I've never really had to deal with a career change. In fact to be quite honest I would be a bit scared of it. Stepping out of your comfort zone is really hard, at least for me. I have noticed however that as my friends and I have gotten older we have all reached the point of nearly 30 and then some kind of shift has taken place. We all seemed to realise at this point that we wanted something more out of our work life and wanted to do something that we love instead of just going to work day in and day out in order to make money. A lot of my friends started to pursue other interests outside of work that would eventually lead to a career in the future. One of my friends got qualified as a yoga teacher, another started her photography business and another has recently started selling handmade items online (you can find her items here). I felt a little left out because I knew I wanted to do something else, but I didn't know what. Everyone else seemed to have some kind of talent to be able to make things or knowledge to teach others. I just knew I wanted a change and something more meaningful.

I started to think and the only thing I have wanted my whole life is to be a mum, so this must be my thing? Its not a career as such, but it is the lifestyle change that I was looking for. Of course most of my other friends are already mums so their interests are above and beyond this. I still felt a little lost because of this. Then I realised that my thing is writing. I have always been interested in it. Infact I found an old report we did in primary school the other day where I wrote "I think writing is one of my strong points as I enjoy writing and the teacher enjoys reading my stories." Apparently I was aware of my talent in grade 2 and then forgot about it as I got older. Finally I remembered.

Apart from being a mum, my blog is my thing. My niche, my desire, my passion. It will be my little piece of "me time" once the baby comes (at least that's the plan). I hope that I continue to keep up with it once the baby comes. I'm pretty sure I will. Its usually my way of staying sane and releasing all the thoughts in my head. I've heard you go a bit mental in the first few weeks of looking after a newborn; so, while I may be busy and it might take me away from here for a bit, rest assured it will also give me ample material for future posts.

I have finally found my niche. I have something I love to do, that feels meaningful to me. Although its not a career yet, maybe one day I can turn it into one?

Have you found your niche?

Toni xx

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  1. I enjoyed your post, I am still trying to find my exact Niche, but I feel I am working towards it. Writing is defiantly a large part of it for me as well, I also have enjoyed writing my whole life, so the more time doing it the better.

    The hard part with a newborn is not all the work, but trying to do all the work without getting enough sleep. I hope you can find a way to get your ZZZs.

    To me, being a parent is a very important part of leading a full life. My son is 12, and I'm happy to have him every day.

    1. I know sleep is going to be a huge problem. I already have pregnancy insomnia, but at least at the moment I can laze around in bed in the morning still. Im making the most of it while I still can.

  2. Having things you love to do, things you do just for yourself, really enhances parenthood, I think :-)

  3. Being a Mom and writing: I think that's a great combination. Taking care of someone else and yourself at the same time.

  4. Wishing you all the best for future 'career', it is one of the toughest but most rewarding gigs there is. :)

  5. Great post and I wish you well...I have found blogging fun...and you love writing...what else is there! Cheers Di