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Monday, November 26, 2012

The world is my oyster

Do you live life thinking that anything is possible? You can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do? Do you grab opportunities with both hands and believe or even know that you will succeed? Are you the glass half full or glass half empty type?

I am happy to say that I am now definitely a glass half full type. I am not wary of the future, but rather I embrace it. Life can only get better as time goes on. I didn't used to believe this, but time and time again over the past two years it has been proven right. I never thought I would be where I am today. Everything is ok, in fact better than ok. It is probably only a fraction short of perfect. I am where I should be and in five years time I will be where I should be then.

I thought the secret to this new found happiness I have was simply because of T. And it is to an extent. Who wouldn't be happy if they had found their perfect match? But, I think there are also other factors at play. Positive thinking has certainly got a lot to do with it. The opposite of you create what you fear - I think you can also create what you want (if you shut out the fear). It certainly has worked for me. I didn't even really do it on purpose, its more so that I stopped being afraid of what could go wrong and embraced all the things that could go right. I used to think if I worried about the worst possible situation then I wouldn't be surprised when it happened. That I would be more equipt to deal with it. Now I realise why bother spending all that time and energy on something that might never happen. Its surprising how much extra time you have when your not worrying about the future and things that could go wrong.

Another big factor is living in the moment. The plans have gone out the window, I am no longer planing every single thing Im going to do down to the tiniest detail (except maybe what Im eating for dinner). Each day is a new opportunity to laugh, have fun and be happy. Every day is different, you will never get that day back. Each day we grow older a tiny bit at a time and you may not notice, but over time you might look back and wish you slowed down and lived in the present. After-all the past is already gone, the future hasn't happened yet, but the present is now. Now most definitely is a present and one that more people should enjoy.

So, with this in mind I make sure to do a few things every day. I always tell my babies (yes I mean the cats) that I love them everyday - weird I know. I tell T I love him everyday too, often numerous times. I always say good morning and good night (usually followed by the customary I love you). I soak up the sunshine when there is some. I sing along to the songs on the radio on the way to work. I look for small things that make me happy in the midst of the mundane everyday tasks of the day (if its a work day). I make time for friends. I remember to relax a little. Most of all I believe that everything will be fine (and if its not I believe I will have the strength to get through it). Anything is possible.

The world is my oyster (and I do love oysters!)

Do you live in the moment? Is your glass half full? I hope so.

Toni xx

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  1. I definitely live life as though its my last day, never going through it taking anything for granted, and finding every little thing to be completely amazed by. This life is a beautiful experience that moves me every time I sit back and try to ponder it.

  2. So wonderful to see you so positive and happy. I believe, like you, that living in the moment is the key.