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Monday, November 5, 2012

Being a tourist in my own country

I was lucky enough to travel overseas a fair bit when I was younger, however for some reason I have not travelled much around Australia. Kind of odd really considering we are one of the big tourist destinations (or so I'm told) and it is a lot easier to travel your own country rather than go overseas. I guess I have just been lazy. Last week me and T went to Sydney for a week. It wasn't such a huge deal for T as he lived there when he was younger, but for me it was the first time I had ever been there.

It is quite weird being a tourist in your own country. You don't want to look too touristy (I think I just made that word up) and yet you still want to visit all the tourist destinations. How do you achieve this? Don't walk around with a big bulky camera, thankgod for smart phones, and don't go on any organised tours. I think we managed to blend in quite well. It helped that T knew exactly where he was going. I could ramble on for ages about all the places we went, but I thought it would be easier and better if I just showed you.


Without a doubt the most famous part of Sydney has to be the harbour, including the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It is definitely worth the visit.

Sydney harbour bridge at night
Harbour bridge at night

Sydney harbour bridge with Opera house backdrop
Harbour bridge with Opera House behind

Sun shining through Sydney harbour bridge
Going under the bridge on a ferry

Sydney opera house with city backdrop
Opera House with city behind

Sydney opera house
Opera House up close


Probably one of the lesser known tourist attractions is Centrepoint tower, and that's probably because its technically called Sydney Tower. It's actually built as part of Sydney Westfield shopping centre in the middle of the city. T and I are both scared of heights so this was slightly scary, but I love getting good pics so I sucked it up. Afterall its only 309m high...

View of tower from below

View of the city from tower


One of the main attractions that I was excited to see was Taronga Zoo. I haven't been to a zoo in years and I absolutely love animals so I couldn't wait to get there. I have about 50-70 photos from the zoo, but these are some of the coolest animals.

I had a lizard similar size to this one come in my house one day through my cat flap. I was glad this one was in an enclosure.

You can see these in the suburbs in the wild, but never this close.


Meerkat - these little guys are so dam cute!
I so wanted to take one home with me.

On the way back home from the zoo we took a ferry ride from Taronga to Darling Harbour. While we were on Darling Harbour T proposed to me!! 

Most amazing day ever.

Could not wipe the smile off my face


We did a day trip to Bondi because everybody always goes on and on about it. Personally I don't think it was that great. I am spoilt for choice in Queensland though with many different beaches so I'm probably just being snobby by saying that. I'm still glad we went though.

Panorama view of bondi

Relaxing at Bondi

It was a really relaxing trip even though we were busy doing things every day. I have never walked so much in such a short amount of time, but its a good thing as we needed to work off all the takeaway we were eating each day. Its been an adjustment having to cook food again and I don't even want to imagine how horrible it will be going back to work (thankfully I have another week before I have to do that).

Toni x

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  1. Toni, you are taking awesome pics!!! New camera? I love the angles :)

  2. lol p.s I need to say it again CONGRATS! New beginning is well on its way

    1. He is not very impressed that I only mentioned it in this post and haven't done an entire post on it yet. I will have to work on it.

      All the photos were taken from my dodgy little phone. I just like taking photos from random angles to be out of the box :)

  3. Congratulations! By the way really great pictures!

  4. Hi Tony,
    I've lived in Sydney's eastern suburbs all my life and I can tell you, as beautiful as your shots are, Sydney has more hidden beauty than any other city on earth. I recently went on a whale watch tour as a local and had a great time. To anyone who hasn't don't know what you're missing. Where I live is almost indescribably beautiful, but I'd rather keep the crowds away.