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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Am I a control freak because I love clocks?

My new salt & pepper pop clocks

I have always gone through phases with the things I like throughout life. There was the teddy bear collection phase (I was 11), the hat phase and the customary teenage girl loves everything dolphin phase – where I collected everything dolphin related.  There are still a few remnants of that phase hanging around the house, mainly in spots where visitors won’t find them because I am beyond mortified that it happened let alone the fact I still have some of the stuff in my house (but I can’t bear to let go of it, sentimental value and all that). The one phase that has hung around for the last few years is my absolute love, some would go as far as to say obsession, with clocks.

I love the fact that clocks can come in all different shapes (yes shapes, I have a rectangle one) and sizes. They all serve different purposes (don’t roll your eyes I know they all tell the time). Let me explain. The silver alarm clock tells me if my mobile phone alarm is lying to me that it’s actually time to get up. The clock downstairs tells me whether I’m going to be late for work in the morning and whether it’s time for my favourite tv shows to start at night. The clock on the oven tells me how long until dinner is ready. The wall clock in the bedroom tells me whether I’m going to bed at a reasonable time or whether I have once again stayed up waaay too late. And the four mini alarm clocks I just bought for the study, well they are just insanely cute and were bought entirely for that reason (not because I had a desperate need for 4 alarm clocks in the one room – I’m not even going to use the alarms, except to occasionally annoy T).

Some of my other clocks

I love everything about clocks, I just don’t know why? I’m starting to think this might mean I am a control freak (on some subliminal level..?). Obviously if I have up to 4 clocks in one room and let’s say ... 11 clocks in my house that means I need to know the time, all the time. Right?  Therefore this = control freak? Yes? No? Wonder what a shrink would have to say about that.

I guess I just like clocks because I like pretty things and I’m too lazy to look at my watch when I walk from one room to another. And a small part of me may be a control freak who always needs to know what’s happening next.

Sometimes you just need that “thing” that makes you happy that you’re obsessed with – I hear most people have this issue with shoes.  What’s yours?

Toni x

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  1. Hello! I'm replying REALLY late and I'm not sure if you'll even see it though ha. I absolultey LOVE clocks too. Not even sure how it started, but probably about 2 years ago ( from 2016 ) Anyway, I don't think your a control freak, you just love clocks a lot, and you like to collect them. :D Everybody has something they love to collect. For some it's shoes, books, (rocks?) etc. Or perhaps you just like to tell time, or to make sure you're always on time for everything. I have no idea why I love clocks so much either, I just find them fascinating. I want a really big clock in the future, like a really vintage one with Roman numerals and everything to put above my future couch in the living room. But anyways, hope this helped in some way. :P