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Saturday, August 4, 2012

I think its time for a holiday

Randomly today I decided it might be time to plan a holiday. Not just a little holiday either. I’m thinking along the lines of taking a few weeks off work and actually getting on a plane to go overseas as opposed to taking a weekend and driving 2 hours somewhere. I’ve done a few of the little holidays this year, but I think it’s time for a big one.

It’s been 14 years since I have been overseas and I’ve always wanted to do more travelling, but never enough to actually start planning to go somewhere. I kind of got over the travelling bug because I did all my travelling overseas before I was 15. I never did the gap year between high school and university and I also didn’t do the obligatory end of university trip either, or the go and work overseas for a year trip. I never thought I missed out, until now. This year seems to be the year of holidays and adventure, for everyone else that is except me. So many of my friends or friends of friends and even my own mother are going or have already been on an overseas trip this year. Finally I feel like maybe I should do it too.

Now, the dilemma, where to go??

I have soooo many places on my list. I want to party hard in Ibiza, Cancun & Rio. Eat my way through Italy and gorge on chocolate in Switzerland. Enjoy the scenery in Spain & Greece. I'd also love to re-visit Paris, London & Scotland. And I would love to go anywhere that looks like this...

Where to go first? I think a Europe trip might be in order.

I have seven weeks of annual leave up my sleeve so now I just need to work out where to go and when to do it. Oh, and how to pay for it....

Does anybody have any ideas of other places to go or have you been to any of these places?

Toni xx

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  1. Hi Toni end of next year lets go to Europe we can stop at other side of Canada Montreal and Quebec city the French side take a cheap holiday to cancun than head to Europe

    1. Sounds like a plan. That'll give me enough time to save up.