Monday, August 6, 2012

Do you know Christian Grey?

If you haven’t heard of 50 Shades of Grey by now then you have seriously been living under a rock somewhere far away on a deserted island. I found out about it from some women at work and some friends on the internet at the same time and within days it was like everybody around me was reading it, has read it or wants to read it. So, I decided ok I will give it a go.

Keep in mind here that the only books I have read since I left high school have been the Twilight series and that’s only because everyone said the books were better than the movies. Not really sure why I haven’t read anything else... I think it’s just a time thing, and I lose interest very quickly.

Anyway, so I’m up to chapter 12 of the first book and I must say it’s not all enthralling yet. Chapter 8 onwards has been more interesting than the first few chapters, for obvious reasons if you’ve read the book. I have been told it does get a lot more interesting. At the moment it’s not interesting enough for me to spend hours and hours reading the whole book in one day. I know people who have read all 3 books in a matter of days. That’s not me. I did however buy the 2nd book already, but that’s mainly to motivate me to keep reading.

There is a lot of talk on the net about the movie rights. This I am more interested in for some reason. There are so many stories on gossip sites about who’s going to play Christian and Ana (e.g here). Honestly, Ana I do not really care about because obviously we are all going to watch the movie to see Christian aren’t we? My top choice would be Alexander Skarsgard. I think he could pull off the domineering and also vulnerable side of Christian quite well and he’s hot. The talk about Robert Pattinson is just completely ridiculous; could you honestly see him as Christian ever? He will always be Edward and to think of him as anyone else is just weird. Ryan Gosling is another name being thrown around and while I do think he’s attractive I just think he’s played too many nice characters (aka the notebook) for me to take him seriously as Christian.

[My opinion on the top contendors]

I could be completely wrong though because I’m only up to chapter 12 so my opinion could change by the end of the book and again by the end of the series of books. We shall have to see.

What do you guys think of the books and who do you want in the movie?

I know one thing for sure 50 shades of grey has totally ruined the theory that men talk about sex more than women. Think about it, how many times have you had a discussion about Christian Grey in the past month?

Toni xx


  1. I read a lot and fast, all sort of books, and would like to encourage you in reading more ...So fifty shades was done in a week : no big litterature but enjoyable and kinky. And YES I also pictured Alexander SKARSGARD as Grey easily. Actually, he is the only actor suitable for such a BDSM role, because of the nudity issue and of his capacities to play dominant and deeply hurt as well. It takes a clever mind to play all fifty shades not just a good body. He has both ! Let's hope the movie has more True Blood than Twilight in stock ....otherwise it will end up being "an epic disaster"

    1. Yes lets definitely hope it has more True Blood than Twilight otherwise it will be an epic disaster. If its not Alexander I probably wont even go and see it.