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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

P.S. I Love You

How many times have you heard I love you today?
I was thinking about it this morning and this is something my boyfriend and I do a lot without even thinking about it. Saying I love you is just a normal part of our day. This morning in the time between getting up and starting work we probably said I love you about five times. Not in a cheesy way either, just in general conversation.
I love that this is normal for us
When I was growing up I wasn’t really told “I love you” that much by my parents and I was paranoid that I would never be capable of having a very affectionate relationship because I wasn’t brought up around one. Im so glad that I have one now and that its so natural (I thought it would be totally weird). My most favourite part of my day is when in the middle of a conversation my boyfriend will randomly say “guess what?” I love you
I am also slightly paranoid that when I have kids I wont tell them I love them enough, because thats what I know. So much so that every morning when I leave I tell my cats that mummy loves them. I know totally crazy cat lady right? I just want to get practice in before I have real kids.
I hope that I can now start a new cycle and my kids grow up in a household full of love knowing exactly how much they are loved and how much their parents love each other.

I hope someone has told you today how much they love you!

Toni x

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