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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Im so bad at being sick

So update on the car crash... I only had 1 day off work initially because the Dr at emergency told me that I would be fine. He said the pain might increase in the next day or two but to take pain killers and that’s it. So off I went to work the next week. By Thursday I was in so much pain to the point of tears (I have a high pain threshold to start with so it was a lot of pain by that point) so I went to the clinic in the shopping centre and saw a GP just to get a second opinion. Very glad that I did!

I now have to wear a neck collar, take stronger pain killers, go to physio and had to take time off work. Fast forward a week and I have determined that while I am glad that I am being properly taken care of, I suck at being a patient. I am back at work tomorrow and thank god for that. Not because I am totally in love with my work, I just have to be busy. I’m so over sitting around at home not being allowed to do anything. I know my neck probably won’t appreciate me having to stand up all day, but my mind certainly will like being occupied. And besides I will have my sexy neck collar to help out my neck, wonder how many customers will ask “omg what happened to you?”. My bet is about every second person.

I also hate not being able to do what I want. Being in pain I can handle, but when my body doesn’t do what I want it to do it’s so incredibly frustrating. The physio session really made it clear how much my neck and back are stuffed up from the accident. I knew it hurt and I knew I couldn’t move my neck as much as I used to already, but I didn’t know that there were muscles all the way down my back that were affected. I also didn’t know you could put gentle pressure on these muscles and it would make me want to scream (I didn't scream though cos I'm a lady). Now that I do know this I’m a bit scared of what it’s going to feel like when she stops being gentle and actually starts trying to manipulate the muscles properly... I have 6 weeks of physio to get used to it I guess.

So this is where I’m at now. No exercising. No lifting over 5kg. No driving (not that I’ve got my car back yet anyway). No pushing/pulling and I get to wear the sexy neck collar! I also get to have weekly physio sessions and Dr appointments.

Who would have thought being stuck in traffic on a Friday night would have been so dangerous to my health?

Moral of the story people – trust your gut and get a second opinion! Oh and yes the second Dr did confirm the first Dr was a moron (which I already suspected, but nice to have it justified).

Toni xx

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  1. Toni!!!!! Take care of yourself. :-)


  2. some dr's have no idea. lucky you did get it checked again

  3. Yep and now that I've been back at work for 2 days I've lost my voice because every customer wants to know the whole story. Nice that they care, but frustrating.